The Voice Season 15 Recap – Battles Round Pt 4 – Live Blog and Videos

THE VOICE -- ?Battle Rounds? Episode 1510 -- Pictured: (l-r) Deandre Nico, Funsho -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 15 Battle Rounds conclude tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton and Carson Daly as host. We’re live blogging all the performances and results here. 

Coaches will pair up team members who will battle for a spot in the Knockouts. The winner advances, the loser is eliminated OR can be stolen by a fellow coach. Each coach has two steals to use during the round.

The coaches have enlisted mentors to assist coaching their teams. Blake has tapped Keith Urban. Kelly has brought in country superstar Thomas Rhett. Jennifer has brought along pop singer Halsey. And Adam brings back former The Voice coach Cee Lo Green.

Blake is the only coach with a remaining steal. 

Erika Zade vs Sarah Grace – Team Kelly – No Roots by Alice Merton – Sarah is very little! But lots of “stank face” according to Kelly. Erika is a pop singer from Miami. Today is Sarah’s very first vocal lesson. Oh. Sarah is the singer with Synthesia–the sound of music produced vivid colors. The big notes are making Erika a little timid, compared to Sarah.  Kelly is looking for vibe from both of them. And attitude, Lots of attitude. Erika feels a little intimidated. The notes are outside of her range. 

Both singers are bringing a bluesey vibe. Honestly, this is a pretty even duel. That vibe is a little laid back for a typical ballad, though. I’m waiting for each singer to bust out somehow. It feels like they’re both holding back.

Adam thought Sarah did the heavy lifting with notes, but compliments both. Blake calls Erika’s voice “soft” but skilled. But Sarah sings like she’s mad at the song, he says. He’d choose Sarah. Jennifer loves Sarah’s energy, but feels that Erika’s got swag. Kelly notes they both have different attacks and approaches to performance. Kelly Chooses Sarah Not a surprise. She’s only 15, and a little firecracker. Just the thing Kelly goes for. Erika Zade is Eliminated

Kameron Marlowe vs Kayley Hill – I Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and The Blowfish – The two singers freak out when they find out Keith is the mentor. Kaley is a country singer, but auditioned with a Fleetwood Mac song. She was a one chair turn. Kameron was selling car parts at home. Both Kelly and Blake turned for him. Although Darius Rucker is a country singer these days, back in the 90s with Hootie he was decidedly pop. This is an interesting song choice, one that takes them both out of their comfort zones says Blake. Keith reminds Kaley to be careful about runs. He compares her to Natalie Maines. And Blake suggests Kameron not throw away his lines. Both singers started with guitars. Keith suggests that Kameron drop his, allowing him to concentrate on bringing the emotion.  Keith believes the one who feels it the most will win the battle.

The song is slowed up considerably. Kayley has such a pretty voice. I love her tone. Kameron is playing up the romance, directing a moment at Kayley. He’s really pouring emotion into this performance. Ah. I love Kayley, but she’s toast, I’m afraid. Kayley does bring some life near the end, but overall, Kameron dominated.

Jennifer thinks Karmeron stands out. She’d choose him. Kelly loved the arrangement. She would pick Kayley (me too). (Kelly’s favorite word: RAD). Adam felt Kameron, without his guitar, was freer to express himself. I wonder if the suggestion for only one of them to lose the guitar was a bit of sabotage. Hm. Blake Chooses Kameron. Kayley is Eliminated.

Montages dead ahead!

Claire DeJean vs Josh Davis – All This Love by JP Cooper – Team Kelly – After a bit of the performance, Kelly Chooses Claire.

Caeland Garner vs Kirk Jay – Let it Rain by David Niall – Team Blake – After the clip, Blake Chooses Kirk.

Kennedy Holmes vs Lela – Team Jennifer – Battlefield by Jordin Sparks – After the clip, Jennifer Chooses Kennedy

You know what’s coming, because Blake has the only remaining steal…

Deandre Nico vs Funsho – Team Adam – Can You Stand the Rain by New Edition – Deandre and his family survived Hurricane Havey in Texas. He got a four chair turn. Funsho is originally from Nigeria. They both performed Bruno Mars songs in the Blinds. Adam chose the song because of how New Edition influenced Bruno. When Deandre confesses to neves, Adam suggests he make friends with them. Oh. It’s Cee Lo that’s unnerving him. He Deandre specific advice on how to deliver runs. He says it’s important to retain the integrity of the song. Wow. Advice from Cee Lo that actually makes sense. 

Deandre’s tone is thick and gorgeous, like warm syrup. So smooth! He’s like a modern day Luther. Don’t count out Funsho though. His tone and adlibs are impressive as well.  The duo are connecting on stage. It’s like they are best pals who decided to sing an incredible duet. Both come off as pros. It’s a tough choice, but I’d go with Deandre. His to-die-for tone can’t be denied. 

Blake calls them two incredible vocalists. SPOILER ALERT! He singles out Funsho for extra compliments. Deandre sang the hell of the song, says JHud. She felt Funsho really embodied the spirit of the song. Kelly would go with Deandre, but thinks the choice will be hard. Adam Chooses Deandre. Blake Steals Funsho. Blake calls putting the two together one of Adam’s biggest “bonehead” moves.

And that’s a wrap on the The Voice season 15 Blind Auditions! See ya next Monday for the Knockouts premiere. Basketcase Mariah Carey is set as Key Advisor.


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