X Factor UK S13E02 – The Auditions

How to watch X Factor UK from outside the UK?

You can watch X Factor live, online. ITV streams the show through the ITV Player. However, ITV blocks viewers from outside of the UK. To get around that, you need to use VPN connection. If Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, install Hola extension and set them to UK server. Then open the ITV Player, make a free acounnt and pick the right channel. The player will ask you for a ZIP code Find an active UK ZIP code HERE. Make sure you have the cookies enabled. You can also try to find a working ITV stream on MyiPlayer.com, TVPC.com or FilmON.com.

The X Factor airs tonight at 8:00pm BST (9:00pm CEST, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00am PDT) on ITV 1 (60min).

We are back in Scotland.

Eddie Lee (51, Glasgow) – He gets mistaken for Simon often. He brings Simon a bobble head of Simon. Haha. Eddie sings Elvis Presley’s »Can’t Stop Falling in Love« for the judges. It’s very karaoke. Louis says he sounds a lot like Tom Jones. Simon feels drawn to Eddie. He gets 3 YESes. I’m sure he won’t go far.

Saara Aalto (29, Finland) – She is from Finland and She can sing “Let it Go” from Frozen in 15 languages. She sings Sia’s »Chandelier« and she is really good – Nicole comments: “That was so good you make me want to twerk right now, my ass wants to clap for you. You are the bomb dot com.”. She gets 3 YESes.

James Hughes (17, Glasgow) – His whole family is supporting him. He sings Etta James’ »I Would Rather Go Blind« and he has a big, kinda feminine voice. Simon asks him it that was really him singing. Louis calls him “Baby Diva”, Nicole talks about “soul woman in him”. 3 YESes.

Emily Middlemas (17, Glasgow) – Two years ago she made it to Cheryl’s judges’ houses. She was only 15 back then and not ready for prime time yet. She sings Stevie Wonder’s »Master Blaster« for the judges. She accompanies herself with an acoustic guitar. She has a sweet voice and the girl is cute. 3 YESes

Rachel Hooke (45, Leichester) – She is an advanced driver that currently works as a writer. She is also a rambler. She speaks on and on. She sings Meghan Trainor’s »All About That Bass«. She can’t sing at all. Joke audition. It’s a NO from the 4 judges. Moving on.

Abiola Abbicock (42, Hackney) – Another joke audition. Simon can’t keep a straight face.

Kittipos Maspun (23, Thailand) – He sings “Memory” from Cats. He stops and starts over. He stops again, he is terrible. Nicole tries to help him. She helps him overcome the nerves, but he is still terrible. It’s a NO from the 4 judges.

Rebekah Ryan (39, Staffordshire) – She had a record deal at the age of 17. Her single »You Lift Me Up« charted at #26 back in the 90s. She has a 7 year old son and she also lost one son. She first sings Hozier’s »Take Me To Church«. Simon stops her manic performance. She then performs Sarah McLachlan’s »Angel«. She can sing, but I don’t think she is good enough for a major career. She is featured as a feel good story, nothing more. 4 YESes.

‘Nice insult to injury!’ X Factor viewers react to Simon Cowell’s ‘sly jibe’ at Andrew Lloyd Webber as he adds fuel to Nicole Scherzinger Cats feud
There will always be drama surrounding The X Factor.

And this year a simmering feud lingers – after Nicole Scherzinger left Andrew Lloyd Webber in the lurch with her planned stint in Cats – instead opting to scoop Simon Cowell’s offer of a role on the ITV talent show.

After Andrew admitted he was ‘furious’ with the move, Simon stunned viewers on Sunday night’s episode when he made a ‘sly jibe’ at the theatre icon after Nicole belted out the iconic track Memory during an audition.
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