Trevor Live Videos! Lady Gaga, Chris Colfer, Kris Allen, Darren Criss, Stefano Langone

Videos from last night’s Trevor Live benefit show are beginning to surface. Below, watch Glee’s Amber Riley sing “What I Want For Christmas is You”.

Afterward, Chris Colfer introduces the family of Jamey Rodemyer,  (who we don’t see, but in turn the family introduced the Trevor Project Hero Award to honoree Lady Gaga.  Jamey, a huge Lady Gaga fan, took his own life due to bullying last fall.

I’ll be updating this post with videos as they arrive!

Click for Photos and Report from Trevor Live

Kris Allen Sings Imagine

This is an absolutely lovely, soulful rendition of “Imagine” from Kris. And that choir backing him? I do believe he’s singing to the original Glee track from “Hairography”, as posted in comments…

Stefano Langone sings O Holy Night

Darren Criss sings It’s Not Unusual

Darren performs at Trevor Live! by 1dobiedc

Amber Riley sings, Chris Colfer introduced the Rodemyer family

Lady Gaga’s heartfelt acceptance speech.

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  1. Kris <33
    Kris sang Imagine great, so heartfelt and pure Kris Allen.
    Love it.

  2. Kris sounded good, but that arrangement probably isn’t one that he would have picked for himself.  A little cheesy maybe?  It was really good, just not what I’m used to from him.

  3. I’ll take any new video of Kris in any way, shape, or form I can get one! I love his voice, and I miss seeing him!

  4. So glad we got the Imagine video!  Kris sounds so good live, I’m anxious for new album/tour dates!  Hurry. Up.

  5. Kris’ voice on that was gorgeous. I loved the orchestration on it as well. I’m a sucker for strings. The choir was vocally present but not obtrusive.

    I wonder whose choice it was to do an abbreviated version leaving out the first verse. Not complaining of course.

    Looking forward to Stefano’s ‘O Holy Night’. Love the song and he definitely got praise for it.
    I liked Amber’s performance but I’ve heard her sound better. There is also a youtube of Darren Criss, but the quality is not good. Maybe a better one will surface.

    Gaga’s speech was … just right. I may not be a huge fan of her style, but I am a fan of her heart.

  6. I can die happy now.  I have been waiting for Kris to sing Imagine since he sang it at the Little Kids Rock Event.   He was just wonderful. When he went up on those high notes I got chills.  Kris is so great at connecting with these emotional songs.  You just believe every word he sings. I’m so glad that we got video of it. I was looking at the twitter list for the event last night and it looked like Stefano got raves for his rendition of Oh Holy Night.  Hopefully his fans will get a video of that soon.

  7. Thank you!  The arrangement of Imagine that Kris did is actually Glee’s version they did a few years ago.  It’s the same.  Why in the world did he not sing the first verses though?  That is a bit bizarre- he sang the verse that causes the most controversy, the no ‘religion’ line, which David A has omitted before so he would not have to sing it- but not the first verses which are the most famous.

    But Kris did a great job.  He sang it well.

  8. Kris’ version of “Imagine” was beautiful. I love his falsetto and he looked good too. :). Also, like the speech given by Lady Gaga — really heartfelt and sincere.

  9. That is a bit bizarre- he sang the verse that causes the most controversy, the no ‘religion’ line,

    I believe there might be a reason for this….

  10. ronaldmascot, I read somewhere else the ‘Glee cast’ being listed as the choir. I don’t know if that is true. But that would help to explain the arrangement.

  11. Credit to Kris, he had very little time to arrange anything before the performance. He was in the studio Friday, flew to AR for the songwriting competition Saturday night & then back to LA for the Trevor event Sunday. He probably didn’t sing with the choir until right before the event.

  12. Hopefully another fan of Kris’s puts up a video. Sounds like its great. Disappointing this has been been removed.

  13. Maybe they pulled it because The Trevor Project is going to post an official video?

  14. Oh No!  Thank you GirlyGirl for the Mp3 link.  Glad it is safely on my ipod :)

  15. The video hasn’t been posted yet, but in his write up of the event, Marc Malkin said that Stefano stole the show.

  16. Considering Stefano was probably the least known of all the performers thats really, really impressive. Good to know he went out there kicking ass! Boy can saaaang.

  17. Hopefully Stefano’s video leaks soon . I am not surprised he stole the show since he was very underrated on Idol. also hope there is news soon on his record deal.

  18. I finally heard the audio of Imagine and I thought it was perfect.

  19. different YT of Kris singing Imagine. Hopefully this one won’t be taken down

  20. Kris Allen is one of the good guys and one of the guys that doesn’t get the attention and the credit he deserves. I really liked his performance.

  21. I think Kris may actually be singing to the Glee backing track–minus lead vocals and deaf choir, of course.

  22. I agree. But am thinking more of a TV special since there were a lot of big time celebs at the event. And of course, Lady Gaga.

  23. That’s interesting about the backing track, but it makes sense. The ‘Smurf’ photo that Kris tweeted had a choir on stage with what I thought was him during rehearsal. Was that someone else?

    ETA – watching now and the choir is on stage in the new video posted.

  24. Whoever’s arrangement it was, whoever/whatever is the backing music for “Imagine” is fine with me. I was totally rivoted on Kris’ vocals and his performance. Really a beautiful song sang with a beautiful voice. Kris connects with his performances and it connects with me.

  25. Still no Stefano video?  Ah, boo, it sounds like he gave a great performance, I’d love to see it.

  26. RCA put Kris’s performance up on their website!  :)

    Kris Allen Performs At Trevor Live –

  27. Kris sounded quite lovely, this sort of songs suits him. Not a fan of the Darren Criss performance but maybe it’s the fault of the vid quality.

    I’m very curious about Stefano.

  28. I just noticed that RCARecords RTed Jive Music’s tweet (still not sure why Jive Music still has a twitter) – love their enthusiasm!

  29. I’m not a huge fan of Stefano’s personality but damn that is pretty freaking awesome.

  30. Stefano was fantastic!  Wow, I don’t remember him singing like that on Idol.  That was terrific. I wouldn’t want to be the singer who had to perform after him. That was amazing!

  31. OMG!!  I had no idea Stephano could sing like that.  That was amazeballs.  He deserved that standing ovation.

  32. Kris sounded lovely. His accent was especially cut when he first walked out. Whatever arrangement it was worked well for his voice. 

    Darren is so much fun! Lol. I love his dorky dancing. I’m not sure he needed so many (or any) dancers, but it was fun. Amber sounded amazing as always.

  33. Stefano was fantastic! I loved him on the show at the beginning, then he sort of lost his way but then on tour he blew me away. He has some pipes and has beautiful tone.  Love it.  I hope we get his record deal announcement very soon.

  34. Wow, Stefano was really great. I’ve always thought his voice was spectacular, one of the best imo of the past season (technically my favorite male voice). It’s just too bad about the egotism. 

  35. Wow, I didn’t know Stefano could sing like THAT! I knew he had a great voice and he had one of the best vocals on the AI tour this summer, but THIS?  The control, the intensity, the confidence! He also had some really amazing runs in there.

    That was a great reception from the audience. They were on their feet before he finished his last note. I’m truly impressed!

  36. Agreed, Stefano sounds great and absolutely a well deserved standing ovation. Proud of the American Idol alums. And he sang that in front of so many in the entertainment industry, so hopefully he can get more exposure.

    Good for him.

  37. Both Kris and Stefano were in fine voice.  They captured the emotion of their respective songs beautifully.  Cheers to them!

  38. Stefano was great . the best male singer on Idol this year . it is to bad he left so early.

  39. Wow Stefano, just wow.  What an incredible performance, and what an incredible instrument he has.  Gobsmacked!  

  40. Stefano always was my second fave this season — he’s more what I would typically listen to.  He did a great job! :)

  41. So good that another video was posted-Kris sounded very mellow & as always showed his wonderful tone. Stefano & Amber also sounded great.

  42. Hmmm hmmm, Stefano and Kris, giving me some of that good (actually awesome) ole fashioned singing. When you got an instrument like they do, you better use right! LOL :)

    I’m all Holy Night and waving my lighter to Imagine over here. Yes that’s what good singing gets to ya!

  43. Kris did a very good job on “Imagine” – it was heartfelt and showed his soulful vibe. And his voice is always effortlessly good live.  I really liked it.

    Stefano did a very good job too.  He seems to sing this gospel vibe well.  His performance of “I need you now” that got him into top 12 of idol is a Christian song with a similar vibe — and it was that performance that made him one of my favorites in season 10.

    Daren Criss did a good job and the song fits his voice, and having dancers made it interesting.  I always like when Tom Jones or others sing “Its not Unusual”

  44. Oh wow Kris miss your voice so much!! You sang Imagine so beautifully and heartfelt. I keep playing it over and over. It feels too short lol ( I miss you Kris)

    And Stefano what a performance. Dang dude you can sang!!! Good job!! Got a standing ovation too!!!

  45. Stefano has been great on occasion, but this is spectacular!  He sang it in the unbelievably high key of G, and did the most tasteful melisma I’ve ever heard him do.  With his talent and drive, I’m sure he’ll make it!

  46. Kris FTW. Always able to touch my heart when he sings. Even with a crappy Karaoke music. “Imagine” if this was done unplugged by Kris and his band

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