The Voice 5 – Blind Auditions #5 – Live Blog and Videos

The Voice - Season 5

The Voice 5 blind auditions conclude tonight! I’ll be live blogging the performances right here.

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At the end of night 5 of The Voice blind auditions, it was clear the talent was front loaded to early episodes.  I won’t remember tonight’s batch tomorrow. Wait. I don’t remember them NOW. The best of the night were  singer songwriter Matt Cermanski, gospel singer,  Tamara Chauniece and country singer, Brian Pounds.  Brian has the talent to go far, but the other country singer, Brandon Chase, has the looks and charisma.

Still, there are no potential winners in this bunch.

Cee Lo took the longest to fill his team, which isn’t a surprise, because he is as creepy as ever. He’s not a good coach either. I miss Usher so much.  Also, notice that when Blake has nothing to convince a contestant to choose him, he trots out the “I KNOW HOW TO WIN” deal? I thought it was telling when he and Cee Lo were vying for Brian Pounds, Christina said he should choose Cee Lo because he’s creative. Blake scoffed at the idea of experimentation. “You’re a country singer,” he said, “Let’s not fool around.”  And sadly, I think this is true. Blake has been very successful playing it safe…

Tomorrow, NBC is airing “The Best of the Blinds,” a TWO HOUR clip show. Ugh. No I will not be liveblogging that, but I’ll put up a post, with a short recap and maybe some videos for discussion.

After I look over the teams, I’ll have some thoughts on this bunch, so stay tuned for that.

Matt Cermanski – “Have a Little Faith in Me” – He auditioned with “Teenage Dream” previously and it did not work. Oh. I remember this. The panel thought he picked the wrong song. He regrets not playing his guitar. He’s been gigging and practicing ever since his rejection. This year, he goes all singer/songwriter, choosing a gorgeous John Hiatt song. It’s intimate. He definitely has a connection to the song this time. Adam turns around immediately. Blake turns next. In retrospect, the Teenage Dream song choice was bizarre. He’s more convincing as a WGWG. Cee Lo turns last. Blake loved the way he played with the song, and of course mentioned his WINNING again. Adam notes that he turned first. Cee Lo doesn’t seem that invested. Blake and Adam fight it out, but ultimately, Matt chooses Team Adam. – Check out Matt’s Youtube Twitter The Trammps recorded one of his songs.

Diego Roman – “Rebel Yell” – His dad, Emilio, is famous for bringing Tejano music to America, charting on Billboard with his songs. Diego is ready to do big things on his own. He’s a rocker. And indeed, Tejano music this performance is not. But his attempt to channel Billy Joel is a little too on the nose. Not a lot of originality going on here. Also, he sounds like a strangled cat in his upper register. That works in rock music when the vocals are strong. Nobody turned around for him. The coaches explain that they’ve got to be choosey with just a few spots left.

Tamara Chauniece – “1 + 1” = Church girl. Her mom is a minister. She recorded her first album at 11. Her mom paid for it and sold it out of the trunk of their car. She took a day job and left music behind. But she’s back! Gospel is her foundation, but she wants a broader audience. She’s got a pretty R&B voice, but it’s generic. Nothing special going on here. I don’t see star quality. Christina turned around after a couple of notes, then Cee Lo. They duke it out for her affection. Ugh. Cee Lo is being gross again, flirting with her. Tamara chooses Cee Lo  What? She goes with the creepy Cee Lo. Weird. – Check out her  YouTube ChannelTwitterFacebook.

Brandon Chase – “Wanted” – He headed off to Nashville after college to pursue country music. He almost died a few days after birth, bleeding internally. There was no way we were getting through an episode of The Voice without a big ole backstory. He’s got a very nice tone and a pretty falsetto. He’s good looking to boot–there is commercial potential there. Oh. Blake turns around. He’s been picky about country singers this season. Cee Lo turns around. Is this even a contest? Cee Lo is giving it the old college try though. The song sounded like soul to him. Like I said. Nice try. Brandon chooses Team Blake – Check out his WebsiteYouTube channelTwitter and Facebook.

Lupe Carroll – “If I Were A Carpenter” – He and his cellist wife play music together. They were friends first. Aw.  He gigs at night, delivers flowers by day. His whispery tone is interesting, and at first a little boring. But then he hit his stride on the chorus. There are some interesting emotional dynamics, but overall–not compelling.  Only Cee Lo turned around.  I suspect this guy will serve as cannon fodder for his team. Lupe is on Team Cee Lo – Check out his YouTube channel,Facebook

Grey – “Catch My Breath” – She grew up singing country. Attended Berklee College of Music. She works with a wedding band now.  Oh. She’s one of those one-name people. The better to stand out. The vocals are strong and I suspect will sound fantastic recorded. I can’t pick out where she’d fit in the pop landscape though. It’s like she hasn’t quite found herself yet.  She’s singing pop, but I can hear some country inflections. Adam turns immediately, and then Blake.  There goes Cee Lo at the last minute. Blake’s attempts a 360 and his chair gets stuck facing the back, and a guy has to help him face front again.  Cee Lo calls her voice “matter of fact,” which is odd. Adam calls her “extraordinary.”  Unsurprisingly,  Grey chooses Team Adam

Adam’s Team of 12 is Now Complete

Dominic Scott Kay – “Easy” – He’s got a long movie resume, plus his dad is the drummer for The Commodores.  The performance is pleasant. But it’s nasally to the point of distraction.  The judges aren’t going to turn around.  And they don’t . Oh well, it’s back to the movies with Dominic. Blake notices the nasally tone and suggests that he find a way to open up his voice.

Michael Lynch –  “Bailamos” – Michael sings pop with latin fusion. He went to music school in Mexico City. When he couldn’t get a career going, he moved back to Chicago. He’s a landscaper now. His voice is shrill on the top notes, but he’s got a nice tone, and he’s got some rhythm. Not bad for a white guy.  He looks like a WGWG, but in this instance, looks are deceiving.   Cee Lo, Christina and Blake all turn around. Blake and Christina think he’s fun.  He confesses that he’s 100% Irish, but he loves Latin culture. When Blake’s got nothin, he pulls out the “I can win this freaking show” card. Michael chooses Team Christina.  He goes for the Latina! She joins him and they sing together for a bit. They sound good! “A match made in heaven!” she cries.

Christina’s Team of 12 is Now Complete

Deanna Johnson – “Stars” – She speaks with a country twang, and comes from a small southern town, but she loves pop and R&B. She’s only been singing for two years. Her singing voice is a surprise. She’s got unusual tone and phrasing. It’s a little jarring. But she’s got potential. Nobody turned around. Too bad, she’s better than some singers who made teams. She’s 17 and has been only singing for two years. Christina urges her to come back next season.

Brian Pounds – “Wagon Wheel” – He comes from an athletic family and almost became a baseball player. He decided to pursue music instead. He immediately began working the bars after high school. Didn’t he say he was a soul singer? Soulful country, I guess. He’s got a GORGEOUS tone. That was a very dynamic, energetic performance. This grabs me. Cee Lo and Blake turn around. Blake loves his sound. Christina puts a word in for Cee Lo. The panel fights over to experiment or not to experiment. Of course, Blake will have none of that. You are country singer, he says. Let’s not fool around. Brian chooses Blake –  Check out his YouTube,FacebookReverbnation.

Blake’s Team of 12 is Now Complete

Now for a montage of singers Cee Lo DIDN’T choose. He’s got one more spot open.

Shawn Smith – “Chicken Fried” – He’s a 32 year old singing bartender. He did a tour in Iraq and got a concussion from an exploded bomb. He lost most of his hearing in one ear, but he’s still pursuing music. Oh. He reminds me a little of Lee DeWyze. If Lee were country. Shawn has that gravelly thing going and sings with conviction. Cee Lo turns around and his team is complete. Shawn is on Team Cee Lo.

Next week, the battle rounds begin! And tomorrow? A two hour clip show. Not sure how I’m going to handle that yet.

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