The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 2
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The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 2

The Voice season 19 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Gwen Stefani rejoins the panel after a season off. Carson Daly returns as host. We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

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The Voice Recap Season 19 Blind Auditions 2

Taryn Papa – Anyway by Martina McBride – 30 – Nashville TN – She learned piano before becoming a singer, playing with what amounted to a family band. Her beloved grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer during her high school years, and they were able to connect through music. That experience led her to love the storytelling aspects of country music. Currently, she fronts a band in Nashville. She plays at Blake’s Ole Red club. It takes a minute, but Blake hits his button first…while blocking Kelly. She doesn’t note it right away. Gwen turns next. Taryn kind of loses her train of thought once chairs turn. She seems overwhelmed! But otherwise, she is a classic country belter. Taryn points out that Kelly is blocked. Blake denies it, natch. Gwen tries to woo Taryn after learning that the singer covered her songs in high school. But I have a feeling there isn’t a contest here. Blake thinks there are no belters in country music right now coughgabbybarrettcoughcough. And, unsurprisingly, Taryn picks Blake – Blake, Kelly and Gwen turn, Blake blocks Kelly, Taryn picks Blake

Liam St. John – Sex & Candy by Marcy Playground – 29 – Spokane WA – His real name is Shannon. He changed it because it didn’t feel “cool.” His mom has been his biggest champion. He pursued sports first, including long jumping. He competed overseas, but didn’t make the Olympics. At that point, he switched to music. He formed a band, and eventually opened up for bigger bands. I’m not going to lie. He came off kinda pretentious in his package. But he’s got an interesting vocal tone. He seems a little nervous though. It takes a minute, but Blake turns, and then Gwen, which Blake is not happy about! He can’t believe only 2 coaches turned for him. I’m not surprised. That performance was a little shaky. John didn’t connect with the song. Gwen calls his voice rich, and loved his rock growls. Blake brags that he can pronounce “Spokane,” while Gwen cannot. Unbothered, Liam picks Gwen. She does a victory dance! – Blake and Gwen turn. Liam picks Gwen

Faye Moffett – Anyone by Demi Lovato – 35 – Tulsa OK – She’s been kicking around Tulsa for several years, playing gigs. It’s been tough since the pandemic hit. Her hardworking mom introduced her to music, and has been her biggest champion. At 10, she performed for Rosa Parks. She performs the Demi Lovato hit with only piano accompaniment, which exposes everything. Her tone and range are good, but she’s pitchy. It’s probably why nobody turns. Her husband watches over Zoom. John felt she didn’t nail the runs. Gwen also compliments her voice, but wasn’t feeling “that exact thing.” Blake notes that her dominant vibrato needed to be calmed down. Kelly was looking for more emotion. – No Turns

Aaron Scott – Hemorrhage (In My Hands) by Fuel –  36 – Tomah WI – He’s a rock singer who fronts a hometown band. His day job is teaching middle school. His first hand experience battling depression informs his specialty–teaching kids with emotional problems.  Music helped him a lot. He becomes emotional talking about his three little boys. He seems like an earnest guy, but is this the 90s or what? He’s a solid rock singer, but his style and material are way dated. Blake and surprisingly, John, hit their buttons. If this dude isn’t versatile, he won’t make it far. Gwen didn’t know the song! Shocking, to be honest. Even me, an old lady, knows that song. Blake impersonates Aaron’s rock chops. It’s almost mocking. John notes that he turned first. Gwen jokes that 90s songs “trigger” her. I wonder why. Blake does his geography brag, before insisting that he loves rock. John and Blake turn. Aaron picks Blake

Madeline Consoer – Girl by Maren Morris – 24 – Eagle River WI – In her video package, Madeline shares how boring quarantining for two weeks can be (everybody had to quarantine and test per COVID-19 protocols).  She’s a daddy’s girl. But both her parents are “super-supportive.” After spending spring break in Nashville, Madeline decided to move there. She misses her family a lot. As far as her performance is concerned, she has a very pure tone, with a hint of rasp. Nice. Her rendition is more rock than country, and I like it. Kelly turns, and blocks Blake. But he doesn’t turn, nor does Gwen or John, which is surprising, actually. Ohh. Blake saw Kelly block him. That’s why he didn’t turn. Gwen watched Blake’s maneuver and got distracted. In the end, Madeline admits she would have chosen Kelly anyway. “I can’t hug you, because it’s 2020 and everything is a trash can,” jokes Kelly – Only Kelly turns. She attempted to block Blake

Cami Clune – Skinny Love by Birdy – 20 – Buffalo NY – She wants to work with Gwen and thinks John would also be a good fit because they both play piano. Music and art has been in her life since age 4, including theater and dance. At 15, daily headaches led to a diagnoses for a connective tissue disease. She had to quit dance. Singing filled the void. But if singing was her second love, it’s not a loss. She’s a terrific vocalist. Kelly turns immediately, and blocks Blake. Gwen and John turn next. Blake hits his button last. Oops. Blocked. I wonder if he knew it, and decided to go to get it out of the way, figuring he’d lose in any case.  Cami’s tone is very pretty, her head voice is glorious. John calls her performance “mesmerizing.” She reminds me a little of Maelyn Jarmon. Gwen sells hard. She can help Cami find her inner voice. Kelly notes her ethereal and angelic tone. Blake calls Kelly evil for blocking him. But in the end, she picks John. Kelly realizes that she should have blocked John. “I’m an idiot!” she says. – 4 chair turn, Kelly blocks Blake, Cami chooses John

Parede Valente-Johnson – Crossroads by Cream –  28 – Eugene OR – Folks mess up his name, often. He works on a hemp farm with his cousin. They grow for textiles and medicines. He loves working on the family farm, but also loves music. He did musical theater in high school. Oh. The Voice is his first real gig as a musician. He’s doing the southern rock thing. His voice is very growly, but not especially unique. He’s another dated sounding singer. If Blake doesn’t turn, no one will. And he gets no turns. Kelly felt it stayed too linear. Blake and John felt the performance stayed on 10 and needed some variation.  – No Turns

Ryan Gallagher – The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion – 31 – Ada Mi – It’s another opera singer, but not nearly as interesting as John from the premier. He sings “They Prayer” in Italian, and Kelly begins to lose it. It takes a bit, but Kelly hits her button. She’s melting. Blake turns, probably just to mess with her. “That’s what I’ve been wanting, an Opry singer!” Oh gosh. Kelly calls his voice “magical.” He’s been performing classical and standards as a paid singer, all over the world. His mom has multiple sclerosis. The pandemic has been scary. Blake claims Ryan would be the third opera singer on her team. Well. two. Blake entices him to “shock” people and choose him. Kelly swears she has no opera singers on her team. Erm. Except for John the counter-tenor? Ryan picks Kelly. We needed a commercial break for that bit of non-suspense? Blake admits that he really really enjoyed messing with Kelly – Kelly and Blake turn Ryan chooses Kelly

Chloe Hogan – What the World Needs Now is Love by Jackie DeShannon – 20 – Orlando FL – She’s been singing and playing piano since age 9. She did an urban showcase, singing her original songs, in front of 3,000 people. Her late grandfather was musical, but his voice box was removed before she was born. Gwen hits her button right away. Chloe adds her own spin to the classic song, with some very interesting phrasing. Nice runs, not overdone. She’s a little…quiet? She needs to hit more big notes to get the turns. She lives in Nashville now. Kelly said some pitch things kept her from turning. Blake predicts Gwen will assign Anita Baker songs to her. Gwen is shocked that she’s only 20. Gwen wants to help bring “more of you out.”- Only Gwen turns

Kiari Mhoon – Wanted by Hunter Hayes – 26 – Fayetteville NC – He’s a sergeant in the army. He calls being in the army being part of the world’s biggest team. He danced as a kid to deal with stress. He was talked into singing. Once he did, he was hooked. His family raised him on very little money. He joined the army to help them. Oh, he’s gay, and was totally accepted once he joined the service. He’s a vocalist in the army chorus. His husband is also in the army. His performance is edited down. I think he’s being highlighted for his backstory. This performance is super hyper. Also, not a great song choice. Kelly contemplates turning, but she does not. Blake felt the performance was too “all over the map.” John liked only parts of the song. Gwen calls him a diamond in the rough. Kelly felt his emotion, but felt that it needed to be tamed – No turns 

Sid Kingsley – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by Bob Dylan – 37 – Richmond VA – He grew up in a small town, Branchville. Music was his friend, it gave him calm and peace. He loathes flying, so he took a train to Los Angeles. A chubby kid, he played saxophone. His mom wants him to pick Blake. I’ve never heard this song played on the piano. Oh. It’s a very bluesy arrangement. I wasn’t expecting so much soul. He reminds me a bit of Gregg Allman. He’s very good. Blake, John and Gwen turn. I’m a little surprised Kelly didn’t hit her button. John heard power, soul and clarity. Gwen calls his strength and confidence “shocking.” Kelly was waiting for more ache and vulnerability. Blake loves his cool laid back confidence. John can help him show more “tenderness.” Mom appears on screen at Blake’s request. “Do not disappoint your mother!” he says. But Sid has his own mind. He picks John – John, Gwen and Blake turn – Sid picks John.

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