X Factor UK S11 – Week 1 – Number 1’s – Song Choices

What are the TOP 12 singing?

18 joji vocals only
18 joji vocals only

The first live shows of X Factor UK season 11 airs tomorrow night. 16 acts – TOP 12 + 4 wildcards – will perform well known and loved hits as this week’s theme is Number 1’s. The show starts 30 minutes earlier than usual, at 7:30 pm BST.

The song choices of the TOP 12 were revealed earlier today, so check the list below. We probably won’t get the song choices for the 4 wildcards, as TPTB are unsuccessfully trying to hide their identities. But we are pretty sure they are Lola Saunders, Overload, Jack Walton and Stevi Ritchie. I’m 100% about the first two as they were photographed by the paps. Apparently Jack Walton was seen hanging out with “Only The Young”. Also, apparently Cheryl picked Simon’s wildcard and Louis picked Cheryl’s wildcard. Oh and TPTB confirmed that the judges can pick ANYONE who got a chair at Boot Camp.

Andrea Faustini – Earth Song (Michael Jackson)

Jake Quickenden – She’s The One (Robbie Williams)

Paul Akister – Ghost (Ella Henderson)

Chloe Jasmine – Toxic (Britney Spears)

Lauren Platt – Happy (Pharrell Williams)

Stephanie Nala – Everything I Own (Originally by Bread (#32 in 1972), covered by Ken Boothe (#1 in 1974), Crystal Gayle (#93 in 1983) and Boy George (#1 in 1987))

Blonde Electra – Kids In America (Kim Wilde, #2 in 1981)

Boyband – Roar (Katy Perry)

Only The Young – Jailhouse Rock/Twist n Shout (Elvis Presley/The Beatles)

Ben Haenow – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)

Fleur East – All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor)

Jay James – Changing (Sigma feat. Paloma Faith)

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  1. Not loving most of these songchoices, but let’s see what the contestants can do. Glad that Mel at least gave Paul something current.

  2. Count on C-J to perform Toxic a la Melanie Martinez/Alex & Sierra.

    Further, count on Simon to exclaim how utterly original it is.

  3. That is one haunting video of Earth Song. Can’t wait to see what Andrea does with it.

  4. I actually like the song choices. There’s a few I haven’t heard before and except for BOTW none of them are really done to death singing show standards. I’m actually looking forward to Fleur singing AATB, I was worried Simon would give her some crappy song choices that wouldn’t fit her. Let’s think some positive thoughts and look forward to a good show.

  5. Also, wonder what the other 4 will sing. I’m most interested in what Lola will sing. Let’s see . . . how about Release Me by Agnes? It was a #1 Dance hit in the UK so it could count technically and it lends itself to a big production as X Factor is so fond of. Fun fact, Agnes won the second season of Swedish Idol in 2005 and as a wildcard. Basically a Swedish Leona Lewis except she won her show a year before Leona did.

    Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR6vKTpitF0 Other than some weird enunciations because of her accent, she’s a really great singer.

  6. Mateja, can I say that I hate that you were right about Stevi being a wildcard? Because I’m really not looking forward to his performances over the next few weeks. Hopefully-HOPEFULLY-a double elimination will do him in early. Having said that, I’m really excited for Andrea, Paul, Ben, and Lola.

  7. Well, I am looking forward to whatever Brian Friedman will make him do. LOL.

  8. Haha, I bet he’ll be the medley contestant who butchers 3/4 songs a week – you know, wouldn’t his audition all over again. Can’t remember the words to a song? Don’t worry, a new one’s coming in 20 seconds ^_^

  9. initial thoughts by category – Girls…
    They will def have Chloe to do the A&S version of Toxic… and I agree with Amy Beth… she will be praised…
    as for the other 2 girls… I think they could be in trouble… which further suggests they are fodder… and that Lola is the Alpha girl (wonder what she is doing?)…
    Everything I Own… could sound quite old and dated for Steph and could come across as a bit dull…
    Happy… while an iconic pop song… it doesn’t give Lauren any chance to shine (vocally)… but maybe they will give her a fun routine and allow her to show her personality?… still see her as the Plan B for Lola (in case she does a Tamera)…

  10. initial thoughts… Boys…
    Interesting to see they are giving Paul a song done by a woman (and not Andrea)… so interesting to see they are mixing it up slightly… Paul to me is not a pop star… he’s just a mid packer with a nice back story… bit like Craig from a couple of seasons ago…
    Andrea should be able to do some nice theatrics with Earth Song… but it may be OTT for some people… including me… I wonder if they will do with him what they did with Rhydian in S4… start off all OTT and tone it down over the weeks and turn him into a popera / Il Divo type?
    Jake is given the a teen heart throb role with that song… it may expose his weak vocals… it will possibly be dull… I think he may be in trouble… possibly get lost in the mix of 16 performances…

  11. initial thoughts – Overs…
    I assume JJ is doing the acoustic version of Changing… not the dance version… though that would be hilarious… picking very up to date songs for his category/his target audience (who may not know the song) is a potential risk… wonder if this signals the fact he is no longer the alpha Over… judges comments will give us an indication…
    Whereas giving Ben a classic tune should allow him to shine, and have a moment… and will appeal to the demo… is Ben the new alpha Over?
    Seems that after her judges houses performance Fleur may now be seen as potential pop star… which is why I assume she is being given another very current song that allows her to perform… though given the category she is in… will teens vote for her?

  12. initial thoughts… Groups…
    Boyband8… hurry up and pick a name already… given a super well known and relatively recent pop song with broad appeal… so getting the 1D treatment…
    not sure what to think about the medley for OTY… they could have fun with it in a Same Difference from S4 way… but the songs are both over 50 years old… so not exactly appealing to their target audience… they may be in trouble…
    Blonde Electra doing Kim Wilde… as a novelty type act I thought they’d get something more zany… suggests that Stevi is the Over wildcard and doing something really OTT!!

  13. I know you find the joke acts funny. Some of them are. Stevi isn’t bad enough to be funny.

  14. He is kind of middle of the road. In a way that’s worse because now you’re not impressed but you’re not laughing either. For me Tim Urban represents the ultimate middle of the road joke act. Unlike Sanjaya who MJ described way back when as “playing his role to the hilt” (minor paraphrasing) Tim was just bad.

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