The Voice 22 Recap: Top 13 Performances (VIDEO)

The Voice 22 - Parajita Bastola
Pictured: Parijita Bastola — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 22 Top 13 perform for America’s Vote, vying for a spot in the Top 10. For the first time this season, coaches Blake Shelton, Camila Cabello, John Legend and Gwen Stefani will have NO SAY in the results. It’s all up to America. Carson Daly hosts!

The Voice 22 Top 13 Ranked – How Would You Rate The Artists?

VOTE on the NBC voice phone app or go to Fans have until tomorrow morning to vote for their favorites. The Top 13 will be revealed on Tuesday’s (Nov 13) very first results show!

The Top 13 singers will take the stage performing songs that changed their lives. And they’ll explain why.

Kique – Team Gwen Stefani – Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

A high school teacher introduced Stevie Wonder to Kique. Gwen helps the young singer shape the arrangement.

Kique isn’t changing the arrangement much. It’s tricky singing a very well known and beloved song. Change the arrangement too much, and fans will hate it. While it’s not the typical song transformation from Kique, the song suits his vocals, and proves that beyond the flash, he can actually sing. It’s a solid performance.

Camila felt Kique made the song his own. “You were having fun…I love that you challenge yourself.” Gwen calls him “amazing.” She was nervous at first. She notes that he “tweaked” the song with his personality. “You are a star.”

Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake Shelton – Amarillo by Morning by George Strait

Blake’s mom was mad that he put Bryce in danger. “I cut my teeth with this song in little tiny bars,” Bryce explained. He put together a band last year. “I don’t have one note!” Blake exclaimed after rehearsal.

Bryce’s country vocals are so classic, they border on generic. He would sound good on the radio. But he doesn’t do anything new with a classic George Strait song. But fans may love that! The singer is a reverent country music fan, and that counts for a lot.

John says he’s no country expert, but he feels it sounded “so perfect and natural…you’re in your comfort zone…a perfect execution of that song.” Blake feels like a stage mom. “I was so into that. I love George Strait, and I love Bryce.”

Devix – Team Camila Cabello – Are You Mine by Arctic Monkeys

Interesting song choice from Devix. He shares that the song pushed him to be more than an instrumentalist. America voted Devix through last week, will they vote him through again? Camila helps him work on his stage presence.

Choosing a song that large swaths of Voice fans have probably never heard is a HUGE risk. But kudos to Devix for staying true to the alt/rock artist that he is. There isn’t a ton of melody in the song, which might hurt him. Devix is a talented musician and an intriguing performer. Hopefully America sees it too and advances him to the next round. I’m going to vote this week.

Gwen calls his voice “ridiculous” and perfect for alternative. “You grew so much, it’s incredible,” she says. John thinks it was the right song to make the most of his vocals. Camila says, “You went superstar on this one. America has great taste. I feel like you’re a finalist on this season.” Hm. Probably not.

Rowan Grace – Team Blake Shelton – The Winner Takes it All by ABBA

Last week, Blake saved Rowan at the expense of Bryce, figuring he could win the Instant Save. And he did! She has performed The Winner Takes it All since she was 3 years old. Blake loves “working with the kid” he stole from his wife Gwen.

This performance is a little shaky, as she loses the pocket at times. The second half when she goes full voice is better. She’s also having pitch problems as her voice trails off at the end of lines. Not her best showing. The song is bigger than her voice. It’s not a good song choice for her.

John finds her voice “cool and interesting.” He appreciates her subtle touches and ease with the big notes. Blake mentions her unique sound and her knowledge of classic songs. “It’s so good.”

Omar Jose Cardona – Team John Legend – In the Name of Love by Bebe Rexha, Martin Garrix

A few years ago he was heading down a dark path. This song helped him climb out. This song is a chance for him to finally be vulnerable, which he has not been so far.

Omar finally chooses a song where he can dig deep and be more than just a powerhouse singer. This performance will keep him in the competition. He hits all the big notes in his powerful chest voice. Still floored that he never uses his head voice! He would be even better if he allowed himself softer moments. It’s not always about hitting the big notes (It’s a thing that another powerhouse singer, Adam Lambert, understands).

Camila loved seeing the emotion in his face. “This was something I was waiting for from you…vulnerability…rawness…really brave of you to share this.” John calls his voice “otherworldly.” He adds, “I wanted people to feel your heart.” Omar is literally in tears on stage.

Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen Stefani – Dreaming of You by Selena

Gwen saved her mini-me, Alyssa last week. She listened to this song when her grandfather passed away a few years ago, It taught her how to bring emotions into her singing. Gwen helps her with facial expressions and stage presence. “I want to be able to see your dreaming in your face.” Alyssa literally calls Gwen “mother.”

Alyssa doesn’t have big notes to hit…until the latter half of the song, and that’s when her pitch goes off. She really needs to work on that tuning. It’s a huge problem.

Camila appreciates her energy and charma. While the coaches typically layer on the praise at this stage of the competition, Camila actually admits that Alyssa[s vocals need more work. No kidding. Alyssa is underbaked. Gwen thinks that Alyssa got this far because of her spirit. Uhm No. Gwen kept advancing her despite bad singing. Now that it’s up to America, Alyssa could be toast.

Bodie – Team Blake Shelton – (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers

Blake’s sister is a big fan, apparently. Bodie creates a slower arrangement of what was his wedding song. It reminds him of the kind of husband he wants to be. Blake calls Bodie “a visionary.”

He plays with the melody quite a bit. The original is a march. Bodie transforms the song into a tender ballad. The arrangement builds into a lovely crescendo. Again, Bodie isn’t the best vocalist, but he makes the most of his vocals. He knows how to tell a story with his arrangements. He’s finale material.

The coaches are standing for him. “You are so unbelievably gifted,” says Gwen. “You have so much access to your heart.” Blake calls him different and brilliant. “This is your moment,” he says.

Kim Kruse – Team John Legend – Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson

Kim has always loved country music. After her grammy passed, the song took on new meaning. She was one of Kim’s biggest supporters. Criminally, John had to save Kim last week. “Stick pretty close to the melody,” John advises.

At this point in the competition, it’s smart for her to choose a song a little bit out of the box, rather than a classic R&B song. She adds her own touches without changing it up too much. It’s very soulful. Her rasp it powerful, effective. She’s bringing The Voice audience to church, but without being too over the top. She’s so tasteful!

The coaches are on their feet. Blake is sure they heard that up in the heavens. “I hear some Elvis in there, along with Willie. But when you sing it, it just becomes Kim.” John just lost his grandmother too. “That was so beautiful, so soulful. You honored the original song.”

Brayden Lape – Team Blake Shelton – Come Over by Kenny Chesney

Brayden will sing the Sam Hunt version. Sam was one of the first artists he ever covered on stage. He fell in love with performing. Blake calls Brayden “naturally gifted at performing.” He advises the singer to not be “too laid back.”

Brayden advanced via America’s votes last week, while Bryce did not. Bryce is a better singer, but Brayden has a very appealing innocence about him. He’s an open book–a country teen heartthrob. It’s not one of his best performances–dynamically he goes in an out. But his winsomeness will probably save him.

“You really don’t have to do much,” observes Gwen. People love his purity, she notes correctly. Blake says, “You have a solid country voice. You have a future. You have it all.”

Eric Who – Team Camila Cabello – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Camila saved Eric last week because he puts on such a great show. The song reminds him of his first love. He hopes a more subtle performance impacts The Voice viewers. Camila calls it a “smart choice.” She wants him to countrify it. “Eric has got to win over America” Camila says.

Eric wants to show America that he can sing. Can he sell a song sitting on a stool? Not really. His vocals are average. Without the razzmatazz, he falls flat. He struggles in his lower register. He took a big risk that doesn’t pay off. He does some nice phrasing with the song, but he lacks power to back it up.

John calls it an “unexpected song choice,” adding that it’s “cool and vulnerable.” Camila calls Eric “dynamic.” She gives him kudos for “stripping it all back.” She describes him as “brave and fearless.”

Morgan Myles – Team Camila Cabello – If I Were a Boy by Beyonce

Morgan lived the song. Country music is so male oriented, it’s tough for a female artist to get ahead. Reba covered the song, and it completely moved her. Camila believes that Morgan can’t be defined by genre.

The veteran Nashville artist turns whatever she sings into gold. Her powerful voice can’t be denied. That she’s versatile is merely extra. She comes out with guns blazing on the chorus. She’s swings her hair in best Beyonce fashion as she rasps her way though the big parts of the song. It’s a smart song choice. Another singer who is finale material.

Gwen feels she picked the perfect song to define herself as an artist. “Everything you did tonight all came together.” Camila says “Your song and your story is inspiring young women.”

Parijita Bastola – Team John Legend – All I Ask by Adele

She translated the song into Bali and sang it to open for The Voice Nepal winner. She consideres that performance as a shift into who she became as a singer. John can see her growth. Sbe hopes Adele sees it.

At a young age, Parijita is already a world class vocalist. Anything by Adele is a good choice for her, the two singers are similar. Parijita has a low voice that can reach into the heavens. Her tone is so rich and she phrases songs beautifully. She’s only going to get better and better as she gets older.

Blake names her “easily one of my favorites in this competition…period. You are 100 percent you.” John calls her voice “technically amazing….what a beautiful vocal performance.”

Justin Aaron – Team Gwen Stefani – Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobb Leonard

Justin’s song choice changed the trajectory of his life. Gwen wants him to cry, sing to God. Maybe it’s a little early to pull the God card, but it will for sure propel him to the Top 10.

So far, Justin has been a competent, but generic R&B singer. Performing a powerful Christian/Gospel song will keep him in the competition another week, at least. The song gives him the opportunity to show off his big voice and reveal passion and vulnerability. His riffs are powerful and personal.

The coaches are on their feet. Carson reminds viewers that he was a one chair turn. John regrets not turning for Justin. Gwen believes Justin took it to the next level. “I can’t even speak!”

Camila and Blake sing with their teams tomorrow on The Voice results show. Thirteen will become 10!

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