The Voice 15 Top 8 Semi-Final Results: Final 4 Revealed (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Live Semi Finals Results" Episode 1518B -- Pictured: (l-r) MaKenzie Thomas, Reagan Strange, Kennedy Holmes -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Join us as we live blog The Voice season 15 Top 8 Semi-Final Results. Tonight, it’s a brutal bloodbath as FOUR singers leave the competition. Who from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Jennifer Hudson will survive?

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Set to perform in between the drama is Jennifer Hudson, pop singer Hailee Steinfeld and standards crooner Michael Bublé.
Jennifer will perform the Diane Warren-penned “I’ll Fight” from the documentary RBG based on the life and career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Hailee is set to perform her latest single “Back to Life,” the theme song from Paramount’s film Bumblebee. Bublé will perform “Where or When” from his newly released album Love just ahead of embarking on a 27 city tour kicking off Feb. 13 in Tampa Florida.

Tonight 3 singers advance straight to next week’s finale. 2 singers will be eliminated. And then the 4th, 5th, and 6th place finishers will compete for the 4th spot via the Instant Save.

Let’s chit chat with the coaches! Or not. Blake Shelton says his guys, Chris Kroeze and Kirk Jay leave it all out on the table. They have heart! Jennifer Hudson is beyond proud of MaKenzie Thomas and Reagan Strange. Kelly advises her to keep a journal. She wishes she had done that back when she was on that show that shall never be mentioned.  Adam Levine thinks that no matter what happens, it’s all been a plus for Reagan. “She’s in a win-win situation.”

The Top 8 join Carson center stage. Oh. Chris Kroeze was the most streamed artist this week. Hm…. Kirk Jay feels like he’s one step closer to making his dreams come true. Chevel Shepherd says her coach Kelly Clarkson has given her great advice. “Be myself,” Kelly told her. Oh dumb questions are SO DUMB. 

The first artist advancing to the final is Kirk Jay!!! Of course. 

Next, it’s adult contemporary pop crooner Michael Bublé singing “Where or When.”  Ohhh. This is an old chestnut. Kiddos, this was actually a popular standard back in the day. No really!

Time for some The Voice outtakes. La la la. Time killers!

The remaining sem-finalists take the stage! Kymberli Joye says her Voice journey helped her come into the spotlight. She’s no longer afraid! The next artist advancing to the finale is…Chevel Shepherd. Still, no surprises. 

Time to promote a Universal movie! The Bumble Bee monster CGI’s his way into the audience before Hailee Steinfeld takes the stage to perform “Back to Life” from the movie.

MORE RESULTS: The moments that stand out for Kennedy Holmes include singing a Whitney Houston song and also getting to dance and sing on the stage. Being on The Voice has taught Chris Kroeze to be more of an extrovert on stage. The third finalist is…Chris Kroeze. Whoooo boy. I had a feeling Chris could be a spoiler. Dang Blake and his white southern boys. They barely have to lift a finger to advance. Above average bar singer? Heck yeah. YOU belong in the final. Sigh.

And now, Jennifer Hudson is here to perform “I’ll Fight” from the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary. Check out her “Nevertheless She Persisted” T shirt.

The remaining five artists are on stage. MaKenzie Thomas says coach Jennifer has been really inspiring. “She’s always been one of my idols.” Sarah Grace has learned that she has power as an artist.

OK. The three singers, in no particular order, who will perform for the Instant Save are: MaKenzie Thomas, the second artist performing in the instant save is Reagan Strange. And the third artist is Kennedy Holmes.

Sarah Grace and Kymberli Joye are eliminated.  See ya Sarah. You were cool. 

MaKenzie Thomas – Up to the Mountain – I’ve been waiting for MaKenzie to sing something a little more earthy. Even if she’s eliminated tonight, she at least had the opportunity to show America her gospel side. Really. This is the first song choice from MaKenzie that I’ve liked all season. She’s performing first. Not a good sign for her. Jennifer thinks she’s done more than enough to advance. She reminds MaKenzie that she’s  had an amazing platform. “Run with it,” Jennifer says.

Reagan Strange. – Wherever You Will Go by The Calling – Wow. THIS IS SO OFF KEY. I can’t even discern a melody. Her breathing is horrible. She’s screechy on the top notes. She’s obviously allowing the pressure to affect her. She’s singing like she’s one second away from grabbing the bathrobe. This is bad, bad, bad. Adam should have just allowed her to go home last week. He says it’s been crazy. “Not a bad start to your very long life and career!” Adam hopes people vote for her but “This is a crazy show on a crazy stage. I truly wish you the best, regardless of the outcome.”

Kennedy Holmes – How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes – Well she’s mostly in tune! Her head voice is a little wonky tonight. Personally, I think it’s a tough race between Kennedy and MaKenzie. I’d give the edge to the latter. But I suspect Kennedy has got this. “You are amazing…please vote for this young lady, she’s going to be a major star,” pleads Jennifer. SEE. That’s what you do when two team members are vying for one spot. Y’all know she probably really wants Kennedy in the final, but she did not kick MaKenzie to the curb.

VOTE! use the hashtags: 

#VoiceSaveMaKenzie #VoiceSaveReagan #VoiceSaveKennedy

Percentage during the commercial break: Kennedy 49% MaKenzie 37% Reagan 14%

MaKenzie thanks Jennifer for everything she’s done. Reagan thanks Adam for having faith in her. ‘Thank you for all your wonderful advice.” Kennedy appreciates Jennifer so much! Jennifer is so proud of both her contestants “Keep reaching your dreams and your goals. Adam respects all three contestants. He calls Reagan a tremendous human being. “That’s a lot for a 14 year old to deal with.” Adam truly believes she belongs in the finale. UH NO. Time to go home and back to middle school! She needs a few years to mature before tackling show business in earnest. 

The time has come! Advancing to next week’s finale is…Kennedy Holmes.

I’m a little irked that Reagan Strange basically wasted an Instant Save spot. She wasn’t ready for the pressure and Adam should not have pimped her so hard last week after it became clear that anxiety was getting the best of her. Sarah Grace or Kymberli Joye would have used that spot to better effect, although they probably would not have bested either MaKenzie Thomas and Kennedy Holmes in particular. Still, it would have been good to get one last performance out of either of those talented artists.

A coach other than Blake won last season, so now it’s time for Blake to grab his every other season win (since season 11!). Kirk Jay has a pretty good chance to grab the crown. But who knows, Chris may be way way more popular than we even know. The final four is made up of three country singers (Kirk, Chris, Chevel), but they are different enough stylistically, that I don’t think vote splitting will be a problem.  I just hope the final four take the teensiest risk at some point in the night. It’s probably too much to ask, but a singing show fan can dream, right?

Final Four 

Kirk Jay
Chevel Shepherd
Chris Kroeze
Kennedy Holmes  – America saved


Sarah Grace
Kymberli Joye
MaKenzie Thomas – Eliminated at Instant Save
Reagan Strange – Eliminated at Instant Save


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