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For the last time of the year, it’s time to face the music. Today, either Scarlett Lee, Dalton Harris, or Anthony Russell will win The X Factor 2018. But not until we see all three perform their potential debut singles, along with guest performances from Take That, Ellie Goulding, and Nile Rodgers. Who is going to win that recording contract and who will fall short at the final hurdle? Join me at 2:30 PM Eastern and let’s all find out together!

Our last Peter Dickson voice over intro of 2018. This is going to be super bittersweet for me. It’s Time To Face The Music! Dermot is already on stage in a suit – he dressed up! The judges enter as couples. Robbie and Ayda, Louis and Simon.

A video introduction with Eric Cowell, before we see a Baby Shark performance. I have no idea what the hell I’m watching. This tops Wagner for weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on The X Factor. Easily. No question.

The finalists arrive on stage. Dalton and Scarlett get about the same number of cheers. Anthony gets considerably less.

Anthony Russell watches his journey back in an empty theater, like the finalists did the last three years. Anthony performs I Predict a Riot with Kaiser Chiefs, which would be his winner’s single. This is not a traditional winner’s single at all. It’s a rock song. I don’t hate it, but it’s not what I want to see on The X Factor from a winning moment. The entire time this performance is happening, I can’t wait to see Dalton and James Arthur. Robbie says it’s an absolute tune, that’s the way to start a show, that’s the type of music Anthony should be doing. Ayda says he’s a complete inspiration. Simon says it was bloody fantastic, comments on the fact that it’s not a corny winner’s single like previous ones were. Louis is proud seeing him up on there performing a song like that.

Ellie Goulding performs her single Close To Me now. Weird dancers with light bulbs on their hats. Sorry Ellie, you can’t top Baby Shark, no matter how weird you make this. The vocals are ok, I guess, but nothing special to be honest. She’s backing Dalton.

Scarlett Lee watches her journey back now. From her first audition through to the final she has been remarkably consistent. I’m happy she made it here because she deserved to. She performs One More Sleep with Leona Lewis. Leona released this song back in 2013. Leona’s got a voice that’s hard to beat, and Scarlett doesn’t. But it’s at least really close. I wish Scarlett’s voice was easier to hear over the backing track. Leona does an amazing job obviously. Louis says it’s been incredible to see her grow, he’s proud of her. Ayda says Leona is one of the most talented people in the industry, Scarlett and Leona made magic together. Robbie says we need more people like her in the industry, Scarlett equaled Leona, she’s a star. Simon says it’s an amazing song, Scarlett’s best performance of the whole series, thanks Leona.

Charity video now. Like yesterday, I can’t live blog this type of thing. Great that the single goes to help people.

I just realized that I missed the opportunity to make the easiest joke ever. If Anthony wins, I Predict A Riot. There. I’m proud of myself.

Before Dalton performs, Nile Rogers and Chic are up. He deserves a guest spot because he was a guest judge for two and a half weeks. They do a medley of lots of Disco hits. Again, I want to hear Dalton and James. This is filler to me. At least Misunderstood and Acacia & Aaliyah are brought up to participate halfway through. Nile shouldn’t rap – that’s something I learned tonight. Hooray for learning things.

Dalton Harris watches his journey back. He hasn’t slipped up ONCE all season. He talks about his fear and his nerves throughout the process. “This was not supposed to happen to us.” Dalton sings Power of Love with James Arthur. This is phenomenal. It was James’s best performance when he was on the show, and Dalton slayed it too. That was so epic, I can’t wait to download that. Ayda thinks she’s looking at a future recording artist. Robbie congratulates him. Simon says it was spectacular, can’t think of a better song for the charity for the winner’s single. Louis says it was a winner’s performance as far as he’s concerned. James believes that people will be clamoring to work with Dalton for years to come.

Video recap of the performances from yesterday and today. No comparison. Dalton’s in a league of his own. In 9 minutes, the vote will close.

Celebrating 30 years as the nation’s favorites, it’s Take That! Hi Gary Barlow! I wish you were singing more, the guy who’s leading this song isn’t very good. They never crossed to America but they sell out stadiums in the UK. Weird how that happens sometimes. Robbie joins them on stage. Obviously. My cousin, who’s watching this with me, asks if they’re called “All That” and I reply, no, they are not a Nickelodeon show. Anyhoo. Robbie serenades Ayda and they kiss. That was enjoyable enough. Gary is a Dalton fan, but the other two like the other two. Ok. Gary sticking to the script.


The vote is now closed. After the break, we find out the result!

The finalists and their judges enter the stage. Anthony finishes in third place.

We have the right top 2!

The winner of the X Factor 2018 is DALTON HARRIS!!!

The right guy won. Louis is super proud of him, congratulates Scarlett as well. Simon gives them massive respect. Ladies and Gentleman, with The Power of Love, Dalton! He struggles to get the lyrics out. But as it continues, he gets through it. James can sing his part at least. The finalists wait until after the song to run out.

Well, that concludes my coverage of X Factor 2018 here at MjsBigBlog. I want to thank MJ for asking me to cover this show, I want to thank everyone who commented on one of these posts, and I want to thank X Factor for making such an enjoyable season to watch. The right man won, I’m super happy. If I can make a shameless plug before signing off, please catch my podcast tonight with Adam Samuel as I break down the final result!

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