Glee Season 3 Spoilers – “Mash Off” – Episode 6

Here’s the next installment of GLEE SPOILERS!

Up this week? Episode 6, called “Mash Off”, set to air on November 15.  For more episode spoilers, click the links below.  As always, keep your eye on this post.  I’ll be updating as new intel arrives.

“Mash-Off” features the kids performing in pairs, and an epic battle both physical AND musical between the members of  New Direction and Shelby Corcoran’s new Glee club called The Troubletones.

FOX Official recap:

Sue starts a smear campaign to take down her biggest competitor for the Congressional seat.  Meanwhile, Puck (Mark Salling) has a crush, and Will (Matthew Morrison) anr d Shelby Corcoran (guest star Idina Menzel) encourage some friendly competition.

Directed by  Eric Stolz
Written by Michael Hitchcock
Characters: Shelby Corcoran, Principal Figgins, Burt Hummel, Becky Jackson, Rory Flanagan, Sugar Motta


  • Shooting of Episode 6 “Mash Off” officially began on October 6, per a tweet from Lea Michele.  They were still finishing up 5.
  • Hockey Player Rick “The Stick” Nelson is running for class president! He promises voters that teachers will have to give the answers to their students. (Tumblr) Photo (Rick is the red haired guy with the mullet).
  • Rachel withdraws from the race, leaving Kurt, Brittany and Rick to run. (See tumblr spoilers below)
  • Will digs up dirt on Sue. He discovers that Sue played the lead in Oklahoma! when she was in high school. She admits that she loved it and flashes back to tell the story. Sadly, her performance was panned by the school paper. She wants to stop glee club(s) so other kids don’t have their dreams crushed like hers were, knowing they won’t make it in show business. Will is happy with his new found ammunition.  (Via TWOP confirmed by TV Guide)

19-year old Colby Minifie has been cast as the Young Sue. “Her little heart was broken,” sighs Jane. “Will tells Sue, ‘Poor little Susie Sylvester was told she wasn’t good, and now she’s got to punish the world.’ Like a lot of angry people out there, Sue’s a wannabe.”

Tons and Tons of spoilers from Tumblr

  • Class President speech time. Hockey Player (Rick the Stick) promises that teachers have to answer to students. Brittany promises TVs and Topless Tuesdays. Kurt promises a violence-free school (a ban of dodgeball.) Rachel withdraws, knowing how much she has hurt Kurt, and pledges her vote for him.
  • Kurt and Rachel make up. Rachel apologizes and Kurt accepts. She was being a diva, feels terrible, missed his friendship, will support him always, etc.
  • Puck declares his desire for Shelby. She tries to brush him off -she’s his teacher, after all – but can’t deny their chemistry. She says their kiss (in 3×04) was a mistake. He tries hard to win her over, “You’re hot. I’m hot.” She keeps attempting to brush him off, but struggles to be convincing.
  • Quinn is frustrated that her plan to frame Shelby isn’t working (because Puck removed all the incriminating things Quinn planted in Shelby’s apartment.) She knows that getting closer to Shelby means getting closer to Beth, so Quinn attempts to join Shelby’s group.
  • Puck reveals Quinn’s plan to Shelby while visiting her at home, drowning in his guilt. He cries, completely broken about it. Shelby doesn’t immediately react, but later sends a lot of glares in Quinn’s direction.
  • Quinn shows up at Shelby’s and questions why she hasn’t allowed her to join her group yet. Shelby tells her she knows what she has done, and they argue about motherhood until Shelby kicks her out, but Quinn vows to get her child back.
  • Rachel asks Shelby to write (well, approve what Rachel already wrote) a recommendation letter for her for NYADA. Shelby tells Rachel how proud she is of her. Rachel is moved by it, and asks Shelby to write a real letter herself. Shelby agrees. It’s a nice moment between them.
  • Predictably, Sectionals this year has pitted New Directions against Shelby’s group, The Troubletones. Will & Shelby agree to not be bitchy to one another and want to use the competition to bring out the best amongst their students. They demonstrate with a mashup duet of “You & I” / “Just You & I.” They then declare there will be a McKinley mash-off between the 2 clubs.
  • Troubletones rehearsal: Mercedes wants to do Adele for their mashup, and nominates herself as President of the group, confirmed by majority vote.
  • Santana, of course, does not vote for her, nor does Brittany. Santana agrees to play fair – at least, she claims to. Instead, she buries Finn in trash talk of epic proportions.
  • Finn’s response? Tells her to come out of the closet so she’ll stop trying to make everyone miserable like herself.
  • Mash-Off time! New Directions with Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” / “You Make My Dreams Come True.” The guys wear 80’s mustaches. The girls handle the ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ part, and the boys do the ‘Maneater’ parts. Rory and Quinn both have solo lines.
  • The Troubletones perform their “Rumour Has It” / “Someone Like You” mashup, with Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany getting solo lines.
  • Someone who overheard Finn tell Santana to come out told one of the other Congress candidates. He is now using “Sue supports lesbians” in their campaign, and hints that Sue may be a lesbian. He also talks about how Sue has a lesbian for a head cheerleader, with photos of Santana used as his mudslinging. Santana is devastated.
  • Santana barely makes it through the Adele mashup without breaking down. Seeing Finn in the audience, she loses it, beyond pissed that he’s outed her to the entire world, and slaps the shit out of him.

More Spoilers:

  • After Puck and Shelby’s kiss in 3×04, he finds himself head over heels in love with her, though Shelby seems unsure about what transpired between them. She is subbing for his geometry class, which becomes the highlight of Puck’s day, complete with slo-mo fantasies about her. It leads to a fantasy performance of “Hot For Teacher” that includes dancing on tables, then morphs into an all-guys ND performance during glee club. (TWOP)
  • Harmony (Lindsay Pearce), the girl Rachel met at the NYADA mixer, comes to McKinley High to terrorize Rachel into not applying to the program. (TV.Com)
  • New Directions brainstorm their mash-up. Finn wants to give Rory the solo to prep him for real competition. Finn also decides to introduce Rory to the art of trash talk to start messing up the girls’ game, starting with Santana, which leads to an after-school rumble – Dodgeball.
  • Epic Dodgeball Game – New Directions vs. The Troubletones. Santana & Finn sing Blondie’s “One Way or Another” mashed with Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” It comes down to Finn vs. Santana – Santana wins, though takes a cheap shot at Rory and gives him a nosebleed, infuriating Finn. (Via TWOP Tumblr)
  • Sue’s anti-Burt mudslinging for Congressional campaign in full swing. He has a baboon heart! The cruel, cruel man! Sue claims that Burt is married to a donkey. Burt and Will discuss fighting back, but Will doesn’t want to do mean things.


  • Lea Michele tweets: Girls scene with me @JennaUshkowitz @DiannaAgron @NayaRivera and Heather!
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Shooting a really fun scene with @CoreyMonteith Aahhh!! So fun! I want to work with Finn all the time! (If you recall, according to this spoiler, Finn figures out that Naya and Brittany are together and calls her out on her hypocrisy)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “A bunch of the glee boys have been rockin’ today in the studio. Playin’ it loud!” Adam Anders tweets, “mashup creation day….. I have a headache.”
  • Chris Colfer tweets, “The outfit I’m wearing today at Glee can only be described as Princess Leia pre-Ewok introduction in Return of the Jedi.”   Jane Lynch tweets, “Chris Colfer’s outfit today made me refer to Kurt as “Yassar”.”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Headed to bed excited to shoot with @chriscolfer tomorrow and my favorite hot mom @idinaMenzel :) Sleep tight everyone! Xo
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Big group scene today! Both Glee clubs in one place…this should be interesting…”
  • Alex Anders tweets,  “@CoreyMonteith Great job today bro! That song was right in your wheel house.”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “That was so much fun! Off to work now.. Can’t wait to hear @Mark_Salling sing us a song.
  • Harry Shrum Jr. tweets, “Oh man. Rockin out with @Mark_Salling and @darrencriss on set!” (Hot for Teacher?)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “I’m feeling a little 80s today!! Haha!! Looks like Halloween dress-up here at #glee (Hall and Oats Mashup with Blaine!)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Me and @DarrenCriss
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Check out our awesome band!!! Love these guys!!!
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Morning! Got such a fun day ahead of us today over here at #Glee! Let the Presidential debates begin!!!

Song Spoilers

  • Hot for Teacher – Puck with the ND guys
  • You & I / Just You & I (Lady Gaga / Eddie Rabbitt) (tumblr) – Matt Morrison & Idina Menzel
  • One Way or Another / Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Blondie / Pat Benatar) – Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith
  • Oklahoma – Young Sue Sylvester played by 19 year old Colbie Minifie
  • Maneater / You Make My Dreams Come True (Hall & Oates)  (New Directions)
  • Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (Adele) (Troubletones)

30 second Dodgeball Clip

Sneak Peek

FOX Promo:

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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the return of Lindsay Pearce.  It would be cool (if the spin-off does happen) if Rachel and Harmony both make it into the super-exclusive drama school.  Then, Harmony could be the Nellie Olsen to Rachel’s Laura Ingalls.

  • Pretty Horsey

    Don’t know if these are legit but lots of new spoilers for ep6 just came out×06-spoilers

  • Anonymous

    MJ updates her blog and I can’t login from work anymore. I sad. Can’t do quotes either. But I predict that someone blames Blaine for luring Kurt to Dalton, since they knew each other before Kurt transferred. Who could it be?

  • Anonymous

    Kurt going to Dalton again ? Hope not. Kurt belongs with the New Directions. Blaine is more fun with the Warblers. 
    I only know Finn is not very happy with Blaine…

    Yeah, because  Finn will have more visibility Glee…but I am most happy because Kurchele is back on track. Would love to see more unlikely friendships and bromances…  Maybe a bromance between Kurt and Sam Evans (when he comes back) ? Sorry, but I am a Kradam (Kris Allen-Adam Lambert bromance) fan… Rgds, Axxxel 

  • Anonymous

    No, not Kurt going to Dalton again. But Kurt knew Blaine before he transferred there. Maybe someone thinks he lured Kurt away? Not true of course. But now I’m wondering if it’s Santana who has the problem? There’s a clip on the blog and she has a pretty disgusted look. We’ll see. New episode tonight. Don’t know why but I can’t see any of the comments on my work computer but can at home. And my previous login doesn’t work but this one does. I’ll check the blog before the show starts, then post my thoughts afterwards. Meeting Rory tonight and Sebastian next week. Enjoy the show!

  • Pretty Horsey

    They released the Adele mash up early on Vevo (only for Americans though)