The Voice 15 Top 13 Results: Top 11 Revealed (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 13 Results" Episode 1515B -- Pictured: (l-r) SandyRedd, Tyke James, Lynnea Moorer -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Join us as we live blog The Voice season 15 Top 13 Results. Tonight, the Top 11 will be revealed. Who from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Jennifer Hudson will survive? Plus Team Adam and Team Kelly perform.

Host Carson Daly gets straight to the results. The Top 13 take the stage. OH. Reagan Strange was the MOST STREAMED ARTIST on iTunes. She earns the 5x Apple bonus. Kennedy Holmes gets the first stupid question. Some blah blah about her parents. Chris Kroeze thanks his small Wisconsin town for all their support.  America saved…from Team Adam…Reagan Strange! America also saved…from Team Blake…Kirk Jay. America also saved…from Team Jennifer…Kennedy Holmes. Those were all obvious.

In a video clip, the contestants receive handwritten letters from their friends and families for Thanksgiving. Aw.

Now, the remaining 10 artists take the stage for MORE results. DeAndre Nico wants his girlfriend Crystal to know that he loves her very much. The dedication was about Crystal and the child they lost after a miscarriage. America saved…from Team Kelly…Chevel Shepherd. America also saved…from Team Blake Shelton…Chris Kroeze!

Next, Adam Levine and his team, Reagan Strange, DeAndre Nico and Tyke James take the stage to perform that 70’s classic “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. Reagan sounds best in this performance. Tyke (and Adam!) slurs his way through through the performance. DeAndre’s vocal doesn’t quite work.

More results! The remaining 8 artists take center stage. Sarah Grace advises the kids she teaches to stay open and do what you love. Do you, she says. Tyke James says his mom’s support means so much. Gotta love dumb questions. Or not! America saved…from Team Adam…DeAndre Nico. America ALSO saved…from Team Kelly…Kymberli Joye. YAY! America also saved…from Team Jennifer…MacKenzie Thomas

Season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli just released a music video for her….coronation single Walk My Way? Really? Six months later and ya all are still pushing that ish?

Time for some synergistic cross promotion aka pimping Universal Studio’s Grinch movie. Carson interviews “The Grinch” and we learn that Mr. Grinch hates music.

Next, Kelly Clarkson and team members Kymberli Joye, Chevel Shepherd, Sarah Grace and Lynnea Moore perform “I Will Always Love You” Dolly style. It’s pretty. Maybe unpopular opinion. I prefer the original version over Whitney Houston’s cover.

The five remaining artists join Carson on stage. “It feels like Snoop Dogg was here,” jakes Carson about the remaining stage smoke from Kelly’s performance. Sandy says she finally gets what it means to be a parent. She thanks and misses her late mother. Lynnea, whose mom is in jail on drug charges, is thankful for her.  America saved…Dave Fenley from Team Blake! Team Blake goes unscathed. America also saved…Sarah Grace from Team Kelly. YAY.

SandyRedd, Tyke James and Lynnea Moore are in the Bottom 3 and will sing for the Instant Save. After the break!

SandyRedd – Team Jennifer – Believer – Well, I’m not surprised Sandy is in the bottom. Good she’s back to rock music. She deserves to stay, just based on her body of work on The Voice so far. Jennifer calls her a star. “I saw your Chicago came out of you.” Jennifer says no matter what happens, it matters what she does with this moment. Jennifer would know about early eliminations.

Tyke James – Team Adam – Home by Michael Buble – Tyke mumbles his way through another song. Blargh. He’s also nasally and out of tune. Adam passed over Kameron Marlowe for this dude. Grrr. C’mon people. He wants to go home. Let him. Adam loves that he sings about going home. “Reward something different and quirky,” begs Adam. He calls Tyke an “incredible performer.” Uhm.

Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly – If I Ain’t Got You – Of course Lynnea is in the B3. Folks either have no idea who she is or resent her for “leapfrogging” over a favorite. This Comeback stage deal is not a good idea.  Lynnea would be my second choice to stay. She’s an interesting singer. But tonight, she seems pretty nervous. This isn’t a great performance. Kelly admits Lynnea had a lot against her, because she couldn’t build a fan base. She BEGS America to vote for her, and PROMISES they have something special planned for next week.

TIME TO SAVE YOUR FAV. #VoiceSaveSandyRedd #VoiceSaveTyke #VoiceSaveLynnea. Whoa Lynnea is in the lead. The magic of Team Kelly. And so much begging. Lynnea is at 49%, Tyke at 31% and Sandy at 20%. Tyke gains some ground toward the end of the voting window, but he couldn’t catch up. The last shot of the graphic reads:

Sandy at 10%. OUCH. She was such a sensation after her Blind Audition. She’s a The Voice One hit wonder. It happens. 

After the break, Carson asks the singers to offer words to their coaches. “I appreciate the hometown support,” says Sandy to her fellow Chicagoan, Jennifer.  Tyke appreciates that Adam had so much belief in him. Lynnea is very emotional. She thanks Kelly for a second chance and the opportunity to “sing a second song” whatever that means. She thanks her coach for helping to “find my vibe when I didn’t know it.”

Now it’s time for the coaches to speak to their team members. Jennifer is extremely proud of Sandy. “Stand up Chicago, I’ve got to say that,” she says. Jennifer, who was eliminated in 7th place from American Idol, reminds Sandy again that being eliminated doesn’t matter. What’s important is what she does after. “Don’t let this be the end for any of you guys,” Jennifer advises.

Adam is confused to why Tyke is in the bottom (uhm. because his singing is not great). “I’m a music person primarily,” says Adam. Then he notes that Tyke charted high on iTunes relative to the other contestants. Yep. That threw me too. But actually, it’s been proven over seasons, that where an artist lands on the iTunes songs chart does NOT necessarily correlate to votes. Adam begs and urges fans to “let this guy go through.” Adam adds, “We have so much more to do. We’re just getting started.”

Kelly gets teary. Oh boy. “I want y’all to save her because we have something really special next week.” I have to say, when making my results prediction, I did take into account the POWER OF QUEEN KELLY CLARKSON Y’ALL ALL HAIL THE QUEEN. 

The instant save window is closed!

And Carson announces to the studio audience what folks at home already know– Lynnea Moore is SAFE and moving on to the Top 11.  Sandy Redd and Tyke James are eliminated. 

Watch the FULL elimination below.

SAFE and Moving On to Top 11:

Reagan Strange – Team Adam
Kirk Jay – Team Blake
Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly 
Chris Kroeze – Team Blake
DeAndre Nico – Team Adam
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly
MacKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer
Dave Fenley – Team Blake
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly
Lynnea Moore – Team Kelly – America Instantly Saved!


Sandy Redd – Team Jennifer
Tyke James – Team Adam

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