The Voice 22 Recap: Top 13 Performances (VIDEO)

The Voice 22 - Parajita Bastola
Pictured: Parijita Bastola — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 22 Top 13 perform for America’s Vote, vying for a spot in the Top 10. For the first time this season, coaches Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, John Legend and Gwen Stefani will have NO SAY in the results. It’s all up to America. Carson Daly hosts!

The Voice 22 Top 13 Ranked – How Would You Rate The Artists?

VOTE on the NBC voice phone app or go to Fans have until tomorrow morning to vote for their favorites. The Top 13 will be revealed on Tuesday’s (Nov 13) very first results show!

The Top 13 singers will take the stage performing songs that changed their lives. And they’ll explain why.

Kique – Team Gwen Stefani – Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

A high school teacher introduced Stevie Wonder to Kique. Gwen helps the young singer shape the arrangement.

Kique isn’t changing the arrangement much. It’s tricky singing a very well known and beloved song. Change the arrangement too much, and fans will hate it. While it’s not the typical song transformation from Kique, the song suits his vocals, and proves that beyond the flash, he can actually sing. It’s a solid performance.

Camila felt Kique made the song his own. “You were having fun…I love that you challenge yourself.” Gwen calls him “amazing.” She was nervous at first. She notes that he “tweaked” the song with his personality. “You are a star.”

Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake Shelton – Amarillo by Morning by George Strait

Blake’s mom was mad that he put Bryce in danger. “I cut my teeth with this song in little tiny bars,” Bryce explained. He put together a band last year. “I don’t have one note!” Blake exclaimed after rehearsal.

Bryce’s country vocals are so classic, they border on generic. He would sound good on the radio. But he doesn’t do anything new with a classic George Strait song. But fans may love that! The singer is a reverent country music fan, and that counts for a lot.

John says he’s no country expert, but he feels it sounded “so perfect and natural…you’re in your comfort zone…a perfect execution of that song.” Blake feels like a stage mom. “I was so into that. I love George Strait, and I love Bryce.”

Devix – Team Camila Cabello – Are You Mine by Arctic Monkeys

Interesting song choice from Devix. He shares that the song pushed him to be more than an instrumentalist. America voted Devix through last week, will they vote him through again? Camila helps him work on his stage presence.

Choosing a song that large swaths of Voice fans have probably never heard is a HUGE risk. But kudos to Devix for staying true to the alt/rock artist that he is. There isn’t a ton of melody in the song, which might hurt him. Devix is a talented musician and an intriguing performer. Hopefully America sees it too and advances him to the next round. I’m going to vote this week.

Gwen calls his voice “ridiculous” and perfect for alternative. “You grew so much, it’s incredible,” she says. John thinks it was the right song to make the most of his vocals. Camila says, “You went superstar on this one. America has great taste. I feel like you’re a finalist on this season.” Hm. Probably not.

Rowan Grace – Team Blake Shelton – The Winner Takes it All by ABBA

Last week, Blake saved Rowan at the expense of Bryce, figuring he could win the Instant Save. And he did! She has performed The Winner Takes it All since she was 3 years old. Blake loves “working with the kid” he stole from his wife Gwen.

This performance is a little shaky, as she loses the pocket at times. The second half when she goes full voice is better. She’s also having pitch problems as her voice trails off at the end of lines. Not her best showing. The song is bigger than her voice. It’s not a good song choice for her.

John finds her voice “cool and interesting.” He appreciates her subtle touches and ease with the big notes. Blake mentions her unique sound and her knowledge of classic songs. “It’s so good.”

Omar Jose Cardona – Team John Legend – In the Name of Love by Bebe Rexha, Martin Garrix

A few years ago he was heading down a dark path. This song helped him climb out. This song is a chance for him to finally be vulnerable, which he has not been so far.

Omar finally chooses a song where he can dig deep and be more than just a powerhouse singer. This performance will keep him in the competition. He hits all the big notes in his powerful chest voice. Still floored that he never uses his head voice! He would be even better if he allowed himself softer moments. It’s not always about hitting the big notes (It’s a thing that another powerhouse singer, Adam Lambert, understands).

Camila loved seeing the emotion in his face. “This was something I was waiting for from you…vulnerability…rawness…really brave of you to share this.” John calls his voice “otherworldly.” He adds, “I wanted people to feel your heart.” Omar is literally in tears on stage.

Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen Stefani – Dreaming of You by Selena

Gwen saved her mini-me, Alyssa last week. She listened to this song when her grandfather passed away a few years ago, It taught her how to bring emotions into her singing. Gwen helps her with facial expressions and stage presence. “I want to be able to see your dreaming in your face.” Alyssa literally calls Gwen “mother.”

Alyssa doesn’t have big notes to hit…until the latter half of the song, and that’s when her pitch goes off. She really needs to work on that tuning. It’s a huge problem.

Camila appreciates her energy and charma. While the coaches typically layer on the praise at this stage of the competition, Camila actually admits that Alyssa[s vocals need more work. No kidding. Alyssa is underbaked. Gwen thinks that Alyssa got this far because of her spirit. Uhm No. Gwen kept advancing her despite bad singing. Now that it’s up to America, Alyssa could be toast.

Bodie – Team Blake Shelton – (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers

Blake’s sister is a big fan, apparently. Bodie creates a slower arrangement of what was his wedding song. It reminds him of the kind of husband he wants to be. Blake calls Bodie “a visionary.”

He plays with the melody quite a bit. The original is a march. Bodie transforms the song into a tender ballad. The arrangement builds into a lovely crescendo. Again, Bodie isn’t the best vocalist, but he makes the most of his vocals. He knows how to tell a story with his arrangements. He’s finale material.

The coaches are standing for him. “You are so unbelievably gifted,” says Gwen. “You have so much access to your heart.” Blake calls him different and brilliant. “This is your moment,” he says.

Kim Kruse – Team John Legend – Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson

Kim has always loved country music. After her grammy passed, the song took on new meaning. She was one of Kim’s biggest supporters. Criminally, John had to save Kim last week. “Stick pretty close to the melody,” John advises.

At this point in the competition, it’s smart for her to choose a song a little bit out of the box, rather than a classic R&B song. She adds her own touches without changing it up too much. It’s very soulful. Her rasp it powerful, effective. She’s bringing The Voice audience to church, but without being too over the top. She’s so tasteful!

The coaches are on their feet. Blake is sure they heard that up in the heavens. “I hear some Elvis in there, along with Willie. But when you sing it, it just becomes Kim.” John just lost his grandmother too. “That was so beautiful, so soulful. You honored the original song.”

Brayden Lape – Team Blake Shelton – Come Over by Kenny Chesney

Brayden will sing the Sam Hunt version. Sam was one of the first artists he ever covered on stage. He fell in love with performing. Blake calls Brayden “naturally gifted at performing.” He advises the singer to not be “too laid back.”

Brayden advanced via America’s votes last week, while Bryce did not. Bryce is a better singer, but Brayden has a very appealing innocence about him. He’s an open book–a country teen heartthrob. It’s not one of his best performances–dynamically he goes in an out. But his winsomeness will probably save him.

“You really don’t have to do much,” observes Gwen. People love his purity, she notes correctly. Blake says, “You have a solid country voice. You have a future. You have it all.”

Eric Who – Team Camila Cabello – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Camila saved Eric last week because he puts on such a great show. The song reminds him of his first love. He hopes a more subtle performance impacts The Voice viewers. Camila calls it a “smart choice.” She wants him to countrify it. “Eric has got to win over America” Camila says.

Eric wants to show America that he can sing. Can he sell a song sitting on a stool? Not really. His vocals are average. Without the razzmatazz, he falls flat. He struggles in his lower register. He took a big risk that doesn’t pay off. He does some nice phrasing with the song, but he lacks power to back it up.

John calls it an “unexpected song choice,” adding that it’s “cool and vulnerable.” Camila calls Eric “dynamic.” She gives him kudos for “stripping it all back.” She describes him as “brave and fearless.”

Morgan Myles – Team Camila Cabello – If I Were a Boy by Beyonce

Morgan lived the song. Country music is so male oriented, it’s tough for a female artist to get ahead. Reba covered the song, and it completely moved her. Camila believes that Morgan can’t be defined by genre.

The veteran Nashville artist turns whatever she sings into gold. Her powerful voice can’t be denied. That she’s versatile is merely extra. She comes out with guns blazing on the chorus. She’s swings her hair in best Beyonce fashion as she rasps her way though the big parts of the song. It’s a smart song choice. Another singer who is finale material.

Gwen feels she picked the perfect song to define herself as an artist. “Everything you did tonight all came together.” Camila says “Your song and your story is inspiring young women.”

Parijita Bastola – Team John Legend – All I Ask by Adele

She translated the song into Bali and sang it to open for The Voice Nepal winner. She consideres that performance as a shift into who she became as a singer. John can see her growth. Sbe hopes Adele sees it.

At a young age, Parijita is already a world class vocalist. Anything by Adele is a good choice for her, the two singers are similar. Parijita has a low voice that can reach into the heavens. Her tone is so rich and she phrases songs beautifully. She’s only going to get better and better as she gets older.

Blake names her “easily one of my favorites in this competition…period. You are 100 percent you.” John calls her voice “technically amazing….what a beautiful vocal performance.”

Justin Aaron – Team Gwen Stefani – Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobb Leonard

Justin’s song choice changed the trajectory of his life. Gwen wants him to cry, sing to God. Maybe it’s a little early to pull the God card, but it will for sure propel him to the Top 10.

So far, Justin has been a competent, but generic R&B singer. Performing a powerful Christian/Gospel song will keep him in the competition another week, at least. The song gives him the opportunity to show off his big voice and reveal passion and vulnerability. His riffs are powerful and personal.

The coaches are on their feet. Carson reminds viewers that he was a one chair turn. John regrets not turning for Justin. Gwen believes Justin took it to the next level. “I can’t even speak!”

Camila and Blake sing with their teams tomorrow on The Voice results show. Thirteen will become 10!

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  1. i think he sounds good but the song just doesn’t work for him and he’s getting drowned out by the band at times, hopefully it doesn’t bite him later

  2. I found parts of the arrangement extremely interesting, especially the elongated notes in the middle. That being said, he should have chosen a song that suited his style better.

  3. True but Joni is one of a kind in her renditions imo. Her songs are beautiful.

  4. I made a huge pot of chili so guess this is my time to go put it in containers and freeze.

  5. These country guys keep singing George Strait when they can´t match him.

  6. this song doesn’t go anywhere but it’s yeehaw trucks and beer so he’ll be fiiine

  7. Joni performed a surprise set recently. I hope and pray she tours one more time. She is in my top 5 female singers.

  8. Key is uncomfortable for him. He´s singing in his high register, which is not good.

  9. It sounds like an 8 yr old tackling his first country song. Same vocal range, same emotional connection. i.e approaching the null set.

  10. not only is this a total bore, but he’s pitchy again
    i guess he can’t sing live but gets a total pass just for being a country guy

  11. When you listen to George Strait singing this, he makes you feel it, even if you don´t like country. Bryce doesn´t.

  12. I like this song. Reminds me of Glen Campbell tunes. He has to figure out how to add a bit of oomph. He is too laid back. Too. bad bc he has the right tone.

  13. Did Blake amp up his countrified accent to help BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE get votes?

  14. blake: “i feel like a stage mom”
    what did gwen do to you?

  15. Not a “facebook grandma” but I did like it!! I’ll be voting for him!

  16. I think Bryce did decent on this song. I enjoyed it. And I can’t say that about others I have heard sing it. And I love George Strait!

  17. Funny thing is Leatherwood said this is his signature song that he has sung many times in his shows. So he looked comfortable but have no idea why he sings in such a one level manner. Very weird.

  18. kique: wrong song choice but sounded solid overall
    bryce: have you seen any country male ever?

  19. hey producers give us an eric who pimp spot you freaking cowards

  20. I miss the talent she’d get but she did Tony Lucca dirty (which also threw my all time fave Chris Mann under )

  21. with a full on Lady Gaga Beyonce style stage performance YESSS PLEASE

  22. fun fact: devix’s real name is eric torres
    so camila’s got 2 erics
    but who is THE REAL eric

  23. I’m still pissed on him eliminating Sarah Potenza almost 8 years later ….

  24. i have a really hard time imagining facebook grandmas voting for this

  25. I think Devix stole the interesting contestant’s crown away from Kique, who I thought was average.

  26. Remember that controversy with Paula on idol reviewing rehearsal tapes ? Lol

  27. did anyone else catch blake saying “i didn’t love it” after devix performed? LOOOOL

  28. dammit blake saving rowan made me shook but he did it out of strategy, yikes

  29. One of my all time favorite Abba songs . Hope she sings it well

  30. heh, I appreciate ABBA and do like this song…..but…ABBA songs need to stay with ABBA. Rowan does not sound good in rehearsal.

  31. Yikes big mistake re song choice – showing her limitations. This is pretty karaoke.

  32. man, i feel bad because i do really like this girl and she’s been consistent for the most part so i want her to stick around, but after this performance she wouldn’t deserve it. with that said, she’s team blake so i’m sure she gets a free pass for this week

  33. I hope she was better in rehearsal, else Blake should have worked with her more…

  34. Yeah, I guess so. I wasn’t paying much attention, I remember hearing him say something about going for some note and her saying “why not? It’s The Voice…”

  35. Alyssa singing Selena. She´s about to butcher one of my favorite artists, isn´t she?

  36. I know. I mean ABBA is kind of like anthemic like songs so you got to have a solid pure and strong tone to carry it off.

  37. she’s butchered almost everything, oof. but nope she’s still here because GWEN MOMMY BIAS

  38. What’s with the Omar JOSE ? Was there a chance we’d confuse him with another Omar?

  39. Hey The Voice, I would give anything to have Steve Perry as a coach. He would actually help these kids.

  40. i’ve grown to really hate how his belting sounds, nails on a chalkboard to me

  41. But Omar isn’t cringy and pimped like hell (and I loved Jordan but not his style ,lol)

  42. Hi all,

    Hope everyone’s doing well. Today has just not been it for me

  43. hey king! sorry you had a rough day, hopefully things get better for ya

  44. Oh, no! Not the original Selena. Boy, these contestants are stepping way out of their comfort zone tonight.

  45. Gwen and Alyssa remind me of xtina and Jacquie Lee…. I think Matt Schuler could have won if Xtina didn’t focus so much on Jacquie

  46. obvious song choice as soon as they said she was singing selena

  47. Sorry, it just didn’t do it for me but it was very meaningful for Omar obviously

  48. Saara alto has a beautiful version from the X factor UK of the winner takes it all

  49. Saara alto has a beautiful version from the X factor UK of the winner takes it all

  50. that one direction cover was tough to watch his voice was not holding up

  51. She had ups and downs but she really grew in the later half of the weeks

  52. Alyssa looks so cute like one of the Star Wars people . I think Gwen is a great coach and helped Alyssa. She started fine and then went off the rails. Camilla is right in her critique. Her expressions , her drama is spot on, unfortunately her voice is lacking the control to sing without going off pitch and staying on track.

  53. Camila and Gwen softly letting Alyssa know it wasn’t that good…. But liked her better than Rowan tonight.

  54. She has also received a lot of camera time while contestants are performing. Maybe it is a condition of coming on the show.

  55. lmao bryce broke 1k reacts on facebook in under 10 minutes, he’s probably already got the best numbers of the night

  56. Um, I wish Bodie wouldn’t slow this song down, but I guess it’s Bodie.

  57. Bodie reminds me in appearance and talent of win Butler of Arcade Fire.

  58. if kim doesn’t sing some jazz while she is on this show its a tragedy

  59. No vulnerability, pitchy in spots. It ended a bit better but prior to that was border line unlistenable. SO disappointing

  60. In a few words: “she’s a screamer” (Not my opinion, what the FB ladies say).

  61. Wonder if they give those comments to Omar which I feel actually does scream

  62. Probably Justin. They don’t want Gwen to lose her whole team in one night.

  63. He lost his whole team because the previous season he picked the girl who didn’t bother to sing.

  64. Ok. I have two Rogers and Hart songs for Kim. Little Girl Blue or Its Easy To Remember. That would be epic.

  65. I honestly feel like Brayden is a bigger threat than Bryce is

  66. I wish Blake wouldn’t push Brayden into country, but he’s been singing country since he was a little kid, so what do I know?

  67. Of all the songs tonight, this is the one I don’t think the contestant chose on their own.

  68. i will say, i WISH i had the confidence this guy had. i’d legit go to a concert of him just going crazy

  69. Especially since when she had to choose, she knew he had been montaged.

  70. Contestants now are trying to hard to garner votes and not stay true to who they are as artists.

  71. 100% agree. It is the only reason Brayden would go country after singing Nial Horan in audition.

  72. Does anyone try to sing with nuance, to try and convey the lyric. Never thought I would type these words but Devix is far ahead of the field tonight. This is another terrible vocal.

  73. I think it was pre-arranged. The YouTube clip is captioned “Brayden puts a country twist on Niall Horan”

  74. Very weak performances tonight. Only great performance has been Bodie.

  75. adele is a rocky one for me because more often than not i feel like it’s super easy to butcher, it’s risky

  76. Bodie and Devix for me tonight. But will vote for a couple others too.

  77. morgan kim and bodie for me. everyone else can go for all i care

  78. Kique was ok. Terrible song choice. Bodie is a terrific singer. He does tell a story when he sings, but what should have been an interesting approach to the song, felt a bit pointless. Devix crushed. Finally a song that I felt from him. His tone felt strong and natural. My fave coming into lives was Brayden but he has lost his mind trying to win the show, singing country. The big voiced singers were out of tune and lacked nuance to varying degrees. A disastrous night of singing.

  79. I agree!

    Thou she had some songs that work for Parijita (make you feel my love)

  80. All these kids drank the same kool-aid tonight I think. Beware of kool-aid labeled “offkey”.

  81. I highly disagree, she’s the best teen this season and she knows what she sings

  82. not her best but for sure one of the strongest performances tonight, she doesn’t have a thing to worry about this week and I think she’s a lock for the finale

  83. Tonight was very bad & one person made Max run screaming, not howling from the room. I doubt I can get him to watch the show again, much less me.

  84. Speaking of Jesus songs, it’s a crime they haven’t invited Grammy nominated Gospel star Koryn Hawthorne back to the show.

  85. gonna miss the results show tomorrow as i’ll be stuck on a plane during it :(
    happy holidays you lovely people, i’ll pop in after the show at some point to say thoughts on them

  86. Justin deserved to close the show. His tone is beautiful. He seems like a beautiful human being. I liked the preamble of referring to depression and that is what the song means to him. So the hitting hard on the song seemed even more appropriate.

  87. At least for the opening I’d say it was Sleeping At Last’s 500 Miles.

  88. I’d almost say the opposite. It sounded like a man singing the same country song he’s sung 100 times before in bars, completely on autopilot.

    Not nearly as many missed notes as his last couple performances, but nothing like the connection he had in his audition either.

  89. Omar Jose Cardona: OK, that’s the best I’ve seen him. I won’t even be too mad if he grows through. (But he should’ve been out after the massacre that was “Living on a Prayer” last week)

  90. Kique: Really like Kique & I hope he gets through. But I don’t think that song choice gave him much opportunity to do what he does best.

  91. Brayden Lape: He was more connected to that song, so he gets bonus points for that. On the other hand, maybe don’t choose a song where the original artist can sing rings around you? Still, to the extent that the song choices are his, Brayden is showing an interesting range of country song choices (not always obvious ones). I’m now thinking Brayden is underbaked but maybe has potential. Blake gave him great advice not to be too laid back.

  92. Alyssa Witrado: Songs starts out soft and unoffensive, if underwhelming. But in the back half of the song, when she tries to belt, she goes off the rails. She isn’t ready and needs to leave — like, last week.

  93. Eric Who: His voice was not suited to that song. I appreciate that he reined it in, and he did seem fairly connected to the song. But ultimately, it didn’t work.

  94. Rowan Grace: That was disappointing. She has a cool tone. But not only did the song not work for her voice, but it showed off her vocal weaknesses.

  95. Justin Aaron: Am I the only person tired of this Tasha Cobb Leonard song? It’s very repetitive (if powerful). But there are plenty of other good Gospel songs out there. Too bad he didn’t try “Believe For It” by CeCe Winans. Or any of so many others . . .

  96. Bodie: I’m not familiar with the song, so to a certain extent, I can’t judge accurately. But it sounded fine to my ears. And he was definitely connected to the song.

  97. Kim Kruse: Wow. I was skeptical of the song choice. But she did her own thing and changed it up. Not enough to offend. Just enough to put the Kim stamp on it. Really really nice.

  98. Really underwhelmed by the performances. My favorites were actually Kim and Omar (!).

  99. Who I’d like to see leave, based on these performances: Alyssa Witrado (a must-leave!). Rowan Grace. And maybe Eric Who or Bryce Leatherwood. (Yeah, I know. Bryce ain’t going anywhere.)

  100. Remember when Chris Blue slayed this song in the Playoffs a few years back?

  101. I like his arrangement, but I doubt it will resonate with the public.

  102. He and Fantasia (I know, not The Voice) are the only 2 I can recall that slayed this song. It fits both of them well though.

  103. i think he sounds good but the song just doesn’t work for him and he’s getting drowned out by the band at times, hopefully it doesn’t bite him later

  104. They talked about how complex his voice is in his lower register, then completely avoid it?????

  105. Not the best version of this song I have heard, but saying that, this boy can sing anything.

  106. I assume we lose two tonight. Lucky for Kique is that there are much worse contestants to come.

  107. I found the middle, extremely interesting. I do agree, that there were a million better song choices, at least

  108. I think people should stay away from Stevie Wonder and Joni Mitchell covers as it is impossible to sing it with the same justice as the original – too tall an order. Having said that I think Kique did quite well in tackling the challenge,

  109. One singer in, and Camila has had to resort to the “you were having fun” critique.

  110. I wish more people would sing something like I Just Called To Say I Love You or If You Really Love Me on Stevie songs


  112. facebook grandmas: “AAAAAAHAFHIAEHSIHFIAIHISHFISHFIIHSIH” aggressively votes and shares on facebook
    everyone else: zzzzz this sucks
    tomorrows show: “america saved bryce!”

  113. Blake either really likes him or is sabotaging him because the country fans say you never sing George Strait.

  114. Whoa. I forgot about Devix. Somehow(!) That was probably the most interesting performance of the evening.

  115. the same way we lost every other good singer to a mediocre country singer: yeehaw trucks and beer with blake

  116. Wow. I don’t remember her at all, even though I did get to watch Season 8 after the fact.

  117. Hey! Long time, no see! How is everyone? What did you all think of the first two singers?

  118. i honestly don’t hate this, i really like that he did a fresh song choice. that said, i can’t see this getting votes, it’s just not what the core audience votes for. he coasted last week but he won’t last super long I think

  119. That is the first time, I have enjoyed Devix. That was unexpected, in a very good way.

  120. camila, i’m sorry but your finalists is this:
    morgan, and not morgan

  121. Devix — not my type music, but I enjoyed, felt like I was at some concert. He did well!

  122. alyssa 6th
    last 7 singers are bodie, brayden, kim, parijita, justin, eric and morgan
    this kinda SLAPS

  123. If you don’t have a voice as good as Agneta , please refrain from singing ABBA songs. Thanks.

  124. At least it’s believable that the contestants are picking their own songs because there’s NO way TPTB said “let’s do ABBA”.

  125. It should have been a good song choice, but I don’t like what she did in the middle of the song. I felt Morgan was disconnected to the lyrics.

  126. Oh Lord, she should not have tried that last note. That whole thing was pretty much a train wreck.

  127. How could he have helped her more? She does not have the pipes to sing that song.

  128. I had to turn up my volume to hear Rowan and then I realized that was a big mistake.

  129. Umm, listen to the lyrics? The song is NOT about actually wanting to be a boy. (Just like “Girl Crush” is not about liking girls.)

  130. Probably that last note which made my pug run out of the room screaming….not howling, screaming.

  131. Is Rock of Ages still a thing? If so, Omar would be great as the lead in a road show revival.

  132. Exactly. Both sing technically well but do not feel a thing at any time.

  133. meh, he’ll probably coast this week due to weak competition

  134. No chance he goes home. No chance I could ever enjoy a single song he sings.

  135. Is Alyssa wearing the same hairstyle as Gwen?

    (Gwen’s from rehearsal, she changed it for the show)

  136. Gwen is right. She can’t save her. And this song isn’t doing her any justice.

  137. if only gwen could learn when alyssa inevitably gets eliminated tomorrow that motherly bias cannot trump over good singing

  138. I’m kinda late but who’s been good so far?

    Who’s been bad?

  139. honestly she sounded better than last week but it’s not like that was a high bar to clear
    she is clearly not ready for this competition and if she had any other coach would have been out in battles

  140. I liked Kique, some part of Devix, and I can´t believe it, Omar.

    Bryce was boring but at least pleasant. Rowan was ROUGH.

  141. That´s probably gonna be Blake next season, considering it´s his last.

  142. I never thought I could kind of like this song. To be honest I thought Bodie was kind of fodder last week until I realized he was a favorite reading the blogs and stuff….this was pretty good.

  143. Finally, something tonight that’s both interesting and actually good

  144. Her performance would probably be in my top 10 singing competition performances of all time. Just exceptional.

  145. He can obviously sing, but I do not get this rearrangement. Normally, I enjoy unique approaches, but this seems like it is rearranged without purpose.

  146. OK! I was wrong. I like this version and it’s one of my favorite ones. I hope he’s saved over Rowan since we already know Bryce is going through.

  147. A lot of these contestants you worry how they will perform but Bodie is so solid. That was just lovely. Maybe it wasn’t perfect but it didn’t matter bc he conveys a feeling.

  148. Have to say it’s Bodie I want to win but don’t know that America will agree with me. He’s such an artist and so good. And I’m a country music fan!

  149. It’s his worst so far, but he’s normally so stellar…he should make it through.

  150. There’s no team quotas. Blake could end up with 4 out of the T10.

  151. next up is QUEEN KIM and eric the icon
    justin, pariijita or morgan pimp spot, please not justin pleeeasssee

  152. Kim singing Willie Nelson. I know y”all hate pandering and Kim is great but this is obviously it.

  153. So voting — is it still the top 2 from each team that stays?? (Gotta know how to vote, Blake has some of my favs…. )

  154. nope, it’s overall votes. bottom 4 no matter the team do instant save

  155. Thanks. Was trying to “strategize” my votes if it was still “per team” thing.

  156. Yeah, I enjoy it when he does this for someone “not country.” He knows talent!

  157. I personally think she brought emotion and showed she can do both subtle and loud

  158. kim was fantastic yet again, i really hope this catches on.
    if she gets called a screamer and lands in the bottom after this she was never getting america’s vote no matter what

  159. God I love these old songs. It is sad as I am at an age where I have gone through loss of many loved ones . Very touching at the beginning and I kind of wished she had stayed longer on the ballad approach. But she sure has soul and talent.

  160. Hated the arrangement. Ever since David Cook did so many arrangements & people loved them, all these kids since are doing them. Sometimes, that’s not a good thing to do.

  161. hmm, the pimp spot is either parijita or justin. please be parijita!

  162. Your Getting To Be A Habit With Me. All My Tomorrows. The Nearness of You. I Cant Get Started to name a few.

  163. I remember when Adam lost his whole team early. He quit the show after the end of the season.

  164. I am sad that Brayden is going country. He should sing Cat Stevens or someone in that vein.

  165. my opinion will just be depending on who does better on FB by the week lmao

  166. I usually like him, but everybody is making poor song choices tonight.

  167. he’s done better.
    honestly i really don’t like how this kid is straight up coasting the entire season. it feels like he’s barely tried all season and keeps surviving because his opponents are weak. and yet the facebook grandmas love him, he’s not missing the finale

  168. Another buttoned down performance. Unleash your spirit for goodness sake.

  169. It’s a good thing this kid is good looking because the song did nothing for me and his lack of a stage presence was painful.

  170. His tone is so natural, so interesting but he chooses songs that do not allow it to shine, that he has ZERO connection with. I do not get it?

    DAMN they’re gonna push for gwen to not flop huh

  172. He’s not fully developed or know what he wants as an artist

  173. Funny part was where he was looking at guitarist to see when he should start singing.

  174. Of all the songs tonight, this is the one I don’t think the contestant chose on their own.

  175. Blake, I could not tell ‘he has a future in country music’ with that song, sorry.

  176. Apparently Blake doesn’t have the same compunctions about teens singing sex songs that Gwen does.

  177. Blake has burn out. Time to go back to the farm and go on tour and get re energized.

  178. Also, Gwen´s comments towards teen boys have always made me a bit uncomfortable.

  179. I’ve loved his performances. Tonight either the guitar was too loud or he sang too softly in parts, microphone too far way or something, but overall did good. He’d be good in country or even some other type songs. I’d like to see something more challenging. But then he’s trying to “win” so would likely stick with what he knows he’s decent at. But he could do well with country music. It’ll be all about song choices with whatever way he goes, stick with what he’s good at. True for many performers. Plus he does just have that “it” factor, whatever, attracts.

  180. Not sure but am thinking Blake is getting more into producing his Hallmark movies. Who knows.

  181. eric you’re not getting through this week you should have just done the most balls to the wall confidence inducing performance ever

  182. Never bother me. I’m thinking the same here at home and I’m older than Gwen! She just tries to clarify it, but she and I both would be after him if we were his age!

  183. For his instant save, he should sing Prince’s “Baby I’m a Star”.

  184. Where did that tone come from? Wish he was in tune. He has a killer tone.

  185. I want the risk taking Eric back. This is too conventional for him.

  186. after saying his manic performing ability is what separates???!!!

  187. eric’s gonna need the most absurdly insane song choice in the IS tomorrow to survive

  188. Brayden did better than you critics said he did. Watch it back later. He’s through to the next round. Eric and Alyssa are gone. Maybe Devix too. Maybe even Morgan.

  189. Eric will watch this back and know…. All the contestants must watch their performances later, I would think.

  190. What happened to The Voice? They honestly used to have the best vocalist’s IMHO of all the singing shows. This season, they are off key and put me to sleep. This might be my last watching unless I tune into the finale.

  191. i was really excited that camila saved eric but in hindsight that was absolutely the wrong choice strategy wise; kate would have had a much better shot of getting on america’s side

  192. The sound for them must be awful in their in-ear pieces or something

  193. Morgan dressed like a street girl…kinda acts like one too…she can sing though at times…this one was not that good.

  194. is it just me or do i really like this?
    it’s not perfect but idk this is working for me

  195. i wouldn’t be surprised if come tomorrow night morgan was camila’s only remaining singer

  196. Devix, Bodie and Kique were fine. But unfortunately lives have been difficult for most of these contestants.

  197. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went home. That was bad. People love her tho, so probably not.

  198. They all have the same formula. Choose country or choose some big song that you can belt. Unfortunately, the result is the same, a forced vocal that lacks emotion or is just plain out of tune.

  199. Hope she does it well, but she did Gaga justice. And she is far ahead of the pack. Morgan a strong second though. She is one of the best on the show ever.

  200. Also, of course I don´t think these are the songs that changed their lives. These are the ones the producers pick.

  201. Not perfect, and a little off on a couple notes, but still the best on the show without a doubt and one of best they’ve ever had.

  202. One of the all time great songs. She cancelled her show at Ridgefield. It is her farewell tour.

  203. It was pitchy in places, but it was the best I’ve heard from her.

  204. Tonight has been a disappointment for me at this stage. Should be much better!

  205. Hanging up this offkey night. Wishing you all a lovely week & turkey day.

  206. That was not her best. I do not get these song choices. She has been so good, but is sounding like more of the same as the weeks go by.

  207. I would prefer she sing something interesting, something unexpected. Would love to hear her sing Fast Car.

  208. Parijia is very marketable imo . It was a bit sing songy ups and downs. John should have helped her with the arrangement. But her voice is stellar.

  209. I like great singers testing themselves with great songs. Bodie did a nice change up of 500 miles but still it’s the Proclaimers 500 miles. No one else dare choose this or her Gaga song last week. Why not? Because they would be awful. While not perfect here, she was overall pretty solid and nailed Gaga last week.

  210. Poor Max. I am watching my friends three aging dogs. He was evicted. Thank you government for the ridiculous lockdown. I digress. I hope Max gives it one more shot. At least, it can not get any worse.

  211. I think the bottom 4 will prob be something of rowan/Eric/Alyssa/kique/

  212. What a kind soul you are, good karma coming your way soon! Watch what you say, it might get worse lol…This season is uh….bleh

  213. I agree but it could be any of them. Unfortunately Devix will probably be in there as he is the only one I have enjoyed.

  214. Yeah, I really think she has it all. I just wonder if The Voice voters go for the country (especially after seeing him in danger), Braiden, Bodie, etc, instead. I imagine she has a lot of people who strictly go with best singer (her or Morgan) and then she may have a huge following from east asian people who have heard of her on the show and tuned in and are voting…not sure about that…hope so though

  215. hmm, i wonder who’s gonna join devix, eric and alyssa in the bottom 4.
    i want to say rowan but team blake bias will probably save her this week

  216. “Our EPIC live top thirteen performances” Exactly, but not for the right reasons.

  217. Oh yeah :( I looked back and he did good but not sure if the audience liked him as much

  218. Honestly, if not for the wonderful people on the blog, there is no shot I would have stayed with this tonight.

  219. Speaking of Jesus songs, it’s a crime they haven’t invited Grammy nominated Gospel star Koryn Hawthorne back to the show.

  220. Ok staying for this, he is the only one not offkey tonight so far.

  221. this song is straight up overpowered and honestly i think he wasted it on a week he didn’t need it

  222. I hate to use this overused cliché, but Justin took it to church tonight.

  223. his fb numbers are gonna be very high but pimp spot+song choice will probably be why, i don’t think that’ll stick.

  224. Even when he was screaming at me, at least he screamed on key. Thank you for that.

  225. I don’t get it.
    Justin is one of the best singers left on a technical level, and I just don’t get it.

  226. I’d almost say the opposite. It sounded like a man singing the same country song he’s sung 100 times before in bars, completely on autopilot.

    Not nearly as many missed notes as his last couple performances, but nothing like the connection he had in his audition either.

  227. Omar Jose Cardona: OK, that’s the best I’ve seen him. I won’t even be too mad if he grows through. (But he should’ve been out after the massacre that was “Living on a Prayer” last week)

  228. Kique: Really like Kique & I hope he gets through. But I don’t think that song choice gave him much opportunity to do what he does best.

  229. Bryce Leatherwood: That was a perfectly acceptable rendering of a classic country song. But there is zero excitement. He’s got a nice voice but he’s very paint-by-numbers.

  230. Morgan Myles: I thought “If I were a Boy” was a great song choice. But I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. The beginning and the ending were good. But I got lost and disconnected in the middle of the song. I have no problem with the belting in theory, but somehow, she lost the meaning of the lyrics when she went for it.

  231. Parijita Bastola: Not my favorite Adele song, by a longshot. But Parijita did her thing with it. She seems preternaturally connected to the songs she sings. She’s good and deserves to be in the top.

  232. Best performances tonight were: Morgan, Bodie, Kim, Brayden, Brice, Justin, Aaron, Omar, Parajita, Alyssa, Rowen, Eric, and Devix. Kique, wasn’t feeling it and the band was too loud. Eric needed that performance, the show is called the voice, and he pulled of an amazing vocal performance, he is more than the over the top performances. Thank you Bryce, showing respect for true country legand. George Strait is a legand, and the haters just don’t get it.

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