The X-Factor 3- The Top 10 Become 8- Results Show- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me tonight for the X-Factor results. Who will go home?

Two are going home.

Massive Recap Montages
Did you know Jeff Gutt has a son?

We get a short package on “confidence”. Sierra writes Andy on the bottom of her shoe. I love her so much more now. That segment was sponsored by Secret! Secret is sponsoring a trip to LA to see the X-Factor.

Results time!

The act with the lowest votes was…… KHAYA COHEN. Her fans were not able to pull her out of the bottom.

ONE DIRECTION PERFORMS. I’ve honestly never paid much attention to them, but they’re all good solo singers (unlike Restless Road and Fifth Harmony). That’s why this group works. I also love this song. Just hearing it for the first time, but it is super catchy.

More Results!
1st Act Safe: Rion Paige
2nd Act Safe: Josh Levi
3rd Act Safe: Alex and Sierra
4th Act Safe: Lillie McCloud
5th Act Safe: Jeff Gutt
6th Act Safe: Ellona Santiago
7th Act Safe: Restless Road

Singing Off: Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad (bye Tim lol)

The Final Showdown:

1) Tim Olstad- You Raise Me Up
He chose to go the Josh Groban route. I hear some twang in his voice. I think he might have missed his calling as a country singer. I don’t think anything he can sing will save him tonight, so it’s a decent farewell for Tim. Carlito would have to be so god awful to get sent home over Tim. Tim starts crying near the end of the song. Luckily he’s able to finish. He just got a little choked up. Paulina gives him a standing O.

Tim Olstad – You Raise Me Up – X Fator USA 2013… by IdolxMuzic

2) Carlito Olivero-
This song starts really low for Carlito. It works up into his range, eventually. Honestly? Tim had better pitch. Carlito’s pitch is a little all over the place. I like that Carlito is finally singing something contemporary. I think he’s getting horrible mentoring. Carlito finishes by singing to Demi. The fact is that Carlito is just more viable as a recording artist than Tim. Tim is not a Top 40 artist. Carlito might be, with better mentoring.

Kelly is sending home TIM OLSTAD.
Demi is sending home TIM OLSTAD.
Paulina is sending home TIM OLSTAD. TOOK FOREVER. I don’t know why they made Paulina vote. Simon should have voted, and saved Paulina from having to choose.

Quick montage of Tim’s time on the show. Why didn’t Khaya get a package. BIG BAND WEEK NEXT WEEK? REALLY? WHO IS PICKING THESE THEMES? We don’t get a leaderboard.

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