X Factor UK – Week 6

Who is replacing Frankie Cocozza on X Factor UK? Check out song spoilers!

In case you live under a rock: Frankie Cocozza has been kicked off the X Factor UK this past Tuesday and TPTB decided to give one of the 4 acts eliminated in week 1 one more chance.

Amelia Lily, James Michael, 2 Shoes and Jonjo Kerr all prepared their performances for tonight. But only one of them will get a chance to perform. (Amelia Lily, pretty please?) Tonight’s theme is Lady GaGa vs Queen.

Tonight’s show starts at 8:15pm GMT/3:15pm EDT.

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Song list:
Marcus Collins – Another One Bites The Dust
Misha B – Born This Way
Kitty Brucknell – Don’t Stop Me Now
Craig Colton – Paparazzi
Janet Devlin – Somebody To Love
Little Mix – Telephone/Radio Gaga

Comeback Contestant – The Show Must Go On

ITV is having some technical problems, so now we are watching some highlights of this past season.
First up, it’s Goldie Cheung’s audition. You must be kidding me.
Janet Devlin’s audition.
Johnny Robinson’s audition.
The Duos. Hopeless.
David Wilder butchers Life on Mars.

Come on ITV. I’m losing patience.

Michael Lewis. Awful.
Jade Richards.
Sami Brookes.
Margaret Sinclair and her husband.

Finally. We are back to commercials. The show is about 15 minutes late. Yikes. How embarrassing.

It’s 8:30pm and still no X Factor. Yikes. Yikes.

Finally. Dermot, it’s over to you.

The voting is not over yet.

The judges enter the studio.

Louis thinks Amelia will return.

Recap of Frankie’s exit. 4 replacements are reintroduced.

Kitty Brucknell – Don’t Stop Me Now

She wanted to sing “Born This Way”, but Kelly Rowland picked BTW for Misha B.
Dramatic performance. Pretty good, but I miss any sort of emotional connection.
Tulisa: This song suited you. Well done.
Kelly: Great performance.
Gary: Great performance. Do something stripped down next time.
Louis doesn’t want her in the bottom 2.

Craig Colton – Paparazzi

Craig is back to his comfort zone – ballads. The song starts acoustically. “I won’t stop until that girl is mine …” Yeah. He is openly gay. Well done.
Louis: Brilliant song choice and great arrangement.
Tulisa: Best performance. Well done.
Kelly: I was not expecting that. You made it your own.
Gary: Well done.

Commercial break. More apologies from ITV. We are back.

Little Mix – Telephone/Radio Gaga

Tulisa has only one act left. A girlband. Girls are under pressure.
Wow, this is awesome.
Louis: There is a massive gap for a girlband in the market. Little Mix … big future.
Kelly: You must tighten your harmonies.
Gary: You are getting a little bit predictable.
Tulisa is getting hysterical. She wants everyone to vote for her girls.

The lines will close after the break.

Janet Devlin – Somebody To Love

Janet know her last week’s performance didn’t work and Kelly wants her to go back to basics.
Janet is back to her comfort zone. Ballad. This is ultra SLOWWW. Zzzzz. Some shaky notes, some great moments. IThis was really boring. Janet totally lost her mojo.
Louis: Another captivating performance. I can see you in the final now.
Tulisa: You style is a bit 1D.
Gary: I’m starting to lose interest in you. That performance just didn’t work for me tonight.
It’s Janet’s birthday today. She is 17.

Marcus Collins – Another One Bites The Dust

Marcus has found himself. He wants to be Bruno Mars impersonator.
Great performance.
Louis loved it.
Tulisa thinks he is becoming predictable.
Kelly: I want you to have more freedom on stage.
Gary: Popstar on stage!

Misha B – Born This Way

She is killing it. Someone give her a recording contract.
Louis: Every week I looks forward to your performance. Chaka Kahn namecheck, Manchaster vote!
Tulisa: It was all about the vocals tonight. Well done!
Gary: You truly are a class act. Great vocals. I s
Kelly: I’m very proud of you. Manchester, vote!

It’s time for the results! Results after the break.

Kelly Rowland’s fingers are crossed … With 48% of all votes … Amelia Lily is back!

Amelia Lily – The Show Must Go On

This is good. Amelia is no Freddie Mercury or Adam Lambert, but she is doing what she can with this song. The production is going all out for Amelia. TPTB want her in the competition.
Louis: I don’t know what to say. Amazing vocal. Welcome back!
Tulisa: You are on the same level as everyone else in the competition.
Gary: That was absolutely sensational. GBP loves a comeback!
Kelly: Amelia, girl, you mean some serious business!

Kelly Rowland now has 3 girls in the competition.

Tomorrow: One Direction & Lady GaGa perform, Frankie Cocozza and 3 rejects on the Xtra Factor.

My rankings for tonight:
Great: Misha B, Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins
Very good: Little Mix, Craig Colton
Okay: Kitty Brucknell
Sleepy: Janet Devlin

My personal picks for the final: Misha B, Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins. Yes? Yes! That would be a strong final. I wouldn’t mind Little Mix either. Girlband in the final would be sensational.

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