Alert: Possible So You Think You Can Dance 6 Schedule Changes

There may be changes afoot for next week’s episodes of So You Think You Can Dance.

Bad weather Saturday night caused a rain delay for game 6 of the American League playoffs between the Angels and the Yankees in New York.

NYMF Dance Preview
NYMF Dance Preview

In the event the home team advantage fails the Yankees, and they lose Sunday night’s rescheduled game 6, a game 7 will take place Monday night, preempting the So You Think You Can Dance “Meet the Top 20” special.

But fear not! Fox already has a plan in place if the Yankees choke Sunday night:

Schedule to accommodate game 7, if necessary:

  • Monday, October 26 – Game 7 of the AL Championships between the Angels and Yankees
  • Tuesday October 27 – Meet the Top 20 at 8/7c   pm, immediately followed by the Top 20 performance at 9/8c pm.   The two hour performance show will push the 10 pm local newscast out to 11/10c pm.

The Yankees will probably wrap up the series Sunday night, keeping SYTYCD to its original schedule: “Meet the Top 20” on Monday 8/7c pm and the Top 20 Performance on Tuesday 8/7c pm.

But you never know, stranger things have happened in the world of baseball.   Full disclosure: I’m from Boston. Heh.

There will be NO results show in any case until the World series is over.   The judges will decide who goes home at the end of the Top 20 and Top 18 performance shows. Viewer voting will begin with the Top 16 on November 10.

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  1. I kinda like the back-to-back episodes idea.


  2. As a Yankees hater and proud member if Red Sox Nation, I wouldn’t mind pushing SYTYCD back another week if it meant the Angels miraculously took the series. Hey, the Red Sox did it in 2004…

  3. Uh, whose idea was it to schedule the show for the Fall season?

    I would be missing the results show of DWTS either way, so it doesn’t matter.

    I am a Detroit Tigers fan, and you know what happened to us. :frown:

  4. I kinda hope it gets bumped, just to give me more time to catch up.

    I suppose I should say “Go Angels,” since it’s a local team and all (damn Dodgers), but since I hate the Yankees on principle…GO ANGELS!! heh

    A short story…I’m at the Starbucks drive-thru in Tha Hood (as in, where they shot Boyz in tha Hood) at about 10pm, and while I’m marveling with the guy working the night shift that there even is a Starbucks in the ghetto (he was just as shocked as me, believe me) we get to talking about crazy customers and the like. Then he asks me where I’m from. When I say Houston, his face light up and he says, “Cool! You an Astros fan!?” Next thing you know we’re talking Nolan Ryan, why pitching is so important even with the modern “home run” stadiums, and how much it sucks to be from a town with a good team that chokes all the damn time. No matter what anyone says about the emergence of football, Baseball is still currency everywhere. I love it!

  5. OK…. apparently I’m the only one who thinks professional sports is a bunch of overpaid men playing kids games. It would be much more interesting if the playoffs were one game winner takes all rather than these long drawn out affairs. Just my opinion…

  6. I hope they get to keep the original schedule. I’m going to have enough trouble getting any sleep on Tuesday night as it is. I won’t get home from school until 5, and then I’ll have like 87000 hours of homework. High school…

  7. As a Yankees hater and proud member if Red Sox Nation, I wouldn’t mind pushing SYTYCD back another week if it meant the Angels miraculously took the series. Hey, the Red Sox did it in 2004′ ¦

    Oh, and I’m a Red Sox hater! So, were even. :-)
    I would definitely mind that SYTYCD is pushed back. If FOX cannot resolve a decent scheduled for the reality show, than they should set the show back to the summer season. The Yankees will always be the BEST team in the country, with the most championships and ws wins.

  8. I root for the Cardinals and anyone who is playing the Yankees so…GO ANGELS!!!

  9. I haven’t watched. Yet. Hoping to this week. I hate the Yankees, so yeah. I’ll agree with KK about the Angels and if not, the Phillies. But, I heart my Braves more than any of them (baseball).

    MJ, is chat fixed?

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