Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa

A few interviews with Lisa Tucker.  From MTV and Entertainment Weekly

On singing Kelly Clarkson this week,   “I was going through a whole list of songs and just made a full turn around back to this one. I thoroughly thought out all the risks I was taking doing it, but I just wanted a real singer’s song. I wanted to show everyone I could really sing.”

  • What else she considered, “Some Alicia Keys songs and Gavin DeGraw songs, but it’s tough to get songs cleared.”
  • On Being called “the best 16 year old the show had seen” in her audition, “My first inkling was, ‘Oh my God, thank you so much.’ I definitely knew there were going to be expectations, but whether he said it or not, I would have expectations for myself. I’m probably my biggest critic.”
  • On the Contestant’s age difference, were there two camps?  “Not at all. Everyone kind of meshed together. There was always someone there you could turn to for a shoulder if you needed it.”
  • Favorite school subject, “Probably English. I was writing essays and then being thrown into hair and makeup to perform…I wrote about the book 1984.”
  • Was AI an Orwellian experience? “Yes, definitely.”
  • Star Search v. American Idol, “Totally different. So many people watch American Idol. You can walk down the street and everyone knows what it is. But Star Search helped me prepare for getting criticism.”

Later,  I’ll be posting more interviews with Lisa Tucker as I find them.

More from Me

To anybody who happens upon my blog:  Make sure to read the comments after each post.  I’m overwhelmed by all the thoughtful and reasonable opinions that are posted here.  Really, it’s the best part of the blog if ya ask me.  I’m so happy that I’m not left here,  hanging around talking to myself.  I can be awfully boring…

I have a couple more thoughts after reading this afternoon’s comments:

The phrase “Top 40” is a ridiculously outdated term that I use out of habit.  But what I mean is commercial radio in general which has split into many narrow formats–AC, Hot AC, Alternative Rock, CHR…ad infinitum. 

When Simon says to Chris “You know who you are” I think he really means, “We know who you are.” My impression is that 19E wants an artist who’s generic and easy to market.  Last year’s winner, Carrie Underwood, has an impressive set of pipes, but she’s a country pop princess who lacks a unique style.  She also went double platinum.  So, the fact that Chris sticks to his comfort zone week in and week out, and sticks to an identifiable genre that has special appeal to a young demo–pop/rock–makes him very desirable.   

I think Taylor is more successful singing contemporary material than Katharine, but they are BOTH old school.  Taylor’s a throwback to 60’s and 70’s blue eyed soul.  And Katharine is a gifted song stylist in the cabaret tradition.  I suppose Taylor could be twisted into a Gavin DeGraw type or Katharine as Alicia Keyes…

Nah.  I can’t see either molded into something that resembles what’s HOT on the radio right now.  I don’t think the producers can either.  The suits aren’t up for dealing with talent that’s messy and complicated.  The agenda is to produce a hit record and produce it quickly.  In which case,  talent like Chris, who is current, predictable and mold-able will probably win out over talent that isn’t.

Lastly, if Taylor really wants to win…then good luck to him.  Actually, a few of you made some really good arguments for winning rather than not.  It’s true, so far only the winners and Clay Aiken have sold a lot of records.  The so-called “Losers” can face an uphill battle once the contest is over.  The non-compete clause some of you mentioned can keep a contestant from making good deals right away.  Here is a really interesting article on that very subject!  

And that’s my blah-blah for tonight.  Comments, comments please…