Song of The Week – Allison Iraheta – Beat Me Up

Song of the Week

Hello everyone! This is my attempt at starting a weekly column here on the blog. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to implement some of my ideas and thoughts for all of you to read, debate and discuss. The idea behind this is to feature a weekly song that hasn’t gotten a lot of recognition, but still deserves to be spotlighted, played and most of all DISCUSSED! While the large majority of the songs will obviously be from the idols, any tune that has been recorded, covered or written by someone from a show covered by MJ is fair game. Hopefully the column will be a good place for us to dissect some forgotten or unknown songs and create good discussion. I will do my best to keep a good variety every week with the song selection, but remember, songs that were not chosen as singles or never got radio recognition is what I’m shooting for here. So … let’s begin shall we?!

“Beat Me Up” – Allison Iraheta
Album: Just Like You
Producers: Kevin Rudolf, Jacob Kasher
Writer: Kevin Rudolf
Length: 2:44

Okay, let’s be honest … I definitely chose one of my favorite Idol songs to start with. I mean, why not? I think that Allison was one of the most underrated Idols ever. I guess she did come in fourth place and still receive a recording contract with Jive. By the time season eight rolled around, it seemed pretty rare for anyone but the winner and runner-up to walk away with a major label album deal. (Right/Wrong?) The only problem is she never went anywhere career wise. (Yet!) Despite what I feel was an incredible album with solid singles, she could never really find her audience and was eventually dropped from Jive.

Now, over a year later, I can still play her album and easily find myself jamming out. The track I consistently go to more than any other is the wonderful gem, “Beat Me Up.” To me, this song is the perfect example of pop bliss. It’s got that amazing combination of mindless, catchy pop, and rocker angst all at the same time. Not to mention it’s pretty much my favorite workout song ever! Some were very critical of the song because of the lyrics pertaining to domestic violence.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Iraheta addresses the controversial lyrics by saying, “It’s a pretty rad song. This chick likes being mistreated by her guy. A lot of girls out there, they like that! And its kind of sad, but you know, that’s just the way she is. Not that I’m like that, because I’d beat the hell out of whoever the hell mistreats me! I put myself in another girl’s shoes, so it’s a pretty cool song.” (There’s the honest Allison I love)

Anyway, what do you think guys? Remember the song? Do you care? Do you agree with me? Try to do your best to keep the discussion related specifically to the song, as there will definitely be more Iraheta songs featured in upcoming posts! DISCUSS!