Glee Season 3: MASSIVE Episode 4 & 5 Spoilers Inside (Major Update)

GLEE: Kurt (Chris Colfer, L) and Blaine (Darren Criss, R) share a moment in the "Asian F" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Oct. 4 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mike Yarish/FOX

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I kinda thought this deserved it’s own post. Mike Ausiello just put up a totally Glee centric spoiler post that’s mostly Asian F centric, but there’s one bit of news that I think deserves a separate thread.

For Asian F-Centric Spoilers Click Here

UPDATE3: EOnline confirms the Brittany/Santana hookup in Episode 4 reported HERE. “I’m also told that Finn (Cory Monteith) will get into the mix when Santana tries to hide her relationship with Brittany. He’ll call her out on her hypocrisy and forces her to deal with it. Word is, these Naya-Cory scenes are fantastic.  All of this will go down in episodes four and six…”(

UPDATE2: From TWOP via Live Journal – “GAY BAR! Yes, Karofsky is at the gay bar. Sebastian Warbler is there, too. It’s drag queen night. Kurt & Blaine get in w/ fake IDs. Blaine gets drunk, tries to “get with” Kurt in the car, Kurt doesn’t want to do it, and so Blaine leaves. I don’t have additional details about Karofsky, other than that he is present. Sorry, Karofsky fans.”

Blaine is going to sing “Uptown Girl” at Dalton w/ the Warblers when he visits to invite them to attend McKinley’s West Side Story.

Plus, Darren Criss tweeted on Sunday night, “Excited for work tomorrow, early call time… but it’s gonna be a fun day. Any guesses why? #IWontTellYou”

I also learned that Brittany IS still running for class president; there was no reference made to that in 3×04 that I caught; sorry to confuse by stating that she wasn’t running! She still is, against Kurt and Rachel.

UPDATE: Tumblr account from a fan who reportedly watched Chris and Darren film a scene from the episode.  According to her account, they stumble out of a bar drunk, make out in the back seat of a car, and have an argument.  Things get very very heated inside the car at one point.  (According to a past spoiler, Klaine have an awkward run in with Karovsky at the bar.) It’s pretty detailed to be fake story, but you never know, so grain of salt and all that.

If you are a Klaine/Finchel fan you definitely want to read:

Question: It definitely seems like Episode 5 will have a few Finchel scenes. Is there anything you could tell us about that? —Sussi
Ausiello: That’s the understatement of the decade, Sussi. While next week’s “Asian F” showcases Mercedes and Mike like never before, the Nov. 8 episode puts Rachel and Kurt — and their respective relationships with Finn and Blaine — front and center. In a big, big way. How big we talking? Well, according to a Glee insider, Episode 5 finds the Wicked BFFs both losing their virginity. Appropriately, the title of the ep is “The First Time.”

I’m really looking forward to the handwringing from the usual suspects! (PTC, Insane Ex SNL cast member, 700 Club,

Episode 5 is when the new gay warbler arrives to vie for Blaine’s affections, so I wonder how THAT situation figures into the virginity scenario.  Frankly, it’s about time.

Realistically? Two gay teens in a relationship would be doing it early and often I would think. I’m glad the producers have decided not to treat the pair like Eunuchs.

Also, there are a bunch of spoilers HERE for episode 4 that look to be coming true.  When Kurt becomes upset with Rachel (seen here in this promo) it’s because she’s also decided to run for Class President.  If those spoilers are 100 true, Santana and Brittany become a couple in Ep 4.


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  • idolfan92

    Wow. Umm…didn’t expect that. For either. I didn’t expect anything like this to happen until maybe late in the season. I’m not really liking this news..

  • Jolene

    OMG. OMG. Flailing all over the place.

    Klaine sex? On my TV? Yes please!

  • mj

    Klaine sex? On my TV? Yes please!

    It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with the details. Whether there will be some PDA involved, or it’s just referred to after the fact.

    Sadly, there is no equality when it comes to straight vs gay sex.

    Honestly, I look forward to the day when love scenes between gay couples are no big deal.

  • Jolene

    My thinking right now is this: If they are using the same episode to address (and get rid of) the virginity issue for both Kurt and Rachel, it’s inevitable we’ll see some parallel storytelling happening. I think given that condition, it will be glaring to show Finn and Rachel during/before the act, and only have Kurt and Blaine mention/talk about it with no on-screen PDA.
    So that’s why I’m thinking we may get to see something more than you might expect from Fox during primetime. Also, with declining ratings, they may just be looking to cause some controversy and come off daring and bold.

    Well, a girl can hope, right? (;

  • St.Lucia

    Hmm. Not sure I’m looking forward to seeing it(for either Finchel or Klaine). I just see a lot of uncomfortable awkwardness that I don’t care to watch.

    It’ll be interesting to see how exactly it is handled, and I hope it won’t be awkward as I truly expect it to be. I’m not a prude by any means, and I love me some Klaine but we are going to be seeing “first times” and that’s just asking for awkward.

  • Jae

    I guess I have to take back everything I said in a previous glee thread about the show neutering Blaine and Kurt.

  • Grammie Kari

    I am not sure I want to see these changes in one episode. I don’t think I like this news much.

    If those spoilers are 100 true, Santana and Brittany become a couple in Ep 4.

    I KNOW I don’t like this change at all!

  • Jolene

    Oh man. It sounds like things get fairly heated In this episode. Here’s an account from someone who watched Chris and Darren film a scene yesterday.

  • jennyl

    A Klaine sex scene? Look like things are heating up. I can’t wait. :)

  • mandabutter

    I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Klaine get closer! Squeeee! :) I kinda hope some headlines come from this episode, there is certainly a lack of stable homosexual couples on tv. And the anti-gay forces will just look stupid trying to explain away their hatred…

    Is Asian F, ep.3 the last show we get before the hiatus??

  • hypertwink

    Isn’t Damian supposed to arrive in ep 4? And where is Karofsky? Is he supposed to have graduated or something?

  • mj

    Isn’t Damian supposed to arrive in ep 4?

    Damian arrives in episode 4

    And where is Karofsky? Is he supposed to have graduated or something?

    Not sure, but supposedly Klaine run into him at the gay bar.

    Is Asian F, ep.3 the last show we get before the hiatus??

    Yes. Last show before a 3 week hiatus.

  • jeffreythegleek

    Hoo boy, that tumbler story is pretty vivid, if not 100% fangirly (and I would have asked Chris for an autograph instead of standing there being too intimidated). But it sounds like they maybe get fake ID’s somehow, and get in a bar and served alcohol. Kurt maybe has one drink but Blaine has more. Blaine doesn’t behave when he’s drunk. He does things like make out with Rachel, then the next day question his sexuality and get in a fight with Kurt about it. So maybe Blaine pulls Kurt in the back seat of a car, things get too steamy and Kurt pulls away and gets out. Blaine wants more than just holding hands and staring longingly at eat other and wonders if Kurt really loves him. There’s an argument and just like the last time, Blaine storms off. And this all leads to loss of virginity. Does Kurt do it because he wants to, or to “prove his love” and not lose Blaine? All just speculation here, but isn’t that what blogs are for?

  • mj

    All just speculation here, but isn’t that what blogs are for?

    Why yes. Yes it is, so speculate away. ;). That’s actually a pretty good prediction, I think.

  • Axxxel

    I think Blaine will lose his virginity to the new Warbler first before he does it with Kurt… and while Kurt is still enjoying the afterglow, Blaine’s cheating heart is full of guilt…

    I just hope that Kurt will do it with Blaine… My heart will ache if it is with Karofsky… Karofsky deserves happiness but not with Kurt with whom he had a scarred shared past.

  • Axxxel

    @jeffreythegleek I think Kurt will do it because he is afraid to lose Blaine, he has already lost so much in episode 1 and 2… He has to compete against Rory in episode 4 and I am sure Rory will win… I think in Episode 5, Kurt is at his lowest and most vulnerable point… so he would do everything not to lose him…

    Unless… When Blaine storms off and does not come back, in whose warm arms will Kurt fall into ? Male ? Female ? Bi-corn ?

  • Jolene

    This show cares about the Kurt/Blaine relationship far too much (and knows how popular it is and what it means to many people) to have their first time tainted in such a way as some are speculating. Neither Kurt nor Blaine would cheat on the other one (at least not in this episode) and I’m sure the car make-out/argument will be resolved in a serious conversation that would lead to the realization that they love each other and are ready for the next step in their relationship.

    All of the Sebastian (see: evil Warbler) drama will probably wait until after their first time, which should be loving and tender and about as fluffy as you can get.

  • gleeRPG

    All of the Sebastian (see: evil Warbler) drama will probably wait until after their first time, which should be loving and tender and about as fluffy as you can get.

    And it probably will be. After all, this is Klaine we’re talking about. They’re the “sacred mother of God” ship that can’t possibly be tarnished or have any remotely interesting drama.

    Yes, I dislike Klaine. Very much. XD

    Is it bad that the whole “one of them loses their virginity to someone other than each other first” thing kind of gets me excited? Please, glee gods, let it be so!

    Actually, I’d prefer the whole Klaine stuff to be a lead up to a Kurtofsky relationship, but the DC/Klaine fangirls will have their way, I’m sure of it.

    None of these spoilers have me much excited for the next few episodes. Klaine? Brittana? Finchel? *yawn*

    Though I am excited to see the drama with Mercedes/Rachel and to finally see Mike Chang have something of a storyline.

  • mj

    Actually, I’d prefer the whole Klaine stuff to be a lead up to a Kurtofsky relationship,

    What kind of message would that send? That’s it’s cool to hook up with men who have, in the past, physically, verbally and sexually abused you?

    That’s totally gross and should NEVER happen. And my opinion has nothing to do with believing that Klaine is some kind of sacred cow. I would have a hard time with ANY of the characters engaging in such self-hating behavior.

  • Tash

    Am I the ONLY ONE who is NOT the least bit happy about Kurt and Blaine having sex? Frankly I am saddened by the whole prospect. Why? Well, for several reasons.

    First of all, it’s already being handled badly: EPISODE 5!!! BOTH RACHEL AND KURT LOSE THEIR VIRGINITY!!!! It’s so cheesy and cheap. Why in the same episode? Why so early on in the season? If you look at Glee’s ratings you see that they are down very much from last season. Could it be that “Glee” is trying to gain back its audience with this hyped up cliché?

    Secondly, I think it’s too soon for Kurt and Blaine. Kurt is a young man who less than six months ago didn’t even want to hear the details about sex; a young man who, just a short time ago, had his very first kiss (that counted ;-) ). Blaine, with all his maturity, told Kurt that they should take it slow because he didn’t want to “mess this up.” Fast forward five episodes into the season; skip kissing, skip heavy petting, skip getting a little fresh, and go straight to full out penetrative sex!? Seriously!? (I REALLY hope not) I guess, since they’re obviously ready to go this far we’re supposed to just ASSUME that they’re already past all the light stuff. Just like Glee fashion, it’s disjointed and abrupt and we are left relying on our own assumptions to figure out what happened.

    Notice I haven’t said anything about Finn and Rachel. That’s because I’m happy for them even though they’re not my favorite couple :). Rachael stuck to her guns when it came to sex. She and Finn went through the ringer in their relationships. They survived the ups and downs and got it back together. Good for THEM!!!! I would even cheer for Emma and Will if it were them (and I’m still hoping beyond hope that it is). It wouldn’t be unlike Glee to fix her problems in one episode or at least “fix her” enough so that she can be intimate with Will.

    But when it comes to Kurt and Blaine, I just get this sickening sense of foreboding. Like, nothing good can come from the two of them having sex now especially with the reason they are doing it. Apparently, Kurt and Blaine sneak into a gay bar (FUN. I’ve totally done it :)). Kurt gets tipsy Blaine gets DRUNK (party on Blaine). They then make out heavily (REAL HEAVILY) in Blaine’s car (Sudden but, ok, we’ll blame it on the alcohol). BUT THEN Blaine wants to take things farther. He wants to have sex in the back seat of his car while still parked RIGHT in front of the club (I’m like, DANG you could AT LEAST move the car somewhere more private SHEESH). And if that’s not bad enough when Kurt says no, for obvious reasons, Blaine storms off. And here we have that disjointed feeling again. This just seems so unlike Blaine. I know nobody’s perfect. He’s not supposed to be, but this is abrupt.

    Enter new character (SMH *ROLLS EYES*). I keep hearing OVER AND OVER about this new GAY (key word, right?) warbler, Sebastian, who has his sights set on Blaine. He’s the polar opposite of Kurt and is supposedly going to threaten their relationship. And he makes his debut in this episode (surprise). I can’t help but wonder if Kurt (THIS IS KURT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT) is going to sleep with Blaine because he’s ready or because he feels threatened. This is why I can’t whoop-whoop for Kurt and Blaine. Because this is a sad situation for these two. What would come of it but regret and resentment? Especially with Sebastian stirring up drama. I could be wrong. I HOPE I AM. But if I am, then there’s still the question of why so soon and why so sudden? Someone blogged, “it’s about time, in real life two boys would start early and often.” Or something along those lines and I’m like really? And I’m not naïve, I know a lot of teenagers who started WAY early and do it WAY often. But not all teenagers are like this. And from what we know thus far about Blaine and Kurt, neither are they. It just makes more sense to me that Glee would let us see the relationship grow a bit more (at least till mid season DANG) before they take that step. WHY should they have to share their moment with Rachel and Finn anyway? (SIGH…) I think back to when Klaine first kissed (Finn was wrong. The Klaine kiss was the “superman of all kisses”) and the pandemonium that followed. Does Glee not realize that the reason for all the hype was due in big part to the fact that we waited SO long for that kiss to happen?

    Another thing that bugs me about this situation is the whole “enter new character, stir up relationship drama” thing. Don’t these writers have any other formula!? This scenario has been done and redone AND REDONE since season one! I for one am over it! I can’t speak for everyone but I know a lot of people will agree with me in the fact that without KLAINE I wouldn’t have stuck around for season two! If they f*k with them too much I might just have to bow out LIKE SO MANY OTHERS have done. It’s true! And it’s a shame that the best thing that came out of season two is Klaine because there are so many great actors on Glee and so many awesome characters who were displaced and misused. Which leads me back to the “enter new character” point. WHY WHY WHY do we need Sebastian? Why can’t the writers, instead of entering someone new and redoing the TIRED relationship drama scenario, USE THE TALENT THAT THEY HAVE. The cast is already bloated and there is enough room for creativity within the cast for them not to have to f*k with Klaine. :(

    I for one would like to see the Hudmel’s in action in an episode or two. How ‘bout some brotherly furt. Can we get just a splash or dash of that here and there? Their parents got married, they became brothers and that’s the last we heard of it. And no, I don’t want the Walden’s, that would be corny. I wanna see them evolve; maybe even fight. (A good Furt fight would be awesome :-D). But I digress.

    Back to the bloated, misused, displaced cast… One character that comes to mind as Klaine has moved to the forefront is Kurt’s supposed best friend, Mercedes. I know that friendships change yada yada yada… But she went from being his best friend to all of a sudden, being as non-existent in his life as Mike or Tina. And I know some of you may not like Mercedes but I happen to love her. She’s been trippin’ lately but I understand why. (I’m not going to go into all that right now) Not only did her and Kurt’s friendship take a back seat to Klaine, but now more than ever, KURTCHEL :(. Who’s the first person you call the moment you lose your virginity? Your BEST FRIEND. With Kurt and Rachael losing their virginity in the same episode, within the same week in Glee world, (I HOPE TO GOD THEY’RE NOT CHEESY ENOUGH TO HAVE IT HAPPEN ON THE SAME NIGHT!) their friendship will be made even stronger as they can share the commonality of such a huge moment. This will leave Mercedes even more displaced (squashing the small hope I had of them rekindling their relationship this season) which really isn’t fair. It should be her that Kurt calls, not Rachel. Plus there’s the fact that Rachel is having sex with Kurt’s BROTHER so sharing stories would be awkward and just wrong on so many levels (cringe). Speaking of awkward; the sex itself. Glee has never been big about on screen PDA. Sex between characters, though plentiful, has always been implied, never seen. I for one hope that doesn’t change.

    I know a lot of people like Kurtchel but I’m sorry to say that I do not. I think the things that make them so alike are also what make them good competitors. The rapport they had as frenemies was entertaining to watch. The fact that they’re besties now IMO is kinda boring and they’re so much alike now that it’s almost sickening. When did Kurt go from being HBIC to being Rachel’s TWIN!?


    Alright, I’m done people. I know this post is really long but I had to vent this out. I was feeling really sad about this news and I feel a little better now. I do not hate Glee I hope that didn’t come across. I actually LOVE Glee other-wise I wouldn’t give to craps about what goes on in the show. Yet, I find some of what goes on in the show, stupid, repetitive, stupid, ridiculous, stupid, annoying… need I go on? I try not to take the show so seriously, but there are things about the show that I really love and when I see those things being messed up because of sloppy writing or whatever Glee’s issue is, I get really bothered. But, this is just me venting. Nothing personal, that’s what blogs like this are for, right? :)

    Peace and Love, Tash

  • morag finnie

    well after reading all the above, i conclude this episode is going to be awesome!!!!!!!. cant wait i love finn and him and racheal (as much as i disliked her to begin with) are good together, they worked hard and made it through the trouble. blaine and kurt is all good to as long as they handle it well, i think it should be cosy and happy after they have made up and because kurt feels ready (not pressured) and it should be first times together, glee would be making a huge mistake if blaine cheated on kurt. i cant wait though to see what happens

  • Alexandria

    I so agree

  • Alexandria

    Yeah you do have a point…huh, this might be a weird episode next week, but it will sure as hell be entertaining. 

  • Jane Acre

    You can watch Glee Season 3 Episode 5 and the rest of the episodes here — >>

  • Jane Acre

     You can watch Glee Season 3 Episode 5 and the rest of the episodes here — >>

  • Jane Acre

    You can watch Glee Season 3 Episode 5 and the rest of the episodes here — >>

  • Danielle Bolden

    There’s actually alot of commentary about Mercedes character.  Here is an old article written on the racialiscious blog about her.  I love her, but I think there are a lot of institutional reasons, why she hasn’t get a story line. She’s being given a little now, but she’s basically just as good as a singer as Lea. . . so why can’t she be put front and cernter.