The Voice 22 Top 13 Poll Results and Elimination Predictions

Pictured: Alyssa Witrado — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice Top 13 LIVE PLAYOFFS RESULTS show airs tonight (Nov 22). At the end of the episode, The Voice season 22 Top 10 will be revealed.

The Voice 22 Recap: Top 13 Performances

Here is how it will work: The Top 9 artists will be revealed as safe by America’s vote while the bottom four compete in the Instant Save.

Additionally, Coaches Camila Cabello and Blake Shelton each perform with their teams.

Your The Voice 22 Top 13 Poll Results

You all have been voting in our POLLS since last night. Let’s see your results, and then I’ll make a prediction.

Favorite Top 13 Performance

Bodie’s performance is by far voters’ favorite, garnering over 25% of the vote! Morgan Myles and Justin Aaron are behind Bodie earning double digit percentages

  1. Bodie – (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers – Team Blake = 28.78%
  2. Morgan Myles – If I Were a Boy by Beyonce – Team Camila – 15.13%
  3. Justin Aaron – Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobb Leonard – Team Gwen – 10.39%
  4. Parijita Bastola – All I Ask by Adele – Team Legend  – 9.20%
  5. Omar Jose Cardona – In the Name of Love by Bebe Rexha, Martin Garrix – Team Legend – 7.12%
  6. Kim Cruse – Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson – Team Legend – 6.82%
  7. Kique – Superstition by Stevie Wonder  – Team Gwen – 6.23%
  8. Brayden Lape – Come Over by Kenny Chesney – Team Blake – 5.34%
  9. Devix – Are You Mine by Arctic Monkeys – Team Camila – 5.34%
  10. Bryce Leatherwood – Amarillo by Morning by George Strait – Team Blake – 3.86%
  11. Rowan Grace – The Winner Takes it All by ABBA – Team Blake – 1.19%
  12. Eric Who – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley – Team Camila – 0.30%
  13. Alyssa Witrado – Dreaming of You by Selena- Team Gwen – 0.30%

    Which 3 Contestants SHOULD go home

    Voters chose Alyssa Witrado, Eric Who and Rowan Grace as the artists who SHOULD and WILL leave the competition tonight.

    1. Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen – 27.88%
    2. Eric Who – Team Camila – 25.21%
    3. Rowan Grace – Team Blake – 8.79%
    4. Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – 7.76%
    5. Brayden Lape – Team Blake – 3.88%
    6. Devix – Team Camila – 3.76%
    7. Kique – Team Gwen – 2.55%
    8. Kim Cruse – Team Legend – 2.55%
    9. Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – 2.30%
    10. Morgan Myles – Team Camila – 1.70%
    11. Justin Aaron – Team Gwen – 1.70%
    12. Bodie – Team Blake – 1.09%
    13. Parijita Bastola – Team Legend – 0.85%

    Which 3 Contestants WILL go home

    Voters are more sure that Rown WILL go home than SHOULD go home: 8.79$ vs 20.65%. It’s worth noting that Eric or Rowan could deliver an incredible Instant Save performance that buys them at least another week. However, Alyssa is vocally out of her league on The Voice and is likely to go home no matter what.

    1. Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen – 30.27%
    2. Eric Who – Team Camila – 29.42%
    3. Rowan Grace – Team Blake – 20.65%
    4. Devix – Team Camila – 4.24%
    5. Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – 3.54%
    6. Kique – Team Gwen – 2.69%
    7. Kim Cruse – Team Legend – 2.26%
    8. Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – 1.84%
    9. Brayden Lape – Team Blake – 1.70%
    10. Parijita Bastola – Team Legend – 1.41%
    11. Morgan Myles – Team Camila – 0.85%
    12. Bodie – Team Blake – 0.57%
    13. Justin Aaron – Team Gwen – 0.57%


    I’m going with the voters to predict that Alyssa Witrado, Eric Who and Rowan Grace will leave the competition this week. But as I mentioned above, a fantastic Instant Save performance could buy another shot for Eric or Rowan. Devix is another contestant who could be in trouble, as he performed an obscure song this week.

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    1. Tbh, even though Rowan should go home, part of me is skeptical that any of team Blake will be in the bottom 4 tonight. Then again, it is a bottom 4 and he has 4 contestants as opposed to 3, so we will see.

    2. Years of watching The Voice, I predict that the Bottom 4 gonna be Alyssa, Eric, Devix and Kim with Kim winning IS.

    3. Years of watching The Voice, I predict that the Bottom 4 gonna be Alyssa, Eric, Devix and Kim with Kim winning IS.

    4. It’s analysis time:
      Bryce, bodie, Brayden, Justin, Parijita and Omar are safe; without a doubt in my mind. I think Morgan will be safe too; her numbers were a bit low but most people had low numbers and she’s been one of the producers favorites.
      Alyssa and Eric are locks for the bottom 4, and I highly doubt either of them survive. Let’s see how the other 4 contestants I haven’t mentioned fare:
      Rowan – weak performance, went early, but had decent numbers and is team Blake. I think she’ll be fine for this week but I can see her needing the instant save.
      Devix – also went early with an extremely obscure song choice that no one really knows. His numbers on social media were poor too. I think he’ll be in the bottom and I can’t see him winning the IS.
      Kique – was first to sing and I think he was rather forgettable if not bad. He may or may not need the IS, but due to competition I’m leaning towards the fact that he’ll need it. Granted, I wouldn’t be shocked if he escaped it either.
      Kim – Vocally great and had solid social media support compared to the others. I think she’s the least likely out of these 4 to need the IS. Will she win the IS? Absolutely. Will she need the IS? I don’t think so.
      TLDR: bottom 4 will be Alyssa, Devix, Eric and either Rowan, Kique or Kim, with my prediction being Kique. No matter what; I think Alyssa Devix and Eric will be leaving this week; leaving Camila with just Morgan already lmao.

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