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More From Me (I think I’m done editing now)

I just received a very thoughtful comment from Joe,  that I’d really like to address.

He said this: “You mention in your ‘review’ how you couldn’t imagine her [Katharine] as a contemporary pop star, but you seem to overlook what seems blatantly obvious, neither can Taylor.”

I’ve never mentioned it, but I agree.  I think Taylor is a niche performer in just the same way Katharine is.  The difference is that Taylor hasn’t been over-pimped by the press as the heir apparent.  Katharine has been cited in many columns and articles as the contestant who deserves to take the crown this year. If she won, I can’t imagine what kind of pop record she would make.  I think she’s at her best when singing standards, but falls flat when she goes contemporary.

This may upset some Taylor fans.  While I hope he lasts long enough for maximum exposure–enough to get a label interested in signing him–I’d rather see him not win if I’m being really selfish about it. I can’t really imagine Taylor making a Top 40 record, either.  But neither can the press or the Idol producers, which is why he’s not predicted to win and why Idol is pushing so hard for Chris.  Chris IS Top 40 material.

Katharine is a better technical singer than Bucky, but I stand by my opinion that Bucky outperformed her on Tuesday.  At least he stayed in tune.

These comments are awesome, by the way.  I dig lively discussion.