The Voice 22 Recap: Live Shows Kick Off Top 16 Performances

Pictured: Brayden Lape — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 22 LIVE SHOWS kick off with performances from the Top 16 vying for a spot in the Top 13. Singers from Team Blake Shelton, Team Camila Cabello, Team John Legend and Team Gwen Stefani sing for your votes. Carson Daly hosts!

VOTE on the NBC voice phone app or go to Fans have until tomorrow morning to vote for their favorites. The Top 13 will be revealed on Tuesday’s (Nov 13) very first results show!

The Voice 22 Top 16 Lives Poll Results, Format and Artist Preview

Omar Jose Cardona – Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi – Team John Legend

Jose was a four-chair turn and has performed a ton of corporate gigs. The song choice is perfect for his big hair-band style vocals. While Omar is a strong singer, he’s a little pageanty. It’s style over substance. If he makes it further, he needs to show voters authentic vulnerability. However, technically, the dude can sing his butt off. He’s got an incredible range in his chest voice. Who needs a stinkin’ falsetto? Not this guy. 

“What the heck,” says Camila. “That was so crazy.” John calls his voice “Out of this world….you put soul into everything you do.” 

Kim Cruse – I Never Loved a Man by Aretha Franklin – Team John Legend

Kim was also a 4-chair turn. She’s a real contender. Ooh, She’s sangin’ Aretha. It’s hard to imagine America not advancing Kim. She attacks her songs with a fierce, soulful growl. She navigates performances with easy musicality. She makes it look simple. That performance was amazing from start to finish.

Blake compares Kim’s style to a military attack. John mentions her taste, artfulness and musicality. Both are correct. She attacks a song, but with tasteful, thoughtful musical choices.

Sasha Hurtado – Tiny Dancer by Elton John – Team John Legend

Sasha has been stolen twice: Camila –> Gwen –> John. And it’s perplexing, because she’s a tremendous singer. A real underrated sleeper on season 22. Tiny Dancer resurges every few years. This time after Elton John and Britney Spears released a re-mixed version. Sasha’s tone is as clear as a bell. This song choice is less bluesy than her last pick. She’s a versatile singer. But she’s relying too much on head voice for the chorus. She finishes the performance on a pretty run.

Gwen feels she finally commanded the stage. John thinks she’s learned different things from each coach. These comments are short and sweet. There is a lot to fit into a two hour broadcast!

Parijita Bastola – I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga – Team John Legend 

Only 17, Parajita is an artist who sings with uncanny maturity and confidence. She’s delivering this emotional Lady Gaga song like a pro. Her ability to convey emotion for such a young girl is amazing. And what a beautiful, unique and soulful voice. The coaches gave her a standing ovation. I dig her traditional Nepalese fashion style!

Camila screams. “Who hurt Parajita?” She notes how she draws from such a well of emotion. She’s a very good actress! John calls the song performance honest and emotionally beautiful

Kique – As it Was by Harry Styles  – Team Gwen Stefani

This 18 year old singer has a quirky, arresting style. He pulled off “Hey Ya” spectacularly. Not many could make that song work on a singing show. Kique performs a completely reworked version of Harry Styles huge summer hit. The singer does interesting things in his lower register as he firmly puts his own stamp on covers. So inventive! Some fans may not like the way he changed up the song. Nevertheless, the ballady arrangement opens up into a passionate finish. Impressive.

John calls his covers interesting and stylish. “You keep impressing me every time.” Gwen says, “You see and know your voice so well.” She calls him confident yet humble. 

Kevin Hawkins – Skate by Silk Sonic – Team Gwen Stefani

Gwen used her block on Kevin during the blinds. She finally got to steal him later in the Knockouts. I didn’t understand a word he sang. He needs to work on his enunciation. His stage presence is better than his vocals, which are drowned out by the band. 

Blake asks fans to vote for Kevin, the artist who got away from him! Gwen is so happy to see her new team member “blossom” on stage. 

Alyssa Witrado – Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus- Team Gwen Stefani.

She sang “Don’t Speak” in her blind audition, and Gwen has been in love with her ever since. It’s got to be ego, because Alyssa is one of the weakest singers in the Top 16. She struggles to stay in tune and she tends to imitate her favorites. She has a few nice moments in this performance, but man, the tuning problems can’t be overlooked.

Camila loves her artistry, but feels she needed to get lost more in the song’s emotion. Gwen compliments her for being in tune tonight. Uhm. No. “I love being your mother!” Gwen gushes.

Justin Aaron – Here and Now by Luther Vandross – Team Gwen Stefani

Justin was a one chair turn. Gwen calls him “technically perfect.” Which may be true. Unlike Alyssa, he sings every note correctly. But he doesn’t bring his own style to his performances. He’s chosen an old song, which he sings in a dated style. However, he does bring sincere passion to the last verse and chorus. It’s the best he’s ever performed. The coaches give him a standing ovation.

John sees him growing “You’re coming out of your shell more…you sang Luther with such skill.” Gwen says it was fun choosing a song for Justin. It’s a song she wanted to “hear so bad.”

Morgan Myles – Let Him Fly by Patty Griffin – Team Camila Cabello

Morgan has spent the last 10 years as a road warrior. But she’s ready for the next level. Camila thinks she could win this season. Morgan plays acoustic guitar as she covers the iconic Americana singer, Patty Griffin. Morgan can cover both pop and country music. It’s a smart choice for the Playoffs, allowing her to show off her gorgeous tone and range. Her head voice is otherworldly. She COULD win.

Blake is so happy she chose a country song. “You look like a star.” Camila is so proud of Morgan. “You’re the truth teller. You sing songs that tell a story. We can’t not believe you.”

Eric Who – Rumor Has It by Adele – Team Camila Cabello

Poor Eric was montaged twice, in the Blinds and Knockouts. Ouch! He’s got an uphill climb tonight. Eric immediately rips off his leather jacket. Underneath he wears an odd half leather shirt over a white cotton shirt. He performs a Jesus Christ Superstar-worthy version of “Rumor Has It.” The lead guitarist has a solo! His vocals aren’t spectacular, but his stage antics are entertaining.

John calls him bold and confident. “Welcome to the Eric Who show! gushes Camila. “You just light my spirit. I’m such a fan.” 

Kate Kalvach – You’re Still the One by Shania Twain – Team Camila Cabello 

Kate is a Knockouts steal from Team Blake, who wooed her with a live goat. As she sings, Kate points to her microphone and pulls out her earpiece. OH NOES TECH PROBLEMS. She’s handling it well. Kate’s tone is pretty. Her voice cracks a little at one point. But her phrasing is beautiful. “My voice was not in my ears!” she told Carson when he asked about her issues. She’ll get a few pity votes.

Gwen sympathises with the tech issues. “You did great.” Camila also notes how well she handled not being able to hear herself. It’s very unfortunate for Kate. 

Devix – Sex is on Fire by Kings of Leon – Team Camila Cabello

Tonight, Devix accompanies himself on electric guitar. The singer has a really impressive alternative vibe. But I’m not sure about this song choice. He spent too much time “oohing and ahh-ing” through the performance. I kept waiting for something to happen. The arrangement was disjointed. But nevertheless, his vocal tone cuts through. 

John calls his voice “pure…radio voice.” He loved the song choice. However, he wants him to be a little less cool and “throw himself out there.” Camila loves his artistic choices. “You’re a real artist,” she says.

Bryce Leatherwood – I’m Going to Be Somebody by Travis Tritt – Team Blake Shelton

Blake LOVES this dude. If America doesn’t vote him through, Blake will save him tomorrow night for sure. But Bryce is the type of country singer Voice fans love. He’s a bit old school with a radio ready voice. He also comes across as authentically “All American.” He covers a familiar song with twangy ease.

John calls it a “perfect song…you made me believe you.” Blake is “so excited” because he’s a “country” person who wants to sing country music. “You’re going through this thing tomorrow night,” he promises.

Rowan Grace – Hopelessly Devoted to You by Olivia Newton John – Team Blake Shelton

Blake stole Rowan from Gwen. Hmmmm. This song choice. But then, I might be the only person on planet earth who hates the musical Grease. I’m dissing a crowd pleaser. The song does highlight her teenaged youthfulness and range. She has probably performed this in a high school musical. Overally, It’s a sweet rendition. 

Gwen calls the performance “perfect” and “you’re so unbelievably gifted.” Blake believes she just threw herself to the front of the pack. “You delivered a solid performance of a classic song.” He’s correct.

Brayden Lape – Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis – Team Blake Shelton

Sixteen year old Brayden is the teen heartthrob of season 22. However, the young singer needs to clean up his enunciation and tuning. But his earnest sweetness will overcome his flaws. He’s cute and sings with a ton of sincerity and heart. 

Camila calls it her favorite performance he’s done. “There is so much ease in the room.” She didn’t know the song. Blake calls him “incredible.” He begs Voice fans to vote for him. 

Bodie – Glimpse of Us by Joji – Team Blake Shelton

Bodie chooses a heartfelt ballad to honor his wife and children. In lesser hands, the song choice would be corny. But Bodie infuses the performance with so much raw emotion, I believe every word. His ability to wear his heart on this sleeve along with absolutely killer pop vocals will take him far in this competition. He’s definitely finale material. 

Gwen wasn’t expecting “that kind of song out of you…mind blowing.” Blake says, “You blew us all away…see you in the finale.”

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