The Voice 3 – The Top 6 Performance – Recap and Video

PJ won’t be able to live blog The Voice this week…so you are stuck with me! The Top 6 perform!

The Top 6 are already center stage. Carson Daley introduces the coaches. Tonight the pressure doubles, because they sing TWICE. One song the artist’s chose, the other picked by their coaches. Carson chats with coaches. Cee Lo has been ill. He was not able to coach his team this week. Poor Christina is artist-less. Bummer. She’s going to sit back and allow herself to be entertained. She loves Cassadee Pope.

Pat Monahan from Train stood in for Cee Lo in the mentor sessions.

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Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo – “September” by Earth Wind and Fire – Pat pushes Nicholas to take some risks with his range. Ha ha. I like the disco dancers on the platform! That performance had me dancing in my chair, NO LIE. Nicholas’s blue eyed soul is so unusual and totally effortless. Good stuff. Adam says, “You have an [identity] in spades. I would have liked to hear more of your lead in the chorus.” Blake says, “Cee Lo is the only person who turned around for you! You are such an important part of this show.” Christina says, “I see you truly gain more confidence as the show progresses. I’d like to see you be more adventurous.” Cee Lo says, “Adam made a good point about the hook part.” Whoa, Cee Lo throwing a little shade on his guy! 1-855-864-2301 or Sprint text 1 to 8642

Cassadee Pope – Team Blake Shelton – “Stand” by Rascal Flatts – Blake gives her a country song, and Cassadee is glad, because country music tells such a great story. This is a country song? Really? The arrangement is very pop. Nevertheless, it’s a good song choice. It’s right for her range and hits all the right emotional buttons. Uh. What’s with the glow sticks in the audience. That is damn annoying. She hits the perfect money note on the bridge. I smell another Top 10 iTunes performance! She gets a standing ovation. Christina says, “I don’t mind being your co-coach supporter. You won me over. You’re on the money. All around true star of the show.” Adam says, “I think you won us all over. I kinda want to see something a little adventurous from you.” Blake says, “I want to continue seeing what you do perfectly. She made it her own, and it was amazing.” – 1-855-864-2302 or Sprint text 2 to 8642

Christine Millian BLAH BLAH in the Sprint whatever box.

Amanda Brown – Team Adam Levine – “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin – Amanda chose this song for herself. And a matter of fact, nobody has ever performed this song on the show before! It’s a straight-up old school song for Amanda, and she’s ripping it apart! She’s sensational. Whoa! She just let loose a fantastic, well placed riff. No oversinging here. Perfect! Blake says, “You’re a world class singer.” Cee Lo says, “I love, appreciate and adore all women. There’s nothing I enjoy more than to see a woman feel natural.” Adam says, “Seeing this happen for you is so exiting.” – 1-855-864-2303 or Sprint text 3 to 8642.

Terry McDermott – Team Blake Shelton – “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner – Blake suggests Terry strip the song way down. He performs with a piano and cello. Terry has a pure, strong voice that’s perfectly suited for classic rock. But. Zzzzz. This is very nice, but nothing special. How does he expect to function as a relevant artist in the record biz? Still, it was very sweet that he dedicated the performance to his family. He teared up a little when Cee Lo mentioned them in his critique. Christina says, “Blake has the strongest team tonight! I truly take the time to take my notes. It’s so effortless how you sing. You’re really amazing. I’d like to hear more tendernous in your low end.” Cee Lo says, “I thought it was a strong performance,” Adam says, “You always impress us. You blow us away.” Blake says, “We did the right thing. I want America to know how hard that was he did.” – 1-855-864-2304 or Sprint text 4 to 8642.

Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo – “Walking on Sunshine” Pat Monahan says he’s a Trevin fan. Oh boy. Cee lo chose a terrible song for Trevin. Hm. In rehearsal, it sounds out of his range. Although, I do agree that Trevin needs to be pushed out of his comfort zone. And on stage, he manages to put his own little twist on the song. It’s a dopey tune, but Trevin worked it out. Some really nice phrasing and ad libs from Trevin. That was more engaging than a few of the boring ballads he’s sung. Adam says, “On paper I was “what”, but you came out here and totally changed my mind. That’s the genius of Cee Lo.” Blake says, “I love it when you…hit one of those big notes. Gosh dang it it’s good.” Cee Lo says, “It made me feel so much better to see you happy and moving. I hope you get it now. I think you did a great job.” – 1-855-864-2305 or Sprint text 5 to 8642.

Melanie Martinez – Team Adam Levine – Crazy by Gnarles Barkley – This song is NEVER EVER been sung on competition reality shows, because Danger Mouse has always blocked it. But, when Melanie asked, Cee Lo had a little pull. Melanie tinkles on a little toy piano throughout the song. Hm. This is kind of pitchy dawg! She’s just under pitch throughout most of the song. She’s interesting, but precious by half. It’s a little annoying. I find it ironic that one of the few singers who managed to get the song cleared essentially butchered the song. Christina says, “You got the best props. You had a cool lullaby effect. It was a hair under a lot.” Cee Lo says, “You and Adam have such great taste in music! I think you did a great job.” Adam says, “There were some pitch issues, but who cares.” He believes that her artistry transcended the musicality. Uhm. Not for me. That was painful to listen to. – 1-855-864-2306 or Sprint text 6 to 8642.

Terry McDermott – Stay With Me by Rod Stewart – Blake chose this song for Terry. Miranda does the song in concert. Terry says it pushes his vocal range right to the edge. Again, Terry has a strong, solid performance. But he’s basically a very high end karaoke singer. He doesn’t bring anything new or interesting to the table. If he was singing in a pub, I would not get up to leave. But I wouldn’t plunk down money to buy his record. Cee Lo says, “Terry you are the real thing. I’m a big fan of yours.” Adam says, “You are probably the most consistent singer.” Blake says, “That laser pitch that you have…but you combine it with passion. You make it seem easy.”

Trevin Hunte – “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – Aaaaad Trevin chooses a cliched ballad. Hooray. “I hope Jennifer Hudson never hears that,” says Pat, “because she’ll quit the business.” Uhm. I don’t think so dude. The only advice Pat has for Trevin is be more vulnerable. I hate the way the arrangers chopped up this song. Well. At least Trevin hit all the notes. Good for him. He gets a big standing O. That song is a showstopper when it’s performed right. I’m just kinda burnt out on it at this point. One of those singing show songs that need to be banned, stat. Adam says, “That’s one of the best performances I’ve seen on the show, maybe ever.” Blake says, “That was like a full 2 minute moment. That was just full on..incredible.” Christina says, “It’s about an emotion..there’s something about you that’s so magical.” Christina would love to take him on the road. Cee Lo says, “I would like a moment of silence to mourn the loss of the competition. That was so remarkable. Thank you so much for blessing me with that.”

Amanda Brown – “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake – Team Adam – I prefer Amanda when she performs rock music. This is not a song that I love, but she smashes it for the most part. She hits one killer note–not quite on target, but it is still impressive. There’s a place on radio for a credible pop/rock/r&b hybrid like Amanda. She’s my favorite to win, but she won’t. Christina says, “Great job Amanda.” Cee Lo says, “Wonderful performance. You’re just as compassion and fierce as ever.” Adam says, “This was a risk and a strange choice…but it suits you. Look how much range you have as a singer.”

Christina talks to Nicholas who reveals that he prescribed a bunch of weird alternative remedies to Adam and Blake to treat an oncoming cold. Uhm. OK.

Melanie Martinez – “The Show” by Lenka – Adam says that it’s OK to be 17 once in awhile, so he gives her a light hearted tune. This is a great song piick for Melanie. But OMG, this stupid staging and the dumb bow in her hair just pushes the quirk to the breaking point. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.  I CAN’T with these cheesy cardboard stage props. Oh look. There’s a cardboard swimming dolphin! MAKE IT STOP NOW I WANT TO KILL MYSELF. Thanks a bunch!  Blake says, “You sang it good, I’m just questioning the connection to the song.” Christina says, “It was very cute. I hope you had fun with that. I want to see you do a throwback, Fiona Apple.”  OMG. Christina begins signing. If looks could KILL. She’d be so dead. Cee lo says, “I enjoyed it. That’s probably one of the most colorful stage sets.” Adam admits the stage idea was his and Melanie’s. AND HE’S WILLING TO ADMIT THAT.

Cassadee Pope – “I’m With You” by Avril Lavign. Cassadee chooses this song and dedicates it to Blake. He thinks she could have a “Voice moment” with it. Cassadee has a solid pop rock voice. It’s no wonder the coaches love her. She’s also singing the snot out the song. Although, she’s not changing it up enough to REALLY make it her own. For that reason, I prefer her first performance. Still, I suspect it will do well on iTunes. I prefered her Cee Lo says, “You’ve had an impeccable track record. Great job.” Adam says, “That was my favorite. There were so many awesome opportunities to go off. Fantastic job.” Blake says, “You can’t teach somebody how to have connection with a song. She has the ability to sing, really really good.”

Nicholas David – “Over The Rainbow” – Nicholas chose this classic tune, because it’s his favorite song.  And it’s a pleasant take, but the arrangement is not knocking my socks off. Again, just like “And I Am Telling You” it may be singing competition song fatigue at work.  Nicholas wants to do his own take, yet keep the essence of the song because it is such a classic. Adam says, “I love what you do every time. I’m always wondering what you’re going to do next.” Blake says, “That was magic, and that was beautiful.” Congratulations.” Cee Lo wishes his friend, “Mr Beans” Happy Birthday. Alrighty. “I’m a strong supporter of you,” he tells Nicholas.

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