X Factor UK S11E34 – The Final

Potential popstar vs. housewifes’ favorite

Tonight’s episode starts at 8pm GMT, 9pm CET, 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT.


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Mel B is returning for the final episode of the season.

What to expect tonight? Ben Haenow and Fleur East will each reprise one of their previous performances. Ben will perform Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and Fleur will do Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars collaboration “Uptown Funk”. Fleur performed “Uptown Funk” on the show just last week. After her performance, her studio recording went #1 on iTunes UK and this forced Mark Ronson’s label to release the original recording to iTunes UK (previous release date was January 11th) on Monday night. The song immediately went to #1 and is this week’s #1 single on The Offical Charts.

Then, Ben and Fleur will perform their potential winner’s single, which is OneRepublic’s “Something I Need” from their latest album Native. Congratulations, Ryan Tedder! Simon says thanks for “Bleeding Love” and “Ghost” once again!

Guest performances:
Sam Smith – Stay With Me (with a big choir)
Olly Murs – Up (feat. Demi Lovato)
One Direction – Where Do Broken Hearts Go (feat. a member of The Rolling Stones)

At the end of a two hour show, one of the two contestants will win the whole thing. Daily Star’s leak of last week’s voting says Ben Haenow has it in the bag. This wouldn’t surprise me. Ben is a white male in his late twenties, singing soft rock. That’s what females of all ages (and especially middle aged ladies) go for usually. What makes me pretty confident in his win is the footage from Ben’s homecoming. He had SO MANY PEOPLE. Fleur had people, too, but way less and there were a lot of kids in school uniforms. Also, read Sofabet’s observations.

How to make confident non-white acts palatable for an ITV-watching Middle England audience has been a question much debated by Sofabet commenters over the years, notably in relation to Rough Copy in 2013 and Misha B in 2011. We can’t remember anybody suggesting “give them a rap song with high-concept staging based around the theme of an inner city riot, to the repeated refrain of ‘the city can’t hold us’ and with a fire backdrop, then interview their grandad from Ghana to the sound of bongo drums”.

I remember reading an article months ago, before the auditions even started. The producers were looking for the next Wagner (Stevi Ritchie) and … a rocker. Yeah. Look who is the the final!

The voting statistics of the whole season are usually published after the show.

Tonight, it’s Fleur vs. Ben and Simon is guaranteed a winner.

Dermot drives on stage in a nice car. As soon as he leaves the car, a guy jumps in and drives it back.

The judges arrive next and they all look fabulous. Mel B seems fine.

Dermot repeats the phone numbers.

Next, group number! TOP 16 are back! They sing Irene Cara’s “What A Feeling”. Fleur East joins them, rapping. Andrea Faustini murders his part. Ben Haenow is the last one to appear.

It’s time for a recap of last night. No Andrea Faustini performances.

Next, Olly Murs and Demi Lovato perform his new single “Up”.

Dermot wants to hear judges’ highlights: “Uptown Funk”, “Ben and Ed Sheeran”, …

3. Round: Reprise

Ben Haenow – Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)

Ben started his original performance acapella. He is doing the same tonight. There is also Ben in the mirror on stage. Towards the end he gets a choir. Solid.
Louis: Haenow, Ben, you are hear for a reason. You have a good potential to be a recording artist. Good things happen to good people.
Mel B: I wasn’t sure about you in the beginning, but you proved yourself. That was well done!
Cheryl: I wouldn’t change a thing about you!
Simon: Ben, you know, the first time you sang that song … I said on the night, this is the night we saw you turning into a star. Tonight you just killed this song. I couldn’t not be more proud of you.

Fleur East – Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars)

She performed this just last week. Risky choice. Simon and Louis were really into it last week.
Again, she starts backstage … at Wembley. She walks on stage with a gold purse. She gets a huge group of dancers again and she is killing it.
Louis: Fleur East, it just doesn’t get any better than that. I think a star is born.
Mel B: I mean, what can I say, you just came out and killed it. Your voice was a little bit tired, but you killed it.
Cheryl: You are hear tonight because of that performance. I wish you the best of luck.
Simon: Well, Fleur, Oh My God. You know what, I’ve got to say, of all the finalists I’ve even had – that was the greatest performance I have EVER witnessed. I am torn, I want to split the prize.

Commercial break.

We are back and it’s time for ONE DIRECTION! X Factor’s biggest discovery EVER. Dermot screams like a little girl!

ONE DIRECTION are here, performing “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” with a special guest, Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones!

Ben and FLeur are waiting backstage, waiting to perform one last time.


The profit from winner’s single goes to charity Together For Short Lives.

Ben Haenow – Something I Need (OneRepublic)

In the pre-performance video Ben remembers of his first room and arena audition … He tells us how this is his last shot to make it in the music business …
Ben’s version of the song has changed lyrics from the original. Did Ryan Tedder re-write them for X Factor? The song is a good fit for Ben’s rock-lite voice.
Louis: Haenow, what a song, Ben. That sounds to me like a massive hit record worldwide! Everyone at home, vote Ben!
Mel B: I think that song was made for you! You pulled it back and then you put it out there. It’s like, that song was made for you, it was perfect!
Cheryl: Whatever happens tonight …
Simon: Ben, you know … Ben, you know what, Ben. This is what you’ve waited for 12 years …

Next, a video of Ben’s family … their words make Ben cry like a baby on stage.

Fleur East – Something I Need (OneRepublic)

Like Ben, we see Fleur in an empty theatre watching her X Factor journey.
Fleur is trying her best with the song, but after hearing Ben doing this one … it’s clear this winner’s single is better suited for Ben Haenow. Oh … and Ben is technically a better singer than Fleur.
Louis: Fleur East, you’ve done it, you are in the final. I want to thank you for giving us 100% every week.
Mel B. I have to commend you, because it’s clear you really wanted this from the very beginning. No matter what happens tonight, both of you are stars.
Cheryl: You are in the final of the X Factor and you just sung the winner’s single …
Simon: I didn’t get you in the beginning, but you transformed into this great artist. You sang your heart out … I wish I could give the prize to both of you.

Next, Sarah-Jane interviews Fleur’s grandfather. A video of Fleur’s family for Fleur rolls. Fleur cries and thanks everyone.

Dermot repeats the phone numbers once again.

Time for another recap of all Ben’s and Fleur’s performances this weekend.

Commercial break.

We are back, the phone lines are closing soon.

Next, Sam Smith is here, performing “Stay With Me”. Absolutely amazing.

And now …. The phone lines are closed!

Results after the break.

This is it, after 40 million votes, it’s time for the results.

Ben and Fleur walk on stage hand in hand.

The winner of the X Factor 2014 is: BEN HAENOW.

Simon joins them on stage and congratulates them both. Dermot presents Ben with a physical version of his debut single.

Ben sings his winner’s single again. He gets a big confetti shower.

This is it! Season 11 of X Factor UK is officially over. See ya next year.

He did it! Ben Haenow is crowned winner of The X Factor after beating favourite Fleur East
Ben Haenow is the winner of this year’s X Factor.

The singer from Croydon was crowned the champion after winning more public votes over fellow finalist Fleur East.

The van driver, 29, was crowned the winner after surviving 10 weeks of live shows without making it to the bottom two once.
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‘Thank you to the doctors and nurses who looked after me’: Mel B uses eagerly-anticipated X Factor return to thank medical staff during mystery illness
She has recently suffered a mysterious illness which threatened to exclude her from the X Factor final.

But Melanie B made a defiant return to the ITV talent show on Sunday – and used it t thank medical staff who treated her when she was hospitalised.

‘I’d like to thank the doctors and nurses who looked after me and got me here tonight,’ she said.
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‘You should NOT kiss your sister like that!’ X Factor fans express outrage as Blonde Electra siblings lock lips during live final
Blonde Electra sisters Jazzy and Ruby King proved to be a controversial choice when they were selected to be among the 16 finalists on this year’s X Factor.

And weeks after their elimination, they’ve put themselves firmly back in the spotlight for sharing what was perceived to be a rather inappropriate kiss during the show’s grand final on Sunday.

The eccentric siblings, who were the first of the finalists to be booted off the show, took to the stage to perform with all of the returning and remaining acts when they decided to lock lips.
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She’s well RED! Cheryl Fernadez-Versini wears a devilish scarlet dress for the X Factor finale – while Mel B opts for Angelic white gown
They’ve played down rumours of any tension.

And, in what seemed to be a playful nod to those wicked whispers, the female judges of X Factor wore suitably tongue-in-cheek outfits on Sunday night.

Together, Mel B and Cheryl Ferandez-Versini wore seemingly devilish and angelic fashion choices for the climax of this year’s series.
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