The Voice 22 Recap: Blind Auditions 5 Live Blog (Videos)

Pictured: Lana Love — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Pop star Camila Cabello joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

By the end of the Blind Auditions, a top 56 will emerge.

The winner receives a cash prize and a recording contract with Republic Records, among other announced prizes.

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Kique – 18 – Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston

Kique is from Miami, Florida and is Cuban American. Just like Camila! He’s excited that she’s on the show. Not only does Kique love music, but he also collects all manner of reptiles. He owns 30! Also he identifies as bisexual. Music helped him find a place in the world. Surprisingly, Blake turns first. He sounds like The Drifters, only modern. Gwen turns next. He seems like the kind of artist John would like. Not shocked Camila didn’t turn–he’s probably too old-fashioned for her.

Gwen and Blake vow to fight for Kique. Blake admits that he doesn’t know who Sean Kingston is. But Gwen knows. He quickly realizes he’s probably the wrong coach for Kique. Camila regrets not turning, in addition to advocating for Gwen. After mispronouncing his name (oops), Gwen gushes that he has the kind of voice that she loves. Kique picks Gwen – Gwen and Blake turn, Kique picks Team Gwen

Hillary Torchiana – 34 – Easy on Me by Adele

The West Chester, Pennsylvania native has been singing for as long as she can remember. But she had a plan B, until a house fire took her belongings, cat and her dog. She lived in a hotel for awhile. It took a few years to get over the trauma. But then she decided to focus on things that make her happy. Now, se has a band, and a fiance. She has a pretty tone, which Blake turns for right away. It’s hard to cover Adele, who is such a great singer. Hillary displays solid phrasing, but falls short on a recognizable song. She doesn’t get more turns.

Camila notes how difficult it is to cover Adele. Hillary says her fiance reminds her of Blake. And the two will dance to one of Legend’s songs at their wedding. With that, her partner comes out on stage to meet everyone. Gwen claims she didn’t turn because she felt sorry for Blake. He admits he didn’t recognize the song…again! But he heard a little “twang” in her voice. She says, “you’re not wrong.” – Only Blake turns

Manu – 18 – Shallow by Lady Gaga

Manu reveals that she’s “no stranger to The Voice.” She was on The Voice Kids on Telemundo at 11 (which is an NBC/Universal property). She was also on The Voice Kids Colombia at 14. Her parents are from Colombia. They came to America not knowing English. They worked as janitors. She gets a lengthy video package, but her performance is a bit edited. probably because nobody turns. Maybe she had some pitch problems.

Blake was waiting to hear some softer moments. He says she started singing on “10.” He’s a little sorry he didn’t hit his button. John feels she needed to put her own artistic flair on the song. Good voice, but she needed to develop her artistry. John thinks she’s a candidate to come back. – No Turns

The Marilynds – Sister Duo – Casey 30, Lindsay 34 – What if I Never Get Over You by Lady A

Marilynds is not this sister duo’s last name. It’s a take on Maryland, their home state. Also, they both served as Miss Maryland at different pageants. The two have been performing together their whole lives. John turns first for the country duo. Camila is next. They don’t sing the fluid harmonies expected from siblings. They have nice, but not exceptional voices, which is probably why Blake does not turn.

The two become very emotional. Camila says auditioning for a singing show changed her life (again!). The two admit that they fantasized about singing in ball gowns, with John at the piano. Camila says she was in a girl group and knows harmony and arrangement “like the back of my hand.” John claims he’s been arranging for groups since he was a kid. Blake says he didn’t turn because he already has a country duo. Camila hits her button “shutting off” John’s spotlight, which prompts John to stand up in front of her chair. OH THE HIJINKS. In the end, they choose John. Their old-fashioned vibe is probably better suited for John’s experience. – Camila and John turn, The Marilynds pick Team Legend

SOLsong – Turning Tables by Adele

The soulful singer with the pretty falsetto is montaged and gets a turn from John Legend, – Only John Turns

Kara McKee – Woodstock by Joni Mitchell

She’s got a really interesting voice. It’s a raspy Americana sound with a folky tinge. She’s straight out of the 60s. I’d love to hear the full audition. But she only gets one turn, from John – Only John Turns

Zach Newbould – 19 – Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

Zach grew up watching The Voice. He’s from Northborough, Massachusetts, which is close to Worcester. He calls the town “very suburban,” and claims that he’s the only musician in the family. His dad wants to have a beer with Blake. He performans a piano-driven version of the song. It’s a good arrangement for his sweet, pretty tone. But he’s got a hint of rasp. Gwen and Camila turn at the same time. Mid-song, the tempo picks up. Suddenly it’s dancey, and his rasp really comes out. He looks like a Tik Tok guy. 

Gwen wonders if Blake or John is “drunk or something” not turning around. Camila calls Zach’s tone “amazing” before mentioning AGAIN that she competed on a talent show. He notes his nerves, and she can relate. Gwen thinks she can help him with his nerves and stage presence. “I was in a band for 9 years.” Again, Gwen is finally admitting that she’s been an artist way longer than her fellow coaches. Blake notes that Camila has never won The Voice. Duh. “Your vulnerabilities were my vulnerabilities and they are no longer my vulnerabilities,” says Camila. That’s a mouthful. Zach picks Camila! Gwen and Camila turn. Zach picks Team Camila

Lana Love – 30 – Candy by Mandy Moore

Lana performs a slowed down rendition of Mandy Moore’s old hit. She has a a rangy voice with a pretty head tone. Her phrasing and stage presence is very assured. John turned right away. She sings up in her whistle range, and still nobody turned? Kind of surprised! She works at a dog rescue in Glendale. She loves retro fashion, opera and musical theater. Maybe the other coaches found her too theatrical? Her grandmother, who helped raise her, passed away last year.

Lana met John while catering an event at the Apollo. The coaches are very complimentary, even though they did not turn. Blake says he didn’t turn because nobody beats John. That hasn’t even been the narrative this season. Weird flex there, Blake. – Only John turned

Daysia – 17 – Crazy by Patsy Cline

She has a fraternal twin and was raised in Leavenworth, Kansas by a single mom. Tragically, her mother’s boyfriend killed her with his car. Terrible. The twins moved in with her mother’s sister and husband. They encouraged her to sing. I was not expecting this young Black singer to choose a retro country song. It’s an interesting choice. She has a nice tone, but she hasn’t developed much in the way of dynamics yet. She’s still a litte unformed. But finally Blake and Gwen hit their buttons. 

Camila says “You sound like a grown-**s woman.” Blake says, “You look like a star…I’m a fan.” In this instance, he doesn’t feel right fighting for her. Daysia seems more excited about Gwen turning than Blake. “I’m a little bit intimidated by you!” says Blake. He seems to be throwing Daysia to Gwen. And Daysia chooses Team Gwen – Blake and Gwen turn, Daysia picks Team Gwen. 

Conner Sweeny 23 – Ain’t Worth the Whiskey by Cole Swindell

He’s originally from South Carolina, but lives in Nashville now. He started a band in high school. It was the beginning of the band he plays in now. They tour all over the south east. He’s a big Blake Shelton fan.  He sings with a pleasant, twangy tone. He’s a bit pitchy and trembly, which is why nobody turns, probably.

Blake says his verses were really good, but said he sounded nervous and pitchy in the chorus. He suggests that he keep working on it. Camila admits that she almost hit her button. John observes that the big notes in the chorus were problematic. Blake says he has a hard time coaching artists who deal with nerves. – No Turns

Ansley Burns – 15 – Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers

The name Ansley Burns may ring a bell with some fans. The South Carolina native competed on America’s Got Talent season 14 in 2019 and made it as far as the semi-finals. A video of her covering Carrie Underwood went viral after the American Idol alum tweeted about it. Ansley’s grandfather worked with Hank Williams Sr., so her country roots go deep. Blake is her Idol. She hopes he turns. Blake declares that he’s not hitting his button any more And then he hits his button. And then so does Gwen, but Blake blocks her. Weird timing to use the block. Actually, Ansley has a big range, but she’s hitting bum notes all over the place. The performance has high school assembly/pageant written all over it. She’s got potential, but she she still sounds young and raw. 

It really was a waste of a block. Ansley was going to pick Blake in any case. She performed the Leann Rimes version of the song, but it didn’t sound very country. She could have (or the show could have) picked a better song. Sometimes I wonder if production gives the coaches little notes like “you need to pay attention to this one, no matter what.” Because that performance was not turn worthy. 

Manassah Samone – 22 – Rescue by Lauren Daigle

The singer has been working as a pre-school teacher. She tries to instill self-worth in her kids, because as a child she lacked it. She becomes emotional talking about that time in her life. She sounds lovely in her lower register. She’s a strong alto singer. There are a few wobbles here and there, but she’s passionate. Next to the last audition is usually a no turn. And indeed, it is. If she sang earlier, she would have probably gotten a turn.

Gwen is sorry she didn’t get a turn. John compliments her vibrato, which he says is so big, it pulled her off the notes. Blake suggests that she audition again. Nobody recognized the song. I didn’t really either, except I thought when I heard it “this sounds like a Lauren Daigle song.”  – No Turns

Bodie – 29 – You Found Me by The Fray

NBC dropped this audition last week. His dad was a touring bass player, and his mother also sang. When his mom became a pastor, he began to lead worship. At 15, he was diagnosed with Alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles. All of his hair fell out. He became completely bald–even lost his eyebrows. He used music as therapy. His hair eventually grew back. It’s thin, but grew back white instead of brunette. After high school, he got married and has three kids now. The California boy would love to work with Gwen. He does some interesting things with the melody. The arrangement is very jazzy. And his vocal has a big pop flare. Eventually all four chairs turn and a fight ensues. 

Blake really wants him but feels at a disadvantage. He plays the “I hit my button first” card. He likes that The Voice has a bunch of rock-influenced artists this year. He really wants this one. “Everybody is going to remember you,” says Blake. Gwen compliments his tone, calling it “rare.” She’d love to work with his alternative side. John, however, notes his soulful side. “You really do stand out.” Blake begs until the end. And it works. Bodie picks Blake – 4-chair turn- Bodie picks Team Blake


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