The Voice 9 Top 9 Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Voice 9 Top 9 Results Live Blog -- Pictured: Jeffery Austin -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 9 Top 9 Results Live Blog

The Voice 9 Top 9 Results Live blog! Join us as we report which FIVE contestants will leave the competition and which FOUR will advance to next week’s final.

Let the BLOOD BATH begin! The Voice 3 winner, Cassadee Pope and Dolly Parton are set to perform.

Check out our recap from last night’s The Voice Top 9 performance, and check out our polls and predictions.

Which members from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Gwen Stefani and Team Pharrell Williams will advance tonight?  Stick around to find out.

Cassadee Pope kicks off the night with a performance of her latest single “I Am Invincible.”  This song has been around for months, but it’s cool that the season 3 winner was able to perform it on The Voice stage.  Carson comes out to greet her and congratulate her on a Peoples Choice nomination.

Dolly finally mentors the Top 9. She talks to them assembled as a group. The star tells them not to worry about what happens tonight. She shared how she wrote 9 to 5 and complimented Emily Ann on her rendition. She talked about pre-show nerves and how she copes with homesickness. She obviously watched their performances last night.

Carson announces that they had the most votes in the history of The Voice, and of course, eight contestants in the iTunes Top 10. The most ever.

The Top 10 are ready to hear the results. Carson will reveal the contestants who are safe in no particular order. From Team Adam. I WONDER WHO IT COULD BE???  DUH. It’s Jordin Smith WHAT A SURPRISE. Hm.

We cut to a Nissan commercial featuring Adam Levine. Whoopie!

Carson calls Adam “competitive.” He’s assuring his contestants, that it doesn’t matter what happens tonight. They’ve come so far! Gwen is “nurturing” according to Carson. COUGH. She really wants her team members to be in the final. They deserve it! She’s wearing pennies. Lucky pennies.

The eight remaining artists take the stage again. More dumb questions. Amy says she’s learned that nothing truly great happens alone. That’s what The Voice taught her.  The next artist advancing to the Final Four is…from Team Blake…Emily Ann Roberts. Not shocking either.

Dolly Parton takes the stage to perform her classic country hit, “Coat of Many Colors.” It’s the title of the NBC movie she’s shilling. Yes. She’s on the show for a reason, and it’s not that she and Blake are BFFs. Dolly, of course, is a QUEEN. She thought the semi-finalists were so sweet and nice and talented! She thinks a couple of them will go on to great things. Her autobiographical movie airs on Thursday at 8 pm.

That was sweet. Now, TIME TO KILL SOME DREAMS. Braiden’s advice to kids like him who might be considering The Voice. JUST TRY IT! I thought it was a waste of gas money, he says. I wish we had gotten to know Braiden beyond his singing. He seems like a hilarious kid. And, your third finalist is….Barrett Baber. WTF WTF WTF. Blinks. Are you kidding me?

The six remaining artists take the stage. Carson announces the three artists, in no particular order, who will sing for the save. The bottom 3 will leave The Voice.

Jeffery Austin, Madi Davis, and Zach Seabaugh will sing for the save!

Amy Vachal, Shelby Brown and Braiden Sunshine are eliminated. I REPEAT AMY VACHAL IS ELIMINATED.

Zach Seabaugh – Live Like You Were Dying – Mediocre country singer is mediocre. This performance has all the energy of an afternoon nap. C’mon people you know what to do. And it’s not vote for Zach. Blake calls Zach a star. BLAH BLAH BLAH. And a great country singer. No. He wants ANOTHER of his team members in the finale. NO.

Madi Davis – Don’t Dream It’s Over – She’s keeping it simple. Emphasis on her vocals. She seems a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be. I love the way she plays with melody. Her riffs are always full of surprises. She’s hitting a few clunkers here, but I can’t imagine the pressure she’s under. She tears up after. She knows she blew it. It wasn’t a full on meltdown like Korin had last week, but she had some seriously shaky, pitchy moments in that performance. Dang. Pharrell says it’s a pleasure to have worked with her. America loves you, he says. “This is a Madi Davis night tonight! Please don’t cry.” Why aren’t you asking people to vote for her? Pharrell. Worst. Advocate. Ever.

Jeffery Austin – Make it Rain – Welp. Jeffery is killing it. It’s the best performance of the three. No contest. He’s performing like it’s the last song he’ll ever deliver on God’s green earth. Wow. If Jeff had sung that song last night, it might have propelled him into the Top 3. Gwen is crying. “This is so obvious!” says Gwen. “If it doesn’t get voted through right now, it’s a crime.” For once, I agree with Gwen.

Time to vote.


Your fourth finalist, instantly saved by America…JEFFERY AUSTIN YASSSS.

My brain. Not comprehending these results. The big surprises: Barrett Baber advancing into the Top 3, and Amy Vachal eliminated in the bottom 3. I thought that girl was a contender Zach and Barrett advancing past Amy Vachal? HAVE WE ENTERED AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Country fans vote more than they download, and vice versa. That’s all I can come up with as an explanation. Maybe Amy wasn’t leading in votes at all this season, even when her songs charted high. Maybe country fans just hopped on their smart phones and computers to vote, and didn’t bother with the downloads. Maybe.

I have to say–Barrett’s arrangement of “Ghost” was a mess. Amy performed the best she has all season. I feel for her, because she really opened up her heart to the audience last night with her cover of “To Make You Feel My Love” in a way she hadn’t in previous weeks. That Zach had the opportunity to save himself after a middling performance of “The Climb” and Amy did not also blows my mind. Is Blake that much of a force on The Voice that his fans just mindlessly vote for his singers? Perversely, I’m going enjoy the inevitable crushing of Team Blake when Adam Levine’s Jordan Smith prevails next week. (Pssst. Adam Levine “VoiceSaveJeffery” during the voting window.)

I will say, I’m totally cool with Emily Ann Roberts in the finale. I would have preferred Madi Davis have that spot. But Blake’s young female country singer is hands down the best on his team. At least America twitter saved Jeffery Austin. He literally bled all over The Voice stage tonight. He deserved to advance.

The Voice 9 Final Four

Jordin Smith
Emily Ann Roberts
Barrett Baber
Jeffery Austin – Saved by America


Zach Seabaugh – Eliminated after Insta-Save singoff
Madi Davis – Eliminated after Insta-Save singoff
Amy Vachal
Braiden Sunshine
Shelby Brown

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