The Voice 17 Recap: Live Playoffs Top 20 Perform (VIDEO)

THE VOICE —  Pictured: Katie Kadan — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice season 17 goes LIVE tonight! The Playoffs begin with the Top 20 performing for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly ClarksonJohn Legend and Gwen Stefani, and YOUR VOTES.

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On tomorrow’s (Nov 12) Top 20 results show, a Top 13 will be revealed. America votes 8 artists into the finals. The coaches each choose a contestant. AND the remaining artists from each team with the highest overnight vote will have a chance to compete for the Wild Card. 8 + 4 + 1 = 13!

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Team Blake is up first.

Ricky Duran – Small Town by John Mellencamp – I thought Blake and Taylor smoothed Ricky out too much last week. They tried to turn him into a straight up rock singer, and the result was boring. Ricky brings a soulfulness to whatever he sings. He never oversings, so let him do the runs! This confident performance is a pretty good mix of rock and soul. Gwen loves seeing him with a guitar. She loves his smokey, raspy voice. She calls him a pro-star. Blake calls Ricky undefinable. “You’re the guy we all want to see make it,” he says. “This is just a great dude!”

Cali Wilson – Toxic by Britney Spears – The slowed up flip version of “Toxic” is pretty played out in 2019. But Cali does manage to put her own spin on the song, even if she’s a bit under pitch and tentative. I like her low notes, but then she’ll bust out some big notes out of nowhere. The performance definitely got better as it went along. John called her performance unexpected and different. Blake feels she’s getting better and better and reveals that the singer worked the arrangement herself with her band. 

Gracee Shriver – American Honey by Lady Antebellum – She sounds very young here. The accent is too thick, and she adds too many runs. Gracee, only 16 years old, seems a little nervous. OK. She had a problem with her guitar, says Kelly, and had to hand it off. No wonder the performance seemed off-kilter. Gracee came SO FAR from last week’s rehearsal, Blake proudly claims. 

Kat Hammock – God Only Knows by the Beach Boys – Do not mess up one of my favorite songs, Kat. I don’t care for her languid phrasing. All that sliding around notes ultimately sounds off pitch. Yeah. I don’t love this at all. It’s like she’s about ready to take a nap. The judges are standing for her. WHAT? Blake could not be more proud of her. He tells America they need their heads examined if they don’t vote for her. OK Blake. Suggest a shrink, then. 

Ricky Braddy – Roll with It by Steve Winwood –  Ricky’s thing is usually ballads, but this week he switches it up with some mid-tempo soul. It’s fun and upbeat. The former American Idol finalist brings the entertainment tonight. His smooth tone is perfect for blue eyed soul. Blakes loves the power and energy Ricky brings and reminds him that he knocked out one of his favorite country singers.

Team Gwen

Rose Short – What Have You Done for Me Lately by Janet Jackson – Has any singing show contestant covered this song? It’s an odd choice. Rose has got a huge voice. At some point she has to show it off.  Oh this is something–instead of big glory notes, she gets down and dirty on the bridge. That growl to finish! Rose made a very risky song choice, but I think she pulled it off. Kelly calls it “sexy…it was so good!” Gwen acknowledges the risk and says she improved a lot since rehearsal. 

Kyndal Inskeep – Ten Thousand Hours by Dan + Shay – Kyndal’s got a cool tone with an appealing vibrato. I appreciate her versatility–she can sing country, blues or pop. Oops. She whiffs a note, unfortunately. I wonder if she’s feeling under the weather. John loves her beautiful golden tone and vibrato, calling the performance “lovely.” Gwen loves the way her voice “breaks up.” That was a mistake. But we all make them. I hope she sticks around. 

Joana Martinez – You Can’t Stop the Girl by Bebe Rexha – Joana’s smokey tone belies her youth. So does her poise. She starts off a little slow, but when she hits those high notes, Joana hits her stride.  Former coach Blake is regretting letting her go. Gwen calls her amazing and incredible. “You look so sparkly, beautiful and grown up! You don’t look like a 15 year old!”

Myracle Holloway – Get Here by Oleta Adams – I am not impressed with this song choice. Rose Short swung for the fences. Myracle is playing it safe.  Having said that, she is a pro singer. Her voice is slightly raspy, she almost pushes TOO hard, but it works. Also A+ on that red dress. John loves all the liberties she took with the song. Gwen calls her presence on stage is “so full of love” and the performance “extraordinarily beautiful.” 

Jake HaldenVang – Turning Tables by Adele – The rocker covers Adele. But come to think of it, Adele could sing any power ballad from the 80s or 90s and wouldn’t sound out of place! Remember when even the hardest rockers would record at least one AC ballad to give pop and ac radio stations something to play? Anyway. This performance is VERY uneven, with too many pitch problems. But kudos on the song choice. Kelly loves his versatile voice. Gwen believes his voice does everything. 

Team Kelly

Shane Q – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Four Seasons – Right off the bat, he messes up the lyrics. He recovers, but seems very very nervous. The poor dude is like a deer in the headlights. His high notes are very pitchy. Oh my. It was a nice run, Shane. Blake thinks he’ll be around the show for awhile. Really. He appreciates that he sings “standard classics.” Kelly points out that he’s done a little bit of everything. Blake and Kelly don’t mention the mistake. 

Hello Sunday – Hello by Adele – A tween duo in pigtails singing the very adult themed “Hello” is disconcerting, to say the least. Did Kelly pick this song? Their harmonies sound off this week. They sound especially yelly tonight. These two are 14 year olds and definitely not ready for prime time. Gwen was mesmerized by the performance. Kelly says she would have peed her pants at 14, competing on a singing show. Ha. I bet not. The two chirp “THANK YOU!” in unison. And they aren’t even twins.

Damali – You Say by Lauren Daigle – Damali’s Knockout was a head turner. She’s got an intriguing pop voice and a marketable sound. But I’m not loving how this song is arranged. It’s boring! She sings with her hand in the air, like she’s at church. THAT will probably get her a bunch of votes. She’s better than that song, though. John compliments the way she tells a story with her voice and stage presence. “You look like you’re fully into the song,” he says. Kelly agrees. She calls Damali an “actor” and that she has no idea what she’s capable of. 

Max Boyle – Falling Slowly – Max is one of my favorites, and he is not disappointing me tonight. His range is so impressive. He has an ability to tell an emotional story with absolutely exquisite and  beautiful phrasing. That falsetto is to die for. The coaches are on their feet, as they should be. Kelly recorded his rehearsal so she could listen again. “So gifted,” she says. 

Jake Hoot – You Lie by Reba McEntire – Hm. Jake is having pitch problems tonight. That aside, his rich tone can’t be denied. As far as traditional country singers go, he’s good. But he’s had better performances, for sure. Blake says he had big shoes to fill, and knocked it out of the park. Kelly notes his “killer range.” She picked the song, and is happy that he trusted her. OK. That might explain tonight’s disconnect. Jake may be the kind of singer who needs to choose his own songs. 

Team Legend

Khalea Lynee – Love Like This by Faith Evans – Khalea delivers a cool, effortless, jazzy vocal with poise and confidence. She’s terrific–easily one of my favorite performances of the night.  Khalea’s musical instincts are impressive. She never oversings–managing to be tasteful and powerful all at once.  Gwen calls Khalea “very cool.” John says she makes everything look so easy. 

Alex Guthrie – If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys – Alex delivers a perfectly fine and soulful version of “If I Ain’t Got You,” but it lacks…something. Personality? Passion? He doesn’t bring anything new to a very familiar song. Kelly is so proud of him. She’s sure Alex will go to the finale. John loves his soulful baritone. 

Marybeth Byrd – Love You Like I Do by Ellie Goulding – I was hoping that Marybeth would return to singing folk/Americana. But once again, she sings a pop AC hit. Marybeth can belt, but that’s not her strength. It’s her tone and ability to phrase that makes her special. Blake notes mic problems. He calls it one of his favorite performances of the night. John is shocked. “Tonight was head and shoulders above anything you’ve done.” Disagree. Her “Angel from Montgomery” in the Blinds was her best. 

Will Breman – Style by Taylor Swift – Guys flipping songs by females has become a theme tonight. Will’s performances can be unwieldy and imperfect, but that’s part of his charm. I appreciate his creativity and the way he throws himself into every performance. He’s fearless. Which is risky, but also the thing that makes him an artist. Kelly is literally stunned. “You just won The Voice!” she says. John calls Will a true artist. “It’s a joy to watch you perform.”

Katie Kadan –  Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga – For me, Katie’s performances are overwhelming. She’s TOO much. It’s a matter of taste, really. But tonight, Katie is pouring her heart out in a ballad. Like Will, she’s fearless and willing to put it all out there. It’s the right performance at the right time. She oozes emotion and power, says John. He calls her “tender moments” wonderful. 



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