Tuesday Daily Number’s Thread – 07/14/15

Bastille Day! Tuesday was formerly HDD numbers day, but with the new chart schedule, that’s no longer relevant. HDD is publishing daily building charts which is very interesting. We’ll see some of the raw information they use to build their estimates. Now, their reports in percentages are even more cryptic because I imagine it is the percentage for the week from some percentage of their reporters.

Billboard updated their BB200 post yesterday based on updated numbers from SoundScan. I wonder if that will become more common with the report coming out over the weekend?

The Berklee College of Music and Rethink Music initiative are releasing an interesting study today about the state of the music industry (BB Sums it Up). It talks about all the organizations that are responsible for collecting money owed to artists (probably each siphoning their percentage) and how difficult it can be to identify who should be paid what when. It notes a case study where one band receives a 120 page report every quarter detailing their royalties. The manager digitizes it so its more readable. It’s like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant – all meaning is obscured under the volume of information. And apparently, there are lots of errors to be found in the report. Why isn’t it fixed? I think this quote is the probable reason “To some degree, the opacity benefits the people who are creating the opacity,” (i.e. the labels get more money).

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