Tuesday Daily Number’s Thread – 01/26/16

Today’s thread is brought to you by the numbers 1, 2, 21, 3000, 56M and 250M.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart hits its own milestone this week as the 3000th chart is released. The Hot 100 chart debuted on August 4, 1958 and since its inception, it has hosted 26,400 songs of which 12,100 have hit top 40, 4,600 top 10 and 1,049 number 1. Lil’Wayne has spent the most weeks on the chart (1,714). Glee has had the most entries on the chart (207). The Beatles the most number ones (20). Justin Bieber the most simultaneous songs on the chart (17).

Speaking of Mr. Bieber, he hit two rare milestones himself on the Hot 100 this week. He became only the 17th artist and 11th solo artist to hold both the number one and two spots on the Hot 100. “Sorry” (his current single) continues its third week at number one while “Love Yourself” (his next single) rises to the top spot. “Sorry” tops the streaming charts and second on the radio songs chart while “Love Yourself” tops the digital chart (139K). Meanwhile, his debut single from “Purpose”, “What do You Mean” holds at number 10 tying the record for the most number of weeks in the top 10 since debuting at 21 weeks. Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and Nikki Minaj’s “Starship” also spent their first 21 weeks on the chart in the top 10 (of course Adam Levine and Nikki are/were judges on reality singing competitions).

Adele’s “Hello” slips to 3rd this week (11th week at number one on radio) and twenty one pilots “Stressed Out” moves up to 4th. Alessia Cara’s break-out hit “Here” reaches a new high at 5th. Fellow Ontarian Shawn Mendes pops up to 6th again with “Stitches” and Selena Gomez slides to 7th with “Same Old Love”. The Chainsmoker’s “Roses” enters the top 10 (where they have not been since “#SELFIE”) and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” makes it 6 Canadians in the top 10.

Billboard is tracking records for “Carpool Karaoke” sessions. Adele’s hit 56M views topping previous records set by Justin Bieber and One Direction. Adele was scheduled to spend 1 hour driving around, but ended up staying for 2 hours. The producer says that most one hour sessions yield 10 minutes of usable footage. Adele’s session yielded 56 minutes, but they still cut it down to 10. BTS please?

The Beatles debuted on Spotify a month ago and have already racked up 250M streams. Spotify releases some fun facts on that. Favourite songs by age:
0-17: Here Comes the Sun
18-24: I Want to Hold Your Hand
25-29: I Want to Hold Your Hand
30-34: She Loves You
35-44: We Can Work it Out
45-54: Back in the U.S.S.R.
55+: Rock and Roll Music

Most popular song amongst females? “Come Together” (I absolutely hate that song – fingernails on chalkboard for me). Most popular song amongst males? “Come Together” (Ugh!). Nice to see we all agree on something, even if I don’t.

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