X Factor USA Spoilers – The Top 16

UPDATE: No changes to this list, but I thought I’d move it up front in case you wanted to take a peak at it. We’ll see if they are accurate or not when the X Factor reveals the Top 16 tonight.

I was hesitant to post these new X Factor spoilers, because the last batch had several errors. Unfortunately there just aren’t totally accurate spoilers for X Factor as we are used to receiving for American Idol. I think we are a little spoiled! Heh.

But I decided to post them with a big fat disclaimer, for entertainment purposes only. Don’t kill me if they are wrong.

The girls category looks really effed up, but Simon has already said he’s not sure if he made the right decisions or not. If the spoilers are true, he’s going to have a lot of ‘splanin to do!

Anyhwoo, these spoilers come by way of a poster at Digital Spy.


Chris Rene
Brian Bradley
Phillip Lomax
Marcus Canty

Brennan Hunt (cut)
Nick Voss (cut)
Skyelor Anderson (cut)
Tim Cifers (cut)

Nothing has changed there with the boys, im still 100% these are the 4 boys who make the lives


Lakoda Rayne
The Brewer Boys

4Shore (cut)
The Anser (cut)
2Squar’d (cut)
Illusion Confusion (cut)

These are different from my other thread, I had the manufactured groups correct although i had Lakoda Rayne as cut but it appears i was wrong, they made it. surprisingly it now appears 4shore were cut and the brewer boys make the lives.


Stacy Francis
Josh Kracjik
Dexter Haywood
Leroy Bell

Elaine Gibbs (cut)
Tiger Budbill (cut)
James Kenney (cut)
Christa Collins (cut)

Nothing has changed imo the 4 who i said make it to the lives are still correct


Simone Battle
Tora Wiloshin
Rachel Crow
Tiah Tolliver/Melanie Amaro

Drew Ryniewics (cut)
Jazzlyn Little (cut)
Caitlin Koch (cut)

in my previous thread i had the top 4 girls as Melanie, Simone, Tora & Rachel 100% this now appears to be incorrect, and it is actually looking likely that Tiah makes it! & judging by a post ive read by another spoiler guy he seems to think that if that is the case then it is at the expense of Melanie . the other 3 girls are pretty much locks to be on the show and from what i cxan gather it appears roughly 60/40 in favour of Tiah making it over Melanie, but we will have to wait & see!

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