Zayn Malik Turns on Naughty Boy, Calls Him a “Fat Joke”

Eeek, Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy are no longer BFFs.

Yesterday former One Direction member Zayn Malik posted these two tweets on his Twitter account.

At first I thought Zayn was most likely hacked by a One Direction fan. Naughty Boy was supposed to produce Zayn’s solo music, and he pissed off Louis Tomlinson and One Direction’s fans with his tweets in the past.

So I waited for those two tweets to be deleted. 22 hours later, I’m still waiting. Meanwhile, here is Daily Mail’s article about this fall out and Dan Wootton from The Sun has some inside scoop available for everyone to read.

So, it looks like Zayn blames Naughty Boy for leaking a video of Zayn and British rap stars Krept & Konan covering Rae Sremmurd’s hit “No Type”.

This music video was filmed before Zayn Malik quit One Direction and it wasn’t finished.

Dan Wootton reports:

Industry sources close to the duo – known as Zaughty – say there had been problems behind the scenes for a while.

One said: “Zayn was very close to Naughty Boy when he left One Direction. But previously they had only spent the odd day together once a month in between his touring commitments. Now they were in each others company every day in the studio – and eventually drifted apart a few weeks ago.

“It’s a long time to spend with someone and the studio is a pretty confined space. Zayn is angry about the music that got leaked and blamed Naughty Boy. Zayn didn’t like not being in control. This has been the sparking point.”

I was there right at the very start of Naughty Boy and Zayn’s partnership. I knew they were making music when Zayn broke his silence to me about quitting One Direction while in his studio.

The feud throws Zayn’s solo plans into chaos. The Sun on Sunday this month revealed he had trademarked the name Zaughty for musical and clothes releases.

And Naughty told me in May that Zayn would make a comeback on his new album.

Sounds like it’s back to the drawing board.

Oh Zayn. He quit One Direction (Demanding, but well paid job!) to be normal and start a solo career. And now he dumped the producer that was supposed to produce his solo music. I think Zayn won’t be One Direction’s Robbie Williams or Justin Timberlake.

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