X Factor: Simon Cowell Fired Cheryl Cole Because Her Clothes Were Fugly


Oh Simon Cowell. He told Radio Times that the reason he fired Cheryl Cole from the American version of X Factor was that she “wasn’t herself.”  He also notes her fugly outfits and weight gain. Sheesh. Via the BBC

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He’s told the Radio Times the singer had “lost her confidence” after her divorce from husband Ashley Cole.

He admitted “there was something not quite right” about the American version.

“When I saw her I didn’t recognise her. Literally. The hair and outfit were crazy. Just totally crazy.

“I asked her manager, ‘What’s she wearing, what’s happened to her hair?’

“He was defensive about it. I haven’t a clue why she turned up like that.

“She’d put on a bit of weight, but not loads. That wasn’t the issue.

“The only way I can describe it is that it wasn’t Cheryl sitting in that seat. She’d lost her confidence.”

If you didn’t mind the weight gain, Simon, why did you even mention it? If you’ll remember, Simon fired Cheryl after season one’s first audition city, replacing her with the even better (NOT) Nicole Scherzinger.

“In hindsight I don’t think that first day worked anyway.” Simon told Radio Times, “There was something not quite right about that show in America.” YA THINK SIMON.

“If I could go back in time I would have kept her on the show. It was stupid doing what I did.” Probably one of the biggest mistakes he made, initially. He second guessed himself. Cheryl would have been fine. Certainly better than the clueless Nicole.

“I didn’t sack her personally. That was the second-biggest mistake I made. When you’re under pressure you make stupid mistakes,” he said.

Simon told the magazine: “The worst it got between us was when she sent me a text message.

“It was like when you get a really horrible letter from an ex-girlfriend. The general tone was something along the lines of, ‘You’ve hurt me, you’ve let me down, I can never forgive you’. I shrank.”

All is forgiven, now, as Cheryl will be sitting on the panel when X Factor UK returns to the airwaves this Saturday, August 30. She’ll join Simon (returning after a 3 year hiatus), Mel B. and Louis Walsh.

Watch for  Mataja’s post this weekend!

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  1. Pro-tip: Clothes can be changed. So can hair.

    Not that Cowell shows any sign of applying this in his personal life, so maybe he truly doesn’t know.

  2. So we’re to believe that the show promising a $5 million prize had no hair, make-up or wardrobe department?

    OK, whatever.

  3. Well this certainly understandable, Simon is such a fashion plate. Geeez what an ego! I wonder if he wasn’t so busy hiring and firing people, the panel might have a chance to jell. Well, that doesn’t include Britney who got confused and thought she was on night of the living dead.

  4. I think judges wear their own clothes during the audition rounds. What do I know.

    I think Cheryl was a bit nervous coming to the States. She wanted to impress because she was the unknown judge. New hair and colorful clothes were part of the plan. The new hair-do and the outfit were bold, but not bad, IMO.

    So Cheryl was a bit nervous on the first day of filming and she had new clothes and new hair and TPTB had a replacement waiting in the wings. Scherzinger. Simon probably quickly figured the true value of Cheryl and Nicole that year. Nicole was dumped from the US X Factor and sent to the UK to fill an empty seat. Luckily her first season there she did a good job, but during her second year she became really annoying. And once Simon returned to the UK, Nicole was history the moment he got Cheryl back.

  5. At the time, the story was that her thick accent would be off-putting to the American viewing public. Maybe, maybe not.

    If her clothes were an issue, they could have just told her they looked odd on camera and sent her on a shopping trip with the show’s stylist.

    ETA: none of it matters. The show wasn’t going to work.

  6. I know there airing it in America but they air the UK version the day after it airs premieres on the 30th. But I’m definitely gonna keep myself on this season of The X Factor

  7. There were multiple problems with XF USA, but firing Cheryl and the resulting bad PR really got the show off on the wrong foot.

  8. Translation; she was no longer the picture of someone I could fantasize about while I pretend to be paying attention to whatever is happening onstage.

  9. This sounds like grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit. He fired her because he didn’t like her hair or her clothes? His hair and clothes weren’t all that, either , lol.

  10. The problem I had was that XFUK was far superior to XFUSA. From the host (I <3 Dermot) to the judges to the talent. Everything the UK show got right, the American show messed up.

  11. Judging by Simon’s sloppy appearance on Idol, I think he’s one of the last people who can afford to criticize how another person dresses.

  12. “When you’re under pressure you make stupid mistakes.”

    Sounds like Simon wasn’t himself. He had lost his confidence.

  13. If you don’t like the clothes, you ask her to fire her *stylist.* Geez.

  14. The white t-shirt is the little black dress of the 21st century.

  15. Gee guys. I think the title of this article is misleading a bit. Yes Simon talked about the clothes, the hair and the weight gain, however his issue was that he thought Cheryl had lost her confidence, she wasn’t HERSELF.
    Now you were launching a new show in a hostile country you were truly under pressure to get it right, so if on day one someone you knew seemed to be off, you needed to do something quickly to deal with it. Unfortunately it was the wrong choice.
    You may not like Simon, however to spin his words to suit your negative thinking towards him is not really nice, really.

  16. Yes, but he thought Cole had “lost her confidence” because he, personally, wasn’t finding her hot.

    If this was about “losing her confidence” by showing hesitant, tentative judging or by not being capable on camera, that’d be one thing. (Not that Cowell ever appeared to care about that in his female judges *cough* Britney Spears *cough*) These issues weren’t raised, not even in the original excuses, years ago.

    This is about his calling it “lost her confidence” because she wasn’t displaying her body in the manner that most pleased him.

  17. This is Simon’s Story of the Week? He’s certainly done better in the past – but it’s always a case of Cowell opens his mouth and says whatever outrageous thing he thinks the press will attach itself to. This BS is as good as any to get people talking about him and remembering to watch his show, I suppose. Doesn’t mean it has any basis in fact. A little research can turn up several different ‘reasons’ for Cole’s firing. If anyone is that interested.

    But this, at least, is a fact: The man with a six pack of white tee shirts and a wardrobe of high waisted pants is not to be taken seriously on the subject of style. *Snerk*

  18. Did Simon actually say that or you deduced that yourself based on the short article above? Simon talked about under pressure, so he’s so under pressure he felt like firing anybody whose body display displeased him? Wow.

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