The X-Factor 3- The Chairs (or Couches) of Enlightenment 4- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me tonight for the couches of enlightenment. After tonight, our Top 16 will be decided. Rumors abound of a wild card!

Currently Sitting In Chairs:
Girls United
Wild Thingz
Restless Road

5) Sweet Suspense- Wishing On A Star
A manufactured girl group. First girl soloist? Eew. Pitch issues. This song isn’t starting great. Third girl soloist is the strongest vocalist in the group. You can’t just take three mediocre singers and put them together and hope for the best. That being said, I’m offended that Glamour has a seat, so I would still swap them for Glamour. Kelly says there’s something special here, but they have work to do. Demi is proud of them. I’m not sure who Simon will swap out for them. Simon is letting them take a seat. I would kick Glamour to the curb. Simon is letting Wild Thingz go.

6) Yellow House Canyon- Hell On Heels
A country duo. These girls deserve a seat. They’re better than 3 of the acts sitting down right now. Really good harmonies. Kelly says they have great energy. Demi says she loves their down to earth-ness. Demi thinks one of the girls is a better singer than the other. Why hasn’t this been a problem with other groups? These two are clearly better singers than… well… virtually everyone on the groups side of the stage. Simon is sending them HOME? WHAT. THE. EFF. Uhhhh… GLAMOUR? You really couldn’t cut GLAMOUR? F*CK this.

7) Forever In Your Mind-
They think they’re the next One Direction. Oh hell. Blue shirt can’t sing very well. Emery is pretty good. The harmonies aren’t great. Flat. Emery is probably a star though. They should have kept him in the solo category. Paulina was not “blow out”. Demi says it was the wrong song. Simon says the group works. Forever In Your Mind (Yes, that’s the worst group name ever) is replacing Glamour. Finally.

8) Good News- Landslide
Cannon fodder. Their audition didn’t sound good. They like to ride bikes through pretty scenic areas. They want to sell out stadiums. She took this Lurve. It’s like a lullaby. These girls don’t deserve a seat. They have a few moments that sound good, but audience members are yawning. lol. Simon looks like he’s falling asleep. I swear this is slower than usual for this song. You can hear every single imperfection in their voices. Paulina thinks they’re beautiful but not ready. Kelly wanted them to prove her wrong, but thinks they still can give more. Demi agrees. Simon says it didn’t work. Simon didn’t even need the music, he’s sending them home.

9) Alex and Sierra- You’re The One That I Want (from Grease)
They’re a couple that hasn’t thought of an actual name for their group. Still, Alex and Sierra is a better group name than Forever In Your Mind. Interesting song choice, but it actually works. It’s like a folk version. Kelly likes the sexyness. They’re definitely one of the better groups. Demi gives tough love and says “what would happen if they ever broke up?” Simon thinks it’s a dumb question. Simon is giving them a seat. Time to let go of Forever In Your Mind, I think. The numbers are pretty spread out in the audience. Simon is dumping Girls United. They deserve a wildcard chance.

10) Roxxy Montana-Man In The Mirror
A little low to start. These girls aren’t strong singers. Flat. Still, I would swap out Forever In Your Mind. There is one good singer in this group, and if they Beyonce her, they might do OK. Kelly says they didn’t come to play games. Simon was impressed. Simon thinks he can make them incredible. Simon is giving them a seat. We are shown a large group of people holding up 3’s (for Forever In Your Mind). He cuts Forever In Your Mind. Simon might allow them to compete for the wildcard (though I doubt they get it).

Join me here October 29th. Top 16!

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