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The Voice 23 Carlos Rising
Pictured: Carlos Rising — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

The Voice season 23 premiere week is in the books, and that means it’s time to VOTE in our FIRST The Voice poll of the season! (Read our Recap)

The Voice will stop airing Tuesday episodes after April 4

But first a correction. Apologies for my lack of attention to detail. In an earlier announcement, NBC noted that The Voice Tuesday episodes would begin at 9 pm ET/PT, which did not register with me at the time. Or some other folks either, because fans were searching for a schedule, and landed on our The Voice 23 Full schedule, which I quickly amended.

But while confirming the dates and times, I noticed that at the end of February, NBC announced that game show, The Wall would replace The Voice on Tuesdays beginning April 11.

People, this cycle of The Voice is slim, slim, slim! Only 18 episodes. What’s more, the first week of lives (May 15)–which is probably some kind of semifinal–does not have a Tuesday results show scheduled! It appears that The Voice will conduct real time voting, akin to the instant vote, to determine the finalists. Check out the amended schedule below.

The Voice 2023: Full Season 23 Schedule (Updated 3/7)

No dramatic backstories!

Onto discussing premiere week. After three straight weeks of emotional stories on American Idol: Singers barely escaping death! Tragically losing parents! Parents coming out to kids! And more! The Voice’s lack of dramatic backstories is notable.

Most folks talked about their families. Or how they got away from music, and are finding their way back. NOIVAS shared that his grandfather grew up in the segregated south, but even that story was framed as kind of upbeat! And this is a man who has a dramatic story–his older brother was murdered in a Texas hate crime. A horrific story he shared during Hollywood Week in 2014.

While I’m fine with American Idol’s reliance on emotional backstories. If fact, they help viewers bond to contestants over the course of the season. But I’m also perfectly OK with no backstories as well. There is a singing show style for everyone! But even by The Voice standards, the stories this season are relatively dry.

The new coaches are off to a good start

On night 2, The Voice made history bringing back a chair turner as a member of a group. Jej Vinson’s reunion with his coach Kelly Clarkson was fun. Good thing she turned. And good thing they picked her. Jej has a jacket to add to his collection.

The Voice 23 Sheer Element
Pictured: Sheer Element — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

The new coaches are a fine addition. Niall Horan is extremely funny and charming and is enjoyable to watch. Chance the Rapper is more laid back, but I have a feeling once he starts working with his team, he’s going to be pretty great. The artists seem pretty focused on joining Team Vets–Kelly and Blake.

Speaking of Blake Shelton–be prepared for Blake, Blake and more Blake during what amounts to his farewell season. Although Blake has demonstrated an astounding lack of knowledge about music outside of country, I still gasped when he admitted he never heard Joni Mitchell’s CLASSIC “Both Sides Now” before. (Actually, Blake Busch points out that Season 13 runner up Addison Agen, performed the song in the semi-finals. I don’t think Blake is lying. He probably does not remember a performance from a singer not on his team).

The best singers of the week: NOVOIS, Kala Banham, Tasha Jessen, Carlos Rising and Sheer Element. I enjoyed more performances on Night 2.

What did you think of The Voice premiere? Vote in our POLLS.

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