Complete List Top44/48

Wow.   I’ve got a ton to catch up on here!   Just in the past few hours, a complete list of the Top44/48 has made it’s way on to the net.   It’s been posted over on Idol Forums already, and there are some folks who left comments here to give me the heads up.   Thanks so much to effie and especially  Chris–(who works for Enom? Awesome) for providing the information.    Geez, that’s what I get for not checking my mail earlier!   I’ve been sitting on this for the last 5 hours! Dang…

Anyway, I’ve got a little bit of my OWN scoop to add to the mix.   I hear from a reliable source that Bucky Covington,  Bobby Bennett Jr. and Kinnik (I spelled it Kaneik previously, that must be wrong)  made the Top 24

Also, before I post the list, I have a couple of corrections:

The Pearson Twins are 24 years of age, not 16.   Wow, they look young!   But even if they don’t apply to the Pearsons, my remarks about mocking the young’uns still stands.   It ain’t nice.   Thanks to Heath bar for the correction.   That poster also points out that Haggai Yedidya is an Israeli name.   Haggai is the contestant from Las Vegas who sang “Proud to Be an American.”   In my recap, I say he’s fake, and that his accent sounds fake.   Heath Bar hears an authentic Israeli accent.   Could be.   But my take is that most of the “bad” auditions aren’t real.   Something about Haggai’s audition just felt  insincere to me…but I could be wrong…as I’m sure you all know by now…:).

Ok.   Here is the Top 44/48 list.   I ripped  the format  off from Idol Forums.   A poster did a very nice job of organizing all the names and domain names into a complete list.   Thank You!

* Rumored to be Top 24

Chris, who did the awesome detective work here,  tells me there will be updates to this list…stay tuned…. THANK YOU CHRIS!!! Here’s his blog:

There are two more names to add to the list.   Chris’s theory is that the two domain names with 3s tacked at the end were folks added after the Brittenum Twins were dropped.  

*ETA: Actually,  Chris’s theory is that they are 3rds–as in Jrs.   I totally misread that   Also,   Bucky Covington and Elliott Yamin both have 2 domain names registered… I’m editing astericks in as I find new spoilers…


April Walsh []
*Ayla Brown []
*Heather Cox []
*Rebecca “Becky” O’Donahue []
Brianna Taylor []
Brooke Barrettsmith []
Eugenia Littlejohn []
*Kellie Pickler []
*Mandisa Hundley []
Megan Bobo []
Melissa McGhee []
*Paris Bennett []
*Lisa Tucker []
Stephanie White []
*Katharine McPhee []
Nicole Ortiz []
Crystal Stark []
*Kinnik []
Jessica Josantos []
Shontai Marshall []
Murcellia Smith []
Cortney Jetter []
*Brenna Gethers []
Stephanie Scott []


*Brett “Ace” Young []
Bobby Bullard []
*Christopher Daughtry []
*Patrick Hall []
*Taylor Hicks []
Syd []
*David Radford []
*William “Bucky” Covington []
*Bucky Covington [
Derrell Brittenum [] DISQUALIFIED
Terrell Brittenum [] DISQUALIFIED
*Jose “Sway” Penala []
Nick Whitten []
*William John Makar []
Adam []
Mark Locklear []
Antonio Bridges []
*Elliot Yamin  [] (Elliot, like Bucky, appears to have two domain registrations)
*Robert “Bobby” Bennett Jr. []
David Avram []
*Gedeon McKinney []
*Kevin Covais []
*Elliot Yamin       EFRAYMYAMIN.COM
Bobby Dillard []
William McCoy []

I’m still working on my Austin Recap.   Promise I’ll have it tomorrow….