Upcoming Idol Theme

Upcoming Idol Theme

I thought this was an April Fools Joke when I first heard it.  From the American Idol News page:

“…on Tuesday, April 11th, the Top 8 Contestants will take on the music of the legendary Rock Band, QUEEN. Will someone be able to top Constantine’s performance of Bohemian Rhapsody? Tune in to find out! Then, come back on Wednesday for a special hour episode, when the Top 8 will also perform a QUEEN song or medley!

QUEEN??!!?? An entire night of QUEEN?  Oh, peeps, we’re looking at total train-wreck potential, methinks.  These narrow theme nights are tough as it is, but I’m trying to imagine some of these kids tackling Freddie Mercury’s over the top rock stylings.  Actually, Chris Daughtry will probably fair the best.  Ha, propping up the Chosen One maybe?  There are a few nice ballads that Katharine might be able to handle.  I have a feeling Taylor will find some way to pull it off.  Some of the more R&B flavahed contestants like Elliott, Mandisa and Paris might have problems.  And if Bucky lasts…..stuck in a loop trying to imagine Bucky singing Queen….TRYING TO IMAGINE KELLIE SINGING QUEEN….my brain just exploded. Note to Ace:  Just say NO to Bohemian Rhapsody, mmmkay? Thanks.

But the good news!!! A Queen Medley!  Cannot Wait!! My Prayers have been answered!  The CHEESY Goodness returns!  Horrifying awesomeness is just around the corner! Hooray!

OK, I’m calm now.

April Fools!

Thanks to the reader who posted this April Fools parody in the comments section.  It’s from realityblurred.com.  Since I’m not clever–instead of writing up my own April Fools joke, I’ll post someone else’s!

I laughed so hard reading this at work, that co-workers turned to look at me:

“News Corp., continuing to acquire popular online properties, has purchased American Idol-focused sites DialIdol and Vote for the Worst. The sites will be folded into the company’s MySpace community once the checks clear and/or FOX Security finishes their friendly visits with the web sites’ owners.

The plan, a FOX spokesperson said, is to let MySpace community members edit DialIdol and Vote for the Worst’s web sites with Thomas’ MySpace Editor, thus making the sites illegible and impossible to visit. ‘We’re positive that, once the text is fluorescent green on a background that’s an animated gif, and a Scott Savol song blares at top volume the second the page loads, no one will want to visit any more. They’ll be too busy having seizures. The threat will be neutralized—I mean, the fans will have control, ‘ the spokesperson said.”

Oh man,  the MySpace riff is priceless.  Perfect description of your typical hideously annoying Myspace Page.

“The network is also acquiring seven unnamed reality TV-focused blogs, particularly those that post incoherent, poorly written recaps of FOX shows. Specifically, those that have journalism-sounding words in their URLs and regularly post press releases verbatim are being targeted. A FOX VP told reporters, ‘It’s so great to know that these blogs truly understand journalism and critical analysis. These are smart people, copying and pasting our press releases and posting them in order to sell Google ads, sneak into Google News, and inflate their BlogAds pageviews.'”

Gosh, hope the writer doesn’t mean me.  Oh, right, can’t be.  I haven’t gotten around to the Google Ad thing, and nobody sends me press releases…

And I thought I was into conspiracy theories…

The spoof is probably mocking sites like this,  that post articles with headlines like, “American Idol Shocker – Were The Phones Working On The West Coast?”  The writer jumps to the incredible conclusion, with no real proof whatsoever, that there could have been a problem with the West coast phone lines.  Why?  Because the 3 West coasters from the Top 10 all landed in the Bottom 3 this week.  He asks, ” How could all three contestants from a relatively small state like North Carolina avoid the bottom three while two contestants from a large state like California wind up in the bottom three?”.  Uhhm–because which contestants viewers choose to support has little to do with geography?  Oh yeah, I voted my little fingers off for Ayla Brown. Not.

Reading the article did remind me of something I missed, but others picked up:  On Wednesday’s show, Ryan never announnced how many millions and millions of viewers cast votes for the contestants. He nearly always mentions how many overall votes were counted.

Folks are pretty much assuming the vote totals overall were way down this week.

TMZ Gossip

Check out the American Idol gossip page at TMZ.com.  TMZ may have been a teensy bit hard up for “news” this week.  I think I might be, too:

  • Lisa Tucker was not surprised by her boot this week.  Her mom hung out with her all day Wednesday to lend moral support
  • The contestants meet for a “farewell dinner” after the boot show at the Universal CityWalk’s  “Buca di Beppo”, one of those family-style Italian restaurants with insanely huge portions.  It’s supposed to be some kind of scoop (it’s not) and they’ve posted a little 1 minute video of the idols heading to the parking garage.  It’s hilarious, some of the looks the Idol’s shoot (Check out Katharine, Elliott and Paris) toward the camera people are priceless.
  • Shakira almost cancelled her performance because the singer wanted her band, and Idol refused to pay for them.  In the end, Shakira got her way. What was the point? She lip-synched anyway.
  • Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, was hanging out backstage to support Paris Bennett as she sang his daughter’s 2003 song, ‘Work It Out.’
  • David Della Terza of Votefortheworst.com is interviewed by TMZ.  Check out his pad and hear how he’s received “death threats” from enraged Kellie Pickler fans.  You probably know she’s the site’s pick for “Vote for the Worst” at the moment.

More Useless Gossip:  Ryan Seacrest is dating Terri Hatcher.  April Fools!  Nevermind.