X Factor UK Season 9: Seventh Live Show

Guilty pleasures.

According to TV Guide, tonight’s show airs at 8:00pm BST (3:00pm EDT, 12:00pm PDT) on ITV1 (80min). The Xtra Factor airs at 09:20pm BST (60min) on ITV2.

Where to watch the show? If you are in the UK or can get UK IP, watch on ITV.com. Possible alternatives: TV Nutters, TVPC.com.

Please post working live feed links in the comments section below as you find them!

We are down to 6 acts: Jahmene Douglas, James Arthur, Rylan Clark, Ella Henderson, Union J and Christopher Maloney.

Nicole Scherzinger mentors half of the remaining acts while the other three judges have one act each. It’s incredible to see Nicole’s team still intact after all these weeks of competition.

However, I think it’s unlikely that she can keep all three boys in for another week. Last Sunday, Rylan begged his twitter followers to vote for him and keep him out of the bottom. He promised (in his words) to f*** off this weekend. I think he is ready to go. Rylan is doing Duran Duran/Bros medley tonight.

The show starts with a short recap of last week’s events.

OMG, Dermot walks in with shiny pants. He dances to “Can’t Touch This”. It’s guilty pleasures week, prepare yourself for cheesy song choices.

The judges are introduced twice. The lines are now open.

1. Union J – “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

The contestants visited Disneyland, Paris this week. They also performed there.
OMG, Union J are doing “Call Me Maybe” this week. The song surely is a guilty pleasure, but we are just so sick of it right now. It’s a nice rendition.
Tulisa: This is a very hard performance for me to judge. I’m not a big fan of this song. It was too cheesy for me.
Gary: I absolutely love this song. You’ve never looked better, you’ve won the battle of the boybands, that was a good performance.
Nicole: That song is definitely my guilty pleasure. But you need to get more creative with your staging.
Louis: You are the only boyband left, I want people to vote for you!

2. Ella Henderson – “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease

Ella also loved the gig in Paris. And then they got to attend the Twilight premiere!
Ella is doing a slowed down version of “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease. This week it’s Ella who gets a choir on stage. Stellar vocal performance.
Gary: We are only 4 weeks from the final and that was your best performance to date! Perfect performance, well done!
Nicole: I didn’t like this song choice. Your voice sounded glorious. You look like a golden goddess, you are beyond your years.
Louis: What an amazing song choice. That was electrifying for me. You are going to sell millions and million of records.
Tulisa: That’s what this week is all about. Taking a cheesy classic and turning it around.

3. James Arthur – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Lauryn Hill

James and Rylan have a bromance. We find out something new every day. James thinks he needs to win to get a recording contract.
It’s James playing guitar, another guitarist and a drummer. Basically, classic WGWG acoustic performance. No rapping, no dubstep, nada. I found it a bit boring, but that’s just me.
Louis: Every week you come out… The song choice was a bit safe. You are definitely going to get a record deal.
Tulisa: You’ve done it again.
Gary: Aside from my category, I want you to win this competition, you are brilliant, I love your music.
Nicole: When you sing, we can’t take our eyes off of you.

4. Rylan Clark – Duran Duran/Bros Medley

Rylan used to be in a boyband?! Oh damn.
Rylan again gets fierce staging and choreography. He is wearing white outfit with LCD lights.
Louis: You haven’t got a great voice, but you are a great performer.
Tulisa: It wasn’t as explosive as last week.
Gary: The good news is, you are famous. The bad news is, give it a couple of months … This is going nowhere for me, it’s not getting any better, it’s getting worse.
Nicole: I took a big risk when I brought you to the live shows and you are still here. I want everyone at home and even their babies to pick up their phones and vote for Rylan.
Ohoho, Rylan is ready to talk back to Gary, he clearly has nothing to lose anymore. Fortune teller told Rylan a while ago that he will be leaving the competition this weekend? Interesting. Anyway, my feed is now dead. :/

5. Christopher Maloney – “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

My feed is dead, so I will have to watch a video later.

6. Jahmene Douglas – “Don’t Leave Me This Way”


Olly Murs and Alicia Keys perform tomorrow night on XF UK.

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