X Factor UK Season 10: Judges’ Houses Round Up

So who’s pregnant?

Judges’ Houses weekend is over and we have our TOP 12. It’s time for the games to start!

TOP 12 moved into a big house previously owned by Lionel Richie. Check out the pictures and find out more about this year’s TOP 12 HERE.

  • Girls and Boys are aged 16 (Tamera Foster, Nicholas McDonald), 17 (Hannah Barrett, Luke Friend) and 19 (Abi Alton, Sam Callahan).
  • Lorna Simpson is the youngest of the three Over 25’s. She is 26. Shelley Smith is 34 and Sam Bailey is 35.


  • Rough Copy – Kazeem (24), Sterling (25) and Joe (27)
  • Kingsland Road – Josh (20), Connor (19), Thompson (22), Matt (25) and Jay (19)
  • Miss Dynamix – Jeanette (21), Rielle (16), SeSe (22)

Miss Dynamix singer Shereece (SeSe) Foster announced this morning that she is 22 weeks pregnant. Due at the end of January 2014. She claims she found out she was pregnant when she was already 3 and a half months along.
While every child is a blessing, this pregnancy really has a bad timing.

Other bad news? This year’s PLAN A, Tamera Foster, is still getting bad press. The producers are not hiding who they want to win and the press is out for blood, searching for juicy stories. Tamera wasn’t exactly and angel in the past few years and now they are digging all that dirt up.

To be honest, this might just be the year of another boy winner. This season’s boys seem like a great crop, at least compared to last year’s boys category. And last year all three boys reached TOP 5 and two of them were the FINAL 2. Sam has the looks, Luke has the hair and Nicholas can actually sing a bit. Grandmas love to vote for young boys that sing ballads. Nicholas McDonald could become this year’s Leon Jackson or Joe McElderry. Like Leon, Nicholas is Scottish. Unfortunately, neither Leon nor Joe made it the the music biz after the show.

Sharon Osbourne and Over 25s appeared on ITV’s This Morning today.

4music has Twitter handles of S10 TOP 12.

4-time X Factor reject Melanie McCabe was interviewed on RTE’s radio today. Interesting. Really interesting.

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