Adam Lambert – Take One, Take Two?

With Adam Lambert about to burst on to the pop scene–a new single is due any day now, and his album, For Your Entertainment drops on November 23–it’s no surprise that the usual suspects are still attempting to cash in.

There’s a mysterious new album called Take One by Adam Lambert, posted for pre-order at Amazon, with a release date of November 17.

The label is listed at Coldwater. But, one wonders if the folks behind this mysterious new album are the same producers who tried to package some of Adam’s pre-Idol music back in June.

Remember these guys?   After   Hi-Fi Recordings made a big splashy announcement, they released an old (and crappy) tune called “Want”.   When Adam disavowed the song, his fans refused to buy it. After the single sold poorly, the promised summer release of an album, On With The Show, never materialized.

Could Hi-Fi be back, with a new name and re-packaged material, hoping to confuse the issue by releasing an album close to Adam’s major label debut on November 23?   Some of the songs on the Take One are the same or similar to the track list of On With the Show.   Hi-Fi claimed they had enough material for two albums, so I’m betting it’s the same peeps.

Exhibit B is J. Scott G. Here’s what I wrote about him back in July.   Initially, Mr. G. claimed to have “hit the lottery.” Six months prior to Adam’s Idol stint, Mr. G and Adam worked together on a song called “Live the Life”

Mr G., giddy in the face of Adam’s huge post-AI popularity, could not wait to mix and release the tune.   A bit later, his plans changed, after Adam convinced him to sit on the tune for the time being.

But, a couple of days ago, Mr. G. posted a snip of the song on you tube, promising to release it in around a month. Confuzzlement?

Listen to the snip, after the jump. Mr. G’s “Live the Life” is way better than Hi-Fi record’s “Want”.   And, I’ll just leave it at that.

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