American Idol 10 Finale Red Carpet

American Idol


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  • blmetsfan

    Anybody see anything? Don’t know if it’s me, but I see it’s just buffering.

  • idolfan92

    Yeah it’s not working for me either :( I even tried going through MTV’s site to do it but it’s the same.

  • halo9125

    Same here- why isn’t this on MTV? Thought I’d watch it on the real TV and nuttin’. I did just read a tweet from somebody in attendance that stated security was trying to clear the area. Maybe that’s part of the issue?

  • TwigLA

    Oh good. Not just me. I keep refreshing the page, trying different browsers and nada.

  • blmetsfan
  • Mel1

    Geesh, First 5 came on about 15 times in two minutes. Sometimes two or three at a time, one after the other. What’s going on?

  • tripp_ncwy

    So far, not impressed with Didi & Brandon.

  • Mel1

    What time does AI start tonite?

  • Shorty

    Why are they showing the stupid people in the crowd and not who they are cheering for?

  • blmetsfan

    Yeah, this is a mess. I wish the TV Guide Channel was still doing it.

  • TwigLA

    This is total garbage.

    You can right click on the video window and change view. Also, can click on ‘Interviews’ on the right.

  • songsungblue

    Oh Paul. Still adorable…;)

  • Jon

    This is the stream from last year. Mtv said there will be NO livestream this year.

  • songsungblue

    Haley and Pia lookin’ smokin’ in white hotpants.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Is that an old link on MTV from last year? It’s dated “2010”.

  • Oksana2000

    I’m not holding my breath waiting to see Adam. He will be late as usual, and will be interviewed by someone else..

  • Mel1

    Who is that girl interviewing? Her voice is annoying.

  • dancin

    wow this feels like amateur nite red carpet lol

  • desiree_chick

    Who is that girl interviewing? Her voice is annoying

    It’s Didi Benami. LOL

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris on the red carpet next to Stefano.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Casey on the red carpet.


    Judas Priest
    They confirmed their duet with James.

  • Trina

    Rob Halford said on the red carpet Judas Priest is doing a medley of their songs with James!

  • Mel1

    Booooooring so far.

  • jersey

    Didn’t E and tvguide channel used to cover this?

  • Oksana2000

    Kris and Allison!!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    When you see people like Didi and Brandon, they make you realize that this job is a lot harder to do well than it looks.

  • Mel1

    Is there another red carpet live feed? Didi is really annoying.

  • songsungblue

    That’s why Ryan earns the big bucks, Fuzzywuzzy!

  • Oksana2000

    I want to see that part of red carpet where people are screaming.
    This is lame.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • songsungblue

    Oskana, I think you just click on Red Carpet Arrivals – it’s on the right.

  • lifeisgood

    Didi is annoying – she needs to keep in mind that the viewers are not watching to hear her talk. She is giving me a headache.

  • Oksana2000

    songsungblue, I checked all three boxes, and basically it’s the same crap.

  • Mel1

    Haley looks like a star. I love her speaking voice (so soothing, esp after listening to Didi).

  • Mel1

    What time does the show start?

  • tripp_ncwy
  • fuzzywuzzy

    8:00 PM on the east coast.

  • jersey

    LOL, Celebrity Apprentice made me a HUGE Lil John fan!

  • PRMari

    Allison Iraheta

  • Dakota01


    jim cantiello
    5 minutes ago

  • luci

    It took Dc to make they calm down. Ha, he is so chill in interviews.

  • sooziequsie

    Worst. Red. Carpet. Ever.

  • songsungblue

    Lauren’s style makes the baby Jesus cry. WTH? She’s looked horrific all season.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • kvwicks13

    I saw Lee and Jonna from a distance. Lee is wearing a suit and looks amazing. Jonna looks beautiful!

  • Oksana2000

    Sauli, I can C U.. :)

  • Mel1

    Funny, Brandon sounded really excited to want to meet and talk to Adam, and Didi didn’t say one word acknowledging wanting to meet/talk to him. She sort of acted like she was excited to meet him once he was there.

  • HermeticallySealed

    and Didi didn’t say one word acknowledging wanting to meet/talk to him. She sort of acted like she was excited to meet him once he was there.

    Doesn’t surprise me. IIRC she used to work with GUTS church, not exactly a gay friendly place.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • CindyM

    Aww Carrie and Adam:

  • ozarko
  • Chicagolaw

    Very cute picture of Adam and Carrie :)

    I don’t think Didi has a problem with Adam. She said some REALLY nice things about him on twitter awhile back.

  • MayMirabella

    The Adam /Carrie picture, so cute…what gorgeous people.

    Allison looks fabulous, I love her dark and shorter hair a lot.

    Lee looks good and Archie is adorable as always.

  • girlygirl

    couple of photos or Kris & Katy on the red carpet. Looking good!

  • TwigLA

    Really a shame we didn’t get a decent Red Carpet show this year. What a change from years past.

    That AI feed looked like a low budget community college production. Didi and Brandon were so far away from the camera and the site offered no option to zoom in their 360 degree camera.

    They also looked to be far away from the real entertainment and news crews.

    Happy at least to get to see Kris and Allison and hear them talk.

  • hoosiermama

    couple of photos or Kris & Katy on the red carpet.

    Thanks! They are a cute couple, no doubt. I would still like to see a full length shot of Katy’s dress, tho. Anyone seen one?