Jordin Sparks Debuts “Vertigo” and a Few More New Songs – VIDEO

Check out some new songs from Jordin Sparks’ new album, Battlefield, due to drop July 21.

The songs, “Vertigo”, “Let it Rain” and “Faith” were produced by Toby Gad and Lindsey Robbins. She also talks about the pressure she puts on herself to lose weight.

Check them out, after the JUMP…

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  • KayGee

    Okay back in Season 6 of Idol Jordin was my favorite. I knew she wouldn’t be in my favorite genre when she released her music. I said that, to say, she is too POP for my taste. She is definitely not my flavor of music.

    I still will follow her career, maybe one day she will sing something that I can get in to…

  • milly93

    “when i drop to the table i spin like a dreidel” (or something like that) LOL i love those lyrics ahaha

  • Preston

    I like Jordin, but “Vertigo” (at least musically) sounds like a total “Poker Face” knockoff. The other two seem alright…

  • bjames

    Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. I hope she does amazingly well with this album.

  • adamandeva

    the video spelled Jordin Spark’s name wrong in one shot. it’s with an “i” not an “a”

  • annabelina

    The more I hear from this album, the more I think I’ll like it. It sounds more power-ish pop rather than her other album which was more Disney-esque fluff pop.

  • lurksalot

    Is that really better?
    Also, sorry Jordin is concerned about her weight. She is a beautiful young woman. Fine as she is.

  • leome

    The first song is very dance/pop, should be the second single. Very auto tuned and all.

  • Mateja

    Ohh, I like these new songs! I’m really looking forward to Jordin’s new album.

  • storm45701

    how in the world did she win? She certainly wasn’t the best her season.

  • annabelina

    Is that really better?

    It is to me. :happy_tb: I’m partial to the power pop myself. YMMV.

    *sigh* I’m attempting to divert the Jordin hate to no avail. I don’t think she’s quite as bad as others think, but I suppose I have the benefit (?) of never having watched her season. Oh well. Such as it is.

  • LukkiStar

    Oh poor Jordin…she still hasn’t found her place in the music industry…
    And her place is definitely NOT trying to be the next Lady Gaga.
    Whoever said that Vertigo sounds like Poker Face was dead on.

    Jordin would have gotten eaten alive by pretty much anyone in season 7 or season 8…she probably wouldn’t have made it past the semis.
    But good luck to her with the new album because she really is a talented girl.

  • SpenserJ

    Jordin’s talented, but I just find her and her music completely uninteresting.

  • kimberann

    I don’t think her 2nd album will do as well. The new singles just don’t sound as strong to me as “No Air”, “Tattoo” and “One Step at a Time.”

  • maracaibo

    I think “Vertigo” is a really cool song. I can see that one becoming a HIT.
    It made me dance when I heard it. Jordin just has great vocals for Pop Music IMO. That’s why she’s had so many radio hits.
    Good for her, she seems such a nice girl.