A Bit on the Boston Auditions

American Idol is Wicked Awesome!   Hee.

Watched the Boston episode tonight, and I have nothing remarkable to report.  Oh, except the pimping of Miss Ayla Brown  is in full swing.   There were news promos all through the show for the big-ass feature the local Fox affiliate was doing on her after the program.   Guaranteed the area  newspapers will be doing stories on her tomorrow, and only her.   You’d think nobody else from Boston made it to Hollywood–and further.   Ugh.

Look for the Boston recap tomorrow night.

In the meantime–some articles for ya.

Remember the  funny screamo kid, Ryan Hart from Las Vegas?   He told Simon “I’m Bored With You!” Hee.   Here is  an interview with Ryan  from a punk blog.    Favorite lines:

“First of all, the hardcore comment was just sarcasm. I find irony hilarious, and the irony of saying I was too hardcore for them was that I had just sang a screamo song and I was wearing an emo band’s hoodie.”


“There is something I’ve just been dying to tell Simon without the censors there to interfere. Simon you are a mean poopie head and not a very nice person. You’re just lucky it’s past Christmas because I’m certain Santa would’ve given you a big fat lump of coal. I’ll see you in hell ‘ from heaven!”

Cute, cute kid.

Oh and speaking of Ayla Brown, here are some articles on the Boston auditions  here  and here.   The first one is from the Providence Journal and the second one, from The Milford Daily News.    Milford, MA is near Ayla’s hometown.

Here’s a rather strange article on oversinging on  American Idol  from  MTV, of all places.   In the piece, both Randy Jackson and Ken Warwick advise contestants  against “oversinging.”   Interesting, considering the incredibly short 1:30  minutes the  contestant  usually has to impress the judges actually encourages oversinging.    During the competition, the judges only seem to be impressed by  performances  with glory notes and dramatic finishes.   It’s funny that Randy would criticize that type of singing in an article.

So glad the auditions are over, I’m ready for HOLLYWOOD!!!!!

Thanks everybody for the comments!   Sometime this week I’ll be rounding up some links to contestant fansites and posting them here.   In the meantime…there are quite a few in the comments section.   Along with some interesting discussion.   So check it out….