More Top 24

Ok kids.   More names to add to the Potential Top 24 list.

But before I get into that,  I’d like to mention that I have several sources for these names. For instance, I posted this list  found on  Idol Forums on January 24th.   There are 13 names on that list, and since the 24th, I’ve confirmed those names through additional sources.  The rest of the names on the list come from sources other than Idol Forums.   And, again, nearly every name has at least two sources. The point? Message Boards and Blogs are welcome to post my stuff, but please either credit me or link. Thankee.  

More Top 24

Katherine McPhee
Will Makar

Mandisa Hundley
Kevin Covais
Brenna Gethers (no picture yet)
(pictures from left to right)

A picture named KathrynMcPhee.jpgA picture named WilliamMakar2Au.jpgA picture named MandisaHundley.jpg

A picture named KevinCovaisBOS.jpg  



Watch this space for more information! :).