The Voice 22 Live Blog Top 13 Results – Top 10 Revealed!

The Voice
Pictured: (l-r) Eric Who, Alyssa Witrado, Devix, Kique, Carson Daly — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Live Top 13 results are coming your way. In what’s sure to be a tension filled night, the Top 10 finalists will be revealed LIVE.

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Who from Team Blake Shelton, Team Gwen Stefani, Team John Legend and Team Camila Cabello will make the cut? After last night’s viewer vote, nine artists will be declared safe. Next, the bottom 4 singers will perform for America’s vote in the Instant Save. The winner will round out the Top 10.

Additionally, Blake Shelton and Camila Cabello will perform with their teams.

Host Carson Daly has Laryngitis. OH NOES. But he’s here. What a champ.

FIrst up, Blake Shelton performs “Southern Nights” with his team Bryce Leatherwood, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lape and Bodie. Bryce sounds good on a song suited to him. Rowan and Brayden are a little shaky. And Bodie doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with the song. Overall, that was not great.

Time for results! The Top 13 take center stage. BUT FIRST VERY DUMB QUESTIONS FROM CARSON. Dude, you should save your voice. When asked what message he wished to relay to fans last night with his song pick, the Team Gwen singer exclaimed, “Eric can actually sing!” referring to himself in third person. Justin wants viewers to know that there is hope to all who suffer from depression. The first three artists SAFE are: From Team Gwen, Justin Aaron, from Team Blake, Bryce Leatherwood and America also saved, from Team Legend, Omar Jose Cardona.

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cruse, Omar Jose Cardona, Parijita Bastola — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

And even more results: For Devix, breaking loose is hard, and his coach Camila helped with that. He really wants to be present while performing. Kique thanks his band teacher and all inspiring teachers who have helped creative people reach their goals. America saved from Team Blake, Bodie. America also saved, from Team Camila, Morgan Myles. America also saved, from Team Blake, Rowan Grace! There goes one of my predictions. Felt sure she would have to sing in the Instant Save.

The Voice
Pictured: (l-r) Bodie, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lapen, Morgan Myles — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Blake talks about his fifth movie for the Hallmark Channel. It’s based on a song he wrote with his mother. Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas is the name of the telefilm.

Now Camila Cabello takes the stage singing The Turtles’ “Happy Together” with her team Eric Who, Morgan Myles and Devix. This is an upgrade from Team Blake’s performance, I gotta say.

The seven remaining artists take the stage. Brayden will take all of Blake’s feedback into his future career. America saved from Team Legend, Kim Cruse! YEAH! America also saved, Braydon Lape from Team Blake. America also saved Parajita Bastola.

Devix, Eric Who, Alyssa Witrado and Kique will sing for the Instant Save! Man, either Camila or Gwen will lose TWO singers tonight. Harsh.

Eric Who – Team Camila – The Climb by Miley Cyrus – It’s surprising that Eric didn’t choose to burn up the stage tonight with an outrageous performance. His stage presence and ability to entertain are much better than his vocal ability. This is a very pitchy performance. And performing first? Forget it. He’s going home. Honestly, Camila had no business saving this guy. John has loved watching Eric exude joy and gratitude. Camila felt his heart in the performance. It’s hard to beg for votes when two of her artists are in danger.

Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen – Ocean Eyes – This poor kid. She needed a few more years to bake more fully. In a few years, she may grow into a great singer. But not yet. Gwen couldn’t resist advancing a young singer who reflected her ego. Just say no to mini-mes! Blake shares that Carson’s daughter told him that Alyssa was her favorite. Gwen loves her voice so much. “I wish we had more time.” Uh. You should be begging for Kique, girlfriend.

Devix – When You Were Young by The Killers – Alternative singers usually don’t last long on The Voice. Really, American Idol would be a better fit for Devix, considering he’s a songwriter and musician. Having said that, he didn’t pick a good song this week. This well-known and well-loved Killers song would have been a better bet. Camila begs America to vote for Devix. “You would make a mistake to not let this voice through.” SORRY ERIC.

Kique – Earned it by The Weeknd – Admittedly, it’s surprising to find Kique fighting for his life. He performed “Superstition” credibly last night. Certainly, he turned in a better performance than Rowan did. But he performed first, which can be a difficult slot. He’s doing pretty great here and has a really good chance of nabbing this Instant Save. “Obviously Kique is going through America,” Gwen pleads. But what about your mini-me that you begged for just a few minutes ago? She’s really selling him.

Fans have FIVE MINUTES to vote on The Voice official app or

Eric thanks “Miss Mother Mila” He appreciates that SHE appreciates his over the top style. She says that a dramatic performer like him is needed in music right not. Alyssa thanks Mama Gwen. “Thank you for making little me’s dream come true.” Gwen thanks her for singing “Don’t Speak” for her blind audition. “I do believe in you outside of the show.” Devix calls Camila a “hell of a coach.” She says no matter what happens, he’s a huge talent. “Thank you for trusting me.” Gwen taught Kique how to be an artist, he says. Gwen calls his vocal style her “absolute favorite.”

And the winner of the Instant Save is Kique from Team Gwen. All four of Blake’s team members survived, while Camila has one one artist remaining. Good thing her artist, Morgan Myles, has an excellent chance of making the finale.

The Voice 22 Top 10

Justin Aaron – Team Gwen
Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake
Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend
Bodie – Team Blake
Morgan Myles – Team Camila
Rowan Grace – Team Blake
Kim Cruse – Team Legend
Braydon Lape – Team Blake
Parajita Bastola – Team Legend
Kique – Team Gwen – Wins the Instant Save


Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen
Eric Who – Team Camila
Devix – Team Camila

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