The Voice 22 Top 13 Ranked – How Would You Rate The Artists?

The Voice 22 - John Legend Gwen Stefani Camila Cabello Carson Daly Blake Shelton
Pictured: (l-r) John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, Carson Daly, Blake Shelton — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Top 13 will perform for your votes on Monday, November 21. Ahead of the live broadcast, lets rank the 13 artists. The following list is based on strength coming out of last week’s Playoffs. By the finale, the rankings could drastically change.

Just a note: Three more artists will be eliminated on Tuesday’s (Nov 21) results show, leaving a Top 10 to perform the following week.

Blake Shelton, who has been at The Voice game for the longest time, took a calculated risk last week that paid off. He sacrificed Bryce Leatherwood , assuming that he had a better chance than Rowan Grace to win the Instant Save. And that bet paid off for him! Still, I expected America to vote Bryce through. He’ll take a hit on my list for needing to be saved.

The Voice 22 Top 13 Power Rankings

13. Alyssa Witrado – Team Gwen – Gwen has a huge soft spot for Alyssa, despite her inability to sing in tune. Gwen allowed her ego–saving an artist who obviously stans her–to get in the way of common sense. Now that eliminations are decided by America’s vote, Alyssa will likely leave the competition this week. In the plus column: Alyssa does have quirky appeal and potential to be a solid entertainer. But she’s just not there yet.

12. Eric Who – Team Camila – Camila loves Eric. While he’s not a stellar vocalist, he’s certainly an entertaining performer. But the show montaged the singer TWICE. Unless he comes out on stage with a killer act, Eric will probably go home this week.

11. Rowan Grace – Team Blake – It’s not surprising that Blake saved Rowan. Over the years, he’s taken a shine to several young indie singers, and even got a few pretty far in the competition (Season 13 winner Chloe Kohanski whom he stole from Miley Cyrus). But unlike Chloe, Rowan is kind of a late bloomer and it may be too late for her to catch fire. Or not! She may go home this week. Or Blake will coach her to a winning performance, and she’ll become a dark horse!

10. Justin Aaron – Team Gwen – America saved Justin, but now that he’s competing with much stronger singers, he may not last long in the competition. The Team Gwen singer has impressive pipes and range, but sounds generically like any old school 80s/90’s r&b singer. He’s a singer who has yet to develop his own style.

9. Kim Cruse  – Team Legend – Kim is one of the best vocalists of season 22. It’s disappointing that America didn’t vote her through. She’s a more passionate singer than Omar Jose Cardona, for instance. But it’s true–Team Legend is stacked. Kim probably won’t outlast Parajita.

8. Devix – Team Gwen – Devix is an interesting singer and arranger, but maybe too alternative for The Voice. He advanced on America’s vote from a weaker team. If he survives this week, he’ll probably get cut at the Top 10.

7. Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – Bryce might last longer than artists on other teams who sailed into the Top 13 on America’s vote. Team Blake is competitive. And Bryce is a straight up country dude whom Blake calls the real deal. Expect Blake’s fans to rally around him.

6. Brayden Lape – Team Blake – Brayden is the kind of teen contestant whom the young kids love and the moms and grandmas want to cuddle. The other singers on Team Blake are better vocalists, but Brayden has a winsome appeal that probably will not be denied.

5. Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – I’ve dismissed Omar for being pageanty and over the top. But sometimes incredible vocals trump everything else. And while I don’t feel a connection from Omar when he sings, his ability to hit soaring notes cannot be denied. His vocal virtuosity could carry him far in this competition.

4. Kique – Team Gwen – I’m rooting for Kique, who has a knack for arranging songs in inventive ways. Who else could have pulled off a performance of “Hey Ya” on a singing show? He reminds me a little of American Idol’s Blake Lewis, who introduced vocal arranging into singing shows. I’m looking forward to what arrangements he comes up with next.

3. Morgan Myles – Team Gwen – Along with Kim Cruse, Morgan is one of the best vocalists on this season of The Voice. Singing both pop and country, her storytelling ability is as stellar as her phrasing, range and beautiful head voice. She’s finale material.

2. Parajita Bastola – Team Legend – Parijita is only a teen, but she emotes with a preternatural maturity that’s astounding. More than just a beautiful singer, her performances so far have been spellbinding. Finale potential, for sure.

1, Bodie – Team Blake – Bodie is a talented pop stylist who makes the most out of his vocal talent. He’s the most commercially viable pop singer of the Top 13. Like Parijita, he can hold an audience spellbound with his emotive and at times powerful vocals. He may not win The Voice, but he’ll probably make the finals.

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