X Factor – Big Band Week!

Some of these performances weren’t big band at all. What was up with that? The best performances tonight: Olly Murs, Lucie Jones and Danyl Johnson. John & Edward are in an entirely different category–so deliciously bad, they’re good. I hope they outlast some of the meh contestants like Lloyd Daniels.

What was your favorite performance tonight?   If you can’t watch the show live, watch the videos after the jump.

Recap and Videos after the JUMP…

Olly Murs – “Bewitched” – I cannot lie. Olly is growing on me. He doesn’t have the best voice, but he’s been very entertaining the past two weeks. Tonight, he was fun to watch, and totally endearing. However, I could not stop thinking about Samantha Stevens and her twinkling nose. – VIDEO

Lloyd Daniels – “Fly Me To The Moon” – Hello phrasing? This kid needs a lot more experience before he’s ready for primetime. He’s only 16, so he’s still got time. – VIDEO

Miss Frank – “That’s Life” – Eep. The judges threw these three together into a group, and they’re having trouble gelling. OMG. The rapping? Just NO. Tonight was just painfulVIDEO

Rachel Adedeji – “Proud Mary” – Ok, how is “Proud Mary” big band? And could we get any more cliche? Rachel’s got a decent voice in there somewhere, but her song choices haven’t been great. Simon didn’t call her karaoke. He should have.   – VIDEO

Jamie Archer – “Angel of Harlem” – A U2 song is big band? A very shouty performance, Jamie’s vocal limitations have come to light in the past few weeks. There was a controversy this week–Simon changed his song at the last minute. Apparently the two had a huge fight backstage. – VIDEO

Stacey Soloman – “When You Wish Upon a Star” – This is a little pitchy, dawg. Scratch that. It’s a lot pitchy. Ouch. Lulz at Simon’s WTF face. Stacey has a lot of potential. Big band just isn’t her thing. – VIDEO.

Danyl Johnson – “Feeling Good” – Best performance of the night, so far. Very soulful. And Danyl is easy on the eyes! Standing O from Simon – VIDEO

Lucie Jones – “My Funny Valentine – Finally, a song that isn’t too big for Lucie. Very nice. Well, except for the glory not that was out of her range. She’s really got a great tone. As long as she’s not oversing, she’s very good. Simon smack down from Louis! – VIDEO

John & Edward – “She Bangs” – Where is William Hung when you need him? Omg, these too are gloriously bad, so so bad.   But good! They can’t sing, but they are so entertaining.   I’m going to be sad when they’re eventually eliminated. – VIDEO

Joe McElderry –   “Sway” – He’s no Mindy Doo, that’s for sure. The judges love this kid, but he’s lightweight. He’s the X Factor answer to David Archuleta, but Joe comes nowhere near Archie’s rich, velvety tone. Not getting it! – Video

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  1. Is it bad that I compare Adam’s and Danyl’s Feeling Good renditions? But with that dramatic entrance I can’t help it. Danyl’s is a bit closer to Muse’s notes but had a bit more James Bond feel to it.

    I’m definitely biased but I was so missing that looooooong OTT note right at the end. I so much prefer Adam’s version lol.

  2. Danyl? He’s just SO proud of his performances, huh? I really didn’t want to go there, … but he just makes me puke!

  3. springboard
    October 25, 2009 at 5:39 am

    Simon has lost the plot with Danyl.. just my humble opinion..

    He’s trying to recreate Adam for his music publishing firm since Fuller got prize after AI. Danyl is Danny 2.0 tbh….

  4. He’s just SO proud of his performances, huh?</blockquote

    IKR? It was good, but Adam has pretty much retired that song for me. I haven't liked anything by Danyl since his audition.

  5. The twins are entertaining, but what I hate about that kind of contestant is that if this way to get attention work out, that they stop to even try to sing well.

    I love Olly, he put on a good show and is a decent singer and I hope Simon don’t sacrifice him at one point for his beloved Danyl.

  6. I can’t help it, I love John and Edward. I watch them over and over….and over. I also loved Sanjaya. I guess I like it when someone makes me laugh. They will go home before the really good singers do just like Sanjaya did. No harm, no foul for them doing their thing for now. They definitely put a smile on my face.

    Danyl is my favorite at this point though.

  7. I never knew Mr. Cowell had a “fan girl” persona… Thank you Ms. terraj for the link on Mr. Lambert’s rendition, which I truly enjoyed…. Mr. Lambert outshines Mr. Johnson by miles in terms of vocal power and range.

    I agree with anijsch regarding the twins…

  8. Danyl is not good enough, the focus is on him because it’s not that great of a season. I don’t get Olly at all, he reminds me a little bit of Matt because of the tone and the funky dancing but without the piano skills.
    The twins are stoling the spotlight because they are the only ones worth talking about like Sanjaya in Season 6.

    That said, Lucie has the best voice and is easy one the eyes so she should be top 3 along with Joe for the cutesie quota and Danyl will probably make it as well.

  9. I’m definitely biased but I was so missing that looooooong OTT note right at the end. I so much prefer Adam’s version lol.

    I didn’t like Adam’s version as much as the Muse version, but I agree with you on this one. Adam’s version is definitely better than Danyl’s.

  10. I remember a lot of consternation about the singer’s on AI at the beginning of the season last year….but holey shit I can’t believe that in all of Great Brittania these are these are the best of the best. Just no. One is worse than the other.

    Last man/woman standing will only have the dubious dinstinction of being the best of the absolutely suckiest.

    And Danyl doesn’t hold a candle to Adam…just mediocre and he killed Feeling Good and not in a good way. Simon, you’ve stopped being relative…or were you ever?

  11. LOVE LOVE Olly Murs performance. PERFECT! Everyone else including Daniel was lacking. I am very sorry, but after hearing Adam Lambert cover Feeling Good, I think the song should be retired (just kidding). Daniel attempted a different take on the song, but he didn’t pull it off–he didn’t wow me and that song screams for that.

  12. O.M.G. X-factor is so much cheesier than the cheesy AI. LOL @ the intro video and the dancers.

  13. Don’t get Olly, but if I have a certain button that gets pushed as a watcher, it’s performances that are campy, so I get that he’s just not my thing at all. I don’t think they’re really trying to “recreate” Adam with Danyl (they really are just too different of performers), but I do think that performance was intended to be something of a reenactment. To my mind, it didn’t live up to Adam’s (and I wasn’t even particularly a fan of that performance). Lucie was the best of the night. Her voice doesn’t have a ton of power, but her tone is really evocative, and I really enjoyed listening to that performance.

    On the whole though… yeah, this is a really rough group of singers. I’m just not sure with the X-Factor, though, how much is intentional or otherwise. How many Ricky Braddy-esque vocalists got kicked out in the audition phases, anyway?

  14. I loved Lucie! Danyl was good, but I love so many other versions of that song… I hope hope hope Lloyd or the Twins leave.

  15. Went back and listen again and I really loved Lucy….rich medodic tones coming from that girl…she nailed it on this one! Just don’t like Daniel at all anyway..too smug and OVER confident of his ability and I blame Simon for that.

  16. I don’t follow this show and only occasionally click the links (saving battery) to watch the performances. I watched a few of these over time. The John & Edward performances (very funny).

    This show is beyond cheese. It’s like a compilation of all that was so bad about old variety shows from the 50s, 60s, early 70s that they were good. Pure camp.

    But what really strikes me is the gawdawful dancers. This isn’t really a serious competition, is it? Do the singers put these performances together?

    On the concept of ‘Big Band’ … maybe it has a meaning different than I am used to. ‘She Bangs’? ‘Proud Mary’? U2?

  17. Adam would of killed it on X factor. He would of been able to have a big production everytime he sang.

    Just think, we have this show to look foward to in a few years when it is brought over here lol

  18. Just making the comparison how much better the music sounds on the American show in terms of arrangements and differentiation. The live background singers make such a difference in America–the British ones are pre-recorded. Also, the British band is all brass/strings while the American one has a stronger rhythm section which makes songs like “Feelin’ Good” sound so much better.

    Compare Daryl and Adam’s versions of “Feelin’ Good” just paying attention to the music–Adam’s version has two keyboards at the beginning, then guitar effects and towards the end alot of bass slides while Daryl just has heavy brass and strings–does make a difference.

    Also, listen to Melinda’s version of “Sway” on the American show and tell me what a difference the background singers live make.

  19. Danyl, I’m sorry, is mediocre at best. I’m lost as to what all the hype is about.

  20. I like Danyl and I think he did a good job on that song. Even though he don’t even come close to what Adam did, Danyl was a lot better than anyone else on that show.

  21. Olly Murs ‘“ ‘Bewitched’  ‘“ “I could not stop thinking about Samantha Stevens and her twinkling nose.” Ditto. He was just OK. I thought this would be his strength and he had no charisma.

    Lloyd Daniels ‘“ ‘Fly Me To The Moon’  ‘“ He’s adorable but wow his mentor is not doing him any favors with song choice. He needs more time to develop anyway.

    Miss Frank ‘“ ‘That’s Life’  ‘“ One does not rap during a Sinatra song. They can’t sing individually and can’t harmonize. Why are they there? And are three women really ever going to be “King.” Could’ve changed that lyric easily.

    Rachel Adedeji ‘“ ‘Proud Mary’  ‘“ “Ok, how is ‘Proud Mary’  big band?” I don’t know how this got a pass but this was karaoke at best. She was much better last week I thought.

    Jamie Archer ‘“ ‘Angel of Harlem’  ‘“ “A U2 song is big band?” I hate U2 with a passion but WTH? It wasn’t grand but I still think Jamie is better than the golden boy Danyl.

    Stacey Soloman ‘“ ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’  ‘“ Train wreck.

    Danyl Johnson ‘“ ‘Feeling Good’  ‘“ He’s ridiculous. So OTT, full of himself, can’t support his lower register, he can’t enunciate either. Overrated by a country mile err kilometer.

    Lucie Jones ‘“ ‘My Funny Valentine ‘“ Her most memorable. It was good, not fantastic, but the most likeable performance of the night for me.

    John & Edward ‘“ ‘She Bangs’  ‘“ They were entertaining last week with “Oops I Did It Again” but this week it was just a waste. Wasn’t fun, wasn’t funny, wasn’t good. Couldn’t wait for it to end.

    Joe McElderry – ‘Sway’  ‘“ Definitely not anywhere close to Melinda Doolittle. Very high school talent show. He doesn’t connect with the song in the least.

  22. X Factor is bunch of craps.. Danyl Johnson is ridiculously BAD. WOW, and x factor is a talent show?

  23. I just watched Danyl sing “Feeling Good” and then Adam. It just serves to show me once again how really talented Adam is. Plus, Adam’s studio version of this song is absoloutely incredible, one of my all time favorites!

    Simon’s personality is so much different on X Factor. The whole show itself is cheesier, and that is saying something.

  24. I have to say, how did some of the contestants got away with singing She bangs, Proud Mary and U2 on Big band night. It was a night for pure embarrassment for several of the contestants. I think they should eliminate all of their groups, because all of them are awful. Louie should simply stop mentoring, because he’s totally inept at it. I thought Country night on American Idol was bad, but big band night on x-factor was 10x worse. It was big band night and there was plenty of artist to choose from, and some of these people songs were decades out of that era. I think the only star they have is Danyl. Love him or hate him, he can put on a show, without looking totally silly like John and Edward.

  25. It tickles me to think about how Simon is so critical of the contestants on AI that he would even be associated with something like X Factor. The very comments he used to tear down the AI contestants remain unsaid on this dreadful show. Apparently, it is coming to the US. None of these finalist would stand a chance up against most of the AI S8 top 13. The quality is just not there. Where are you going to find your international superstar from this show Simon?

  26. They will go home before the really good singers do just like Sanjaya did.

    The beauty of it is – there ARE no good singers! (at least based upon what I saw above). I had to stop some of them after the first line, and the last guy’s chipmunk voice made me spit my coffee out. I got a whole minute into Jamie and Danyl’s songs before making it stop. Honestly, I think Megan or Sarver could easily win this season of X Factor. The only performance I watched the whole way through was the twins’.

  27. I hate to say this, because I really like Danyl, but Simon is trying to make him into the Adam 2.0. While I do think Danyl is the best contestant on this show, I don’t think he’s going to be an international star. When Simon was complimenting Adam during American Idol, that was all deserved, but he’s going overboard with Danyl.He could be a star in his country, but I doubt he could come to the United States and be noticed. Did any of you notice, that Danyll got that dreaded “pimp” spot. He’s doomed!

  28. I thought Lucie was really good, easily better than the other crap. Like her tone. Maybe Simon was looking for “it was nice, but I’ve heard Melinda Doolittle”?
    Besides that Proud Mary is no.way. big band, that girl sucked.
    I still don’t get Danyl. He’s lucky that X Factor viewers probably don’t watch AI, because his ending to Feeling Good (the held-out note followed by a shorter “good”) was a half-assed ripoff of Adam’s.
    Overall these people make Blake Lewis look like a vocal virtuoso.

  29. ugh. Jamie has been pretty below par for two weeks now. i want him to go all the way.

    I think my favorite contestant is actually the ethnic Kelly Clarkson girl from Miss Frank. She’s just fucking cool. I wish she was in it solo. Oh and their rendition of That’s Life was significantly better in Boot Camp week.

    Does anyone else find it difficult to listen Danyl Johnson? For me he’s almost almost like a 1/2 pitch off on the majority of the song. And that weird little accent thing he has, its like the equivalent of a twang (but not county obviously), and it is just really unpleasant for me to listen to.

    Lucie is quickly becoming my favorite. I think she has the best voice by a landslide. And her star potential is starting to come alive. especially after her performance last week.

    And john&edward. omg. my favorite part about these kids is that they both always sing meldoy together. NO HARMONY. its really lol bad. do they know what that is? harmony? i mean, isn that the point of having multiple people sing at the same time? but seriously, that song had 3 effing notes in it!!! wtf!!!! and nice starburst suits. the theatrics on stage that x-factor allows really aids them. imagine if they actually had to JUST sing a song? Oo, maybe that will happen in the future…

  30. I thought Lucie was really good, easily better than the other crap. Like her tone. Maybe Simon was looking for ‘it was nice, but I’ve heard Melinda Doolittle’ ?

    That just might be it. I liked that performance quite a bit but, yeah, there’s no competing with Melinda Doolittle, least of all on what was her best performance on the show. Even Sway, which was not exactly her best performance on the show, was simply well beyond that of Joe, no question.

  31. I can’t understand some ppl here…
    Danyl had an awful performance, and Simon’s Standing O doesn’t mean nothing, he always do this on X-Factor.

    Lucie, Stacey and Miss Frank, were the bests of the night, so did Olly…

  32. This is the first time I’ve actually watched all of these contestants. My favorite is Lucie. I think she’s got a really, really nice voice. She needs to not overdo it and if she tried softer songs, I really think she could be great. I see a ton of potential in her. I also really liked Joe, who I think will grow during the competition. Olly also did well. Lloyd Daniels has a decent voice, just seems kind of inexperienced.

    I thought Miss Frank was awful…I don’t understand what the judges see in them? I thought it was pretty painful. Rachel is a decent singer, just nothing special. I think Jamie is a good singer. I think Stacey is pretty bad…I’ve seen some of her other stuff which was a little better but this week was just bad. John and Edward, while entertaining, were terrible. And I totally don’t get the hype over Danyl. He’s a decent singer, but his tone and his performance style annoys me.

    I’m excited to see more of Lucie and Joe.

  33. Simon has lost the plot with Danyl.. just my humble opinion..

    I share your opinion. I really don’t get what all the fuss is about regarding Danyl. I don’t care for his singing at all, and I thought his “Feeling Good” was a hot, stinkin’ mess.

    John & Edward? LOL…so bad, yet I want them to stay.

    Honestly, I’m not feelin’ anyone this season. Maybe things will improve, but so far no one is really grabbing me. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how some of these folks made it as far as they have. Miss Frank was horrible. Jamie wasn’t great, but I can’t help liking him for some reason. Rachel…yawn. I’ll have to catch up on the other performances.

  34. I totally got Simon’s critique of Lucy singing My Funny Valentine “too much like an actress” (or something like that). I thought the same. It was like an actress playing a torch singer in a movie (e.g. Michelle Pfeiffer in Fabulous Baker Boys) instead of like an actual torch singer. I guess Simon’s is getting influenced by America’s preference for soulful singers.

  35. Two thangs abou SIMON!… (he pisses me off)

    also two words : Adam Lambert

    Adam’s on another planet, but Simon did the same thing with Ring Of Fire”, he HATED it… it was the song that made Adam.

    AND… he went off because it wasn’t “Country” well.. dipshit.. U2’s not BB..

    He’s a great “talker” but he doesn’t know SHIT about talent.

    I’m not sure about this Jamie, but I’d trust his thang over Simons… that’s what made Jamie kind of cool.. the way he does a song… Simon tried to take the soul from Adam, and he hasn’t learned.

  36. but holey shit I can’t believe that in all of Great Brittania these are these are the best of the best. Just no. One is worse than the other.

    Darn tootin’, just pretty bad all around. Why?

    I do love those brothers, they make me laugh, they are so bad they’re good. And that guy that is supposed to be the answer to Archie…..he better keep his day job. He is just so lightweight, he’s more like Joey Osmond, or whoever was the 5th Osmond brother, that rarely got to sing….ugh.

  37. I don’t like any of these peeps. Danyl Johnson is just the best among them but that doesn’t really say much if you ask me. His singing is better than his stage presence. I don’t really get why the judges think Danyl is so great on stage, his stage presence is very mediocre. Odd.

  38. I was disappointed this week. Just because there is an orchestra section in the original song, that doesn’t make it Big Band. Simon was the biggest offender with a U2 song, but Louis should be the last to call him out on it. She Bangs? WTF? Tina Turner… not Big Band. And When You wish Upon a Star? Is that considered Big Band?

    Olly doesn’t have the strongest vocal but he is entertaining IMO. I’d rather see him stay in the competition longer than Danyl or Jamie for the Over 25s. I’d actually like to see Jamie in the Bottom 2 this week because his song was not even close to being Big Band. But that really is Simon’s fault, not Jamie’s.

    John & Edward are just horrible. Miss Frank is doing ok for a girl group that was thrown together at the last minute. And really Louis had nothing else to pick from for his Top 3.

    The girls….Rachel, Stacey, and Lucy. Each have something that I like and dislike about them. Probably Rachel’s best performance so far in the Live shows but I don’t think it will be enough to keep her out of the B2.

    Yes, Lloyd and Joe are cute. There’s something about Lloyd’s tone that I like. I think he has potential. He’s still very young. He just needs some time to develop and good mentoring. He definitely has some of the weakest vocals of the bunch. But I think the young girl votes will keep him in for a while yet.

  39. Do all male singers now have to sound like Adam Lambert or else be automatically brushed aside? Just because Adam sang “feeling good” on AI, does that make it as untouchable as a Whitney Houston standard? Adam may have a unique voice and range, but his singing is not everyone’s cup of tea (if you will excuse the British-ism)! I am sure I am not the only one who finds Daryl’s singing more emotionally authentic and less “show-y” than Adam’s. I think Danyl is more successful at being emotional without shouting ‘i’m emoting!’ at the same time.

  40. my favs in no particular order

    Lucie (been one of my favs from the first)
    Rachel (earned my attention and respect)
    Joe (been one of my favs from the first)
    Ollie (and I didn’t like him at first)

    I’ve lost Stacey – she needs to stop being so mousey if she wants to win me back

  41. What a surprise, Danyl at the bottom with Miss Frank. Let’s see if the judges will play games and vote off Danyl.

    ETA – Judges passed the buck back to the public, and Miss Frank is gone.

  42. Mateja
    October 25, 2009 at 5:32 pm
    I tell you guys, song Feeling Good is cursed. First Adam, now Danyl.

    I personally think Danyl’s version was all over the map. Ironically enough, i thought it was one of Adam’s weaker vocals (but probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite studio recording he did).

    It didn’t help that Miss Frank completely bombed their sing-off performance. However, i think its total BS that Danyl got to sing his first audition song again for the sing-off. I don’t think there has ever been a winner who has been in the bottom 2 by the top 10.

    And i bet simon is spinning in his chair right now wondering how his boy Dannyl got less votes than John and Edward! HAHAH!!! i mean really, this just shows that the voting system does not work.

    Still tho, how funny would it have been that since Sheryl Cole sent it to a tie, Danyl would have had the least amount of votes and been eliminated? hahahaha.

  43. HAHHAHAHAH For some reason, i was happy to see Danyl was in bottom 2. Hope he will be GONE next week. hahahahha The twins are bad, but at least they were entertaining.

  44. Danyl reminds me of Danny Gokey, except Danny Gokey is a hundred times better. And Danny would have done Feelin Good more justice. But no one should cover this song again any time soon. It’s overdone. I cringed when Adam sang it and he was amazing. Adam received worldwide acclaim and everybody who watches these shows has seen Adam’s performance. Danyl is just okay–but what kind of fool is he to invite comparison to Adam? Britain’s Got Talent apparently used up all the talent pool in Britain. Danyl is goodlooking, but if it’s about looks, why subject us to the singing?

  45. Westlife sang their new single What About Now (Daughtry) on the results show and I hear that Daughtry’s version is now climbing British iTunes Chart.

  46. Hmmm… I don’t even recall Adam singing Feeling Good on AI so it must not have been a jaw-dropping performance in my opinion. Frankly, most of last season is already gone from my memory. I guess that means I’m ready for the new season already. :lol:

  47. I guess I’m not the only one comparing Danyl’s performance to Adam’s performance. Not even close. Danyl is so brave to sing this. Adam’s voice is so immaculate. And who can forget that long note and that “STRUT” down the stairs!!!

  48. X Factor performances were amateurish compared to American Idol, and I’m British. Westlife singing THEIR NEW SINGLE ‘WHAT ABOT NOW’ ? At least when Alexandra Burke sang Hallelujah they had to say it was Leon Cohen/Jeff Buckley song. Daughtry’s name wasn’t mentioned not even by the presenter let alone Westlife. Danyl’s version of ‘Feeling Good’ proved how brilliant Adam is, Rachel should look at Syesha’s ‘Proud Mary’ to learn how it should have been done. It’s a shame that the country that gave the world the Beatles, the Stones and Led Zeppelin musically has sunk so low that someone like Daughtry hasn’t been acknowledged.

  49. Danyl reminds me of Danny Gokey, except Danny Gokey is a hundred times better.

    And Danyl’s a hundred times better looking. Just sayin.

    He’s the X Factor answer to David Archuleta, but Joe comes nowhere near Archie’s rich, velvety tone.

    Or ability to interpret a song. I wonder what made you, MJ, think of DA? Age and cuteness? Because beyond that, I really don’t see a connection at all. Sway was a horrible song for that boy Joe to sing–he’s not mature enough to be seductive . . . and it’s a seductive song.

    I’ve never seen this show. What’s with the dancers? That is so weird. I can’t imagine AI having dancers on the stage. How do they keep the playing field level between ballads (which I hope don’t have dancers) and uptempo songs?

  50. I don’t even recall Adam singing Feeling Good on AI so it must not have been a jaw-dropping performance in my opinion.

    Adam’s performance was great; he’s just an incredible singer. But this guy Danyl wasn’t bad. He seems a little smarmy to me–like he could open for someone at a club in the Poconos . . . in the 60s. It was a competent performance, far better than Joe, and probably others–I haven’t watched them.

    So weird how Simon compliments performances in the UK that would make him barf on AI.

  51. Westlife sang their new single What About Now (Daughtry) on the results show

    I take it they don’t write their own music?

    As for the show, itself, Olly seems a natural Vegas performer. He would’ve been great with a rat pack song. Something from the Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra catalogue. Off to listen to more.

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