The Voice 2 – The Premiere!

OK. We’re LIVEBLOGGIG The Voice right here! STAND BY!

The best thing about The Voice? They totally admit to casting the show. Carson Daily is driving around handing out invitations to singers to be on the show.  Even actually saying in a voice over– “Here are the people we invited…” Wow. “The Voice: WE LOVE PLANTS. YES WE DO!”.

Nevertheless, an entertaining show tonight. I wish all the episodes were an hour long. It’s perfect. Tomorrow’s 2 hour episode is going to feel so looong.

A couple of notes: Christina needs to STFU. Some of the ribbing is fun. In fact, Simon and company can learn a thing or two from the Voice coaches. They are competitive, but it’s good natured–unlike the uncomfortable mean-spirited and fakeity fake jousting on the X Factor. But my god, XTina, leave well enough alone. She screams at Adam that he wants to be the center of attention. Pot. Kettle. Black. She doesn’t know when to back off.

Tonight’s talent: I liked the rocker chick, Juliette Simms and Jesse Cambell’s voice was as sweet as honey.  Chris Mann, the opera singer is something different, but ultimately, he’ll be eliminated when he attempts to compete with pop singers. He’s a fish out of water. Tony Luca is going to have the female fans swooning.  I’ll bet the fan groups are forming as we speak. Bet he wins the poll I’m about to put up…

UPDATEChris was a Glee Warbler! Check out his blog update HERE and an article from his hometown paper HERE.  

Each of the coaches will have teams of 12. This is going to be a loooong season.

Raelynn – 17 -“Hell on Heels” by Miranda Lambert.  She comes from a farm!  She’s there with her parents.  Uh oh. And she’s hoping Blake turns around. Blake is smiling!  Adam pushes his button right away.   Blake punches his button. This girl sounds REAL nervous.  Gutsy vocals. She’s got grit, which I like.  Adam is trying to convince Raylynn to pick her.  Raylynn says Miranda is her Idol. Cee Lo and Christina compliment her.  Blake says. I CAN MAKE YOU A COUNTRY STAR. Adam: Why wouldn’t you want to be more than that? Oh. Burn. She hesitates, but goes with Blake.  Of course she did. TEAM BLAKE

Jesse Campbell – 42 – “Song For You” – He’s a single dad who became homeless after his wife left him. He sings at churches and weddings. He’s looking for a fresh start. Now he’s crying. Wow. Cee Lo, Xtina and Adam turned around IMMEDIATELY. Adam looks entranced. Blake turned around after a bit too. There’s going to be a fight over this one!. He’s got a very sweet R&B falsetto. Lots of feeling in his delivery. STANDING O. Blake regrets not turning around. Christina will work hard for him. “Your style is strong brother” says Cee Lo. Adam says, “You just blew me away” Adam brags about coaching the winner. Hmf. Not mentioning that the winner’s album TANKED. Jesse picks the first coach who came to his mind–Christina. Team Christina

Daniel Rosa – 20 – “Animal” –  He’s looking for confirmation that he can sing. He’s got some confidence problems!  If they were looking at him, they definitely wouldn’t pick him. He’s  so unsure on stage. But he sounds really really nervous too. Aw. Nobody is turning around. Nobody turned at all. Mom is crying. Daniel is crying. They clap for him. Christina says he was a beautiful singer. Wait…you all thought he was a great singer, but you didn’t turn around? Don’t blow smoke up his ass. Christina and Blake say he needs to improve his pitch and control.  If he had more confidence, he might have been able to pull it off.

Juliette Simms – 25 – “Oh Darling” – Rocker from Florida. She’s been performing live since she was 14. She’s got a nice rasp. Adam and Ceelo turn around when she hits the chorus. Adam is standing up with his fist in the air.  Juliette is crawling around on the floor as she sings. Christina finally turns around. “Hi my name is Adam, I’m going to sell you a car!” – Christina snarking on Adam. Adam says Christina is one of the best singers on earth, but she’s not one of the best coaches. He loves “the dirt” in Juliette’s voice. Christina keeps interrupting Adam. She needs to shut up right now. Ugh. A whole season of Christina the harpie? I hope not.  Cee Lo says,  “You turn me on.” TMI! “I heard the story of my life in that song.” Juliette says she’s humbled…but she’s going to pick…Cee Lo. Oh! After Adam practically creamed over her, I was sure she’d pick him. Team Cee Lo

Carson literally announces that the next singers are plants–those with “experience” they “invited” to be on the show. *cough*

Chris Mann – Because We Believe – His mom has pancreatic cancer. Oh. That’s terrible. She wants him to continue to work toward his dream, despite her terminal illness. He’s a pop opera singer. The look on Blake’s face as Chris warbled was pretty priceless. Cee Lo turns around 1st, then Christina. “I loved it!” says Christina. Blake says he couldn’t understand one word he was singing. Cee Lo called it exceptionally beautiful. Chris says for this show he was going to “sing like myself”.  He’s got decent vocals, but he’s so different than the rest of the group, I don’t know how he’ll compete singing pops songs.  I’ll be surprised if he survives the battle rounds.  Chris asks each one what they’d do for him if they were his coach. “I know what to do with real vocalists,” says Christina. And he picks her. Team Christina

Here are a string of auditioners who weren’t picked.

Tony Lucca – “Trouble” – Tony was in the Mickey Mouse club with Xtina, Justin Timberlake and Britney. Unlike that trio, he didn’t hit the big time in Hollywood. Will Xtina recognize his voice? Probably not. Adam turns around for him. Christina turns around and then Blake. Adam gets up out of his chair and punches Cee Lo’s button! Tony has a nice gritty voice. He sings with conviction (and an acoustic guitar). Adam felt real pain and energy in his voice–thinks he’ll have a great career (Like Javier? Sorry, I just can’t let up on the fact that last year’s winner’s album tanked. The coaches can’t brag or promise they can launch careers). LOL XTINA HAS NO F*CKING IDEA WHO HER FORMER CAST MATE IS. Even after she turns around! Her generic compliments make that clear.  Adam is begging to be picked. And Tony picks Adam. After Xtina was TOLD who he was…she hurried backstage to say Hi to him. She said Britney had a crush on him! Hmf. I bet Britney would remember him!  (Supposedly he’s got 500k twitter follows and has been releasing albums for years.)  Team Adam

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