The Masked Singer 5 Recap: Week 8 Results and Predictions (VIDEOS)

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Tonight, season 5 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues on to week 8 on FOX.

The competition becomes fierce as the SIX remaining celebrities will perform in crazy costumes. ONE will be unmasked by audience vote before the  episode ends. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the at home-audience to guess who is behind the mask.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. And Nick Cannon is back as host.

Tonight’s masked celebrities include RobopineRussian Dolls, Black Swan, Piglet, Chameleon, and Yeti. Plus, clue mask, Cluedle-doo, who will be unmasked before the end of the season! Tonight’s guest panelist is Chrissy Metz from the NBC drama This is Us.


Clues: The big conceit this week: Each of the singers will take their mask off, allowing them to reveal something people may not know. They actually aren’t unmasked. It looks like they grabbed blackened face shields from the Covid department.  He’s just a family Yeti. He has a daughter. “We have an unbreakable bond,” he says about his Nana. His kids gave him purpose. Ice cream cones are a clue, a blue pacifier, and a stuffed panda. A security guard cuts a piece of fabric. 

Performance: It Takes Two – Yeti is rapping this week! Watch out, Chameleon. However, I think it’s better to sing on this show. Rapping usually doesn’t cut it for long. He’s a really good dancer though. He knows how to move, even in that costume. Impressive.  Tonight, for the clue, it’s THE MIND READER. Scanning the Yeti’s brain…it’s a corn cob. “Corn popped into my mind.” Nick insists that Vin Diesel was a break dancing champion! Chrissy guesses Trey Songz or Miguel

Prediction: Yeti is former boy bander Omarion, who is known for his dancing. “Corn popped into my head” clue refers to the Sugar Pops cereal commercial he appeared in as a kid. Also, Omarion has two children, a boy and a girl. 


Clues: His family was on food stamps. On a school field trip, they went to a “certain theme park.” Later he couldn’t imagine kids getting the same rush he did on a ride inspired by a project he worked on.  It’s bittersweet, because somebody who worked on the project with him is gone before his time. Taken too soon, in the “most tragic way.”  Butter, eggs and toast is a clue. The smiling frowning theater mask, and popped balloons are also a clue. 

Performance: Water Runs Dry by Boyz II Men – Robo dude is really baring his soul this week, with a slow 90s jam. Very pretty. What’s going on in the mind of Robopine? It’s a light bulb in his brain “I’m not hurting for ideas.”  Jenny guesses Usher. Nicole guesses Tyrese. DING DING DING. Chrissy guesses Tank.


Clues: Back in his fraternity days, he found a huge birthmark on his head after shaving off his hair as a prank, but the “sorority girl of my dreams” didn’t like it very much. But who cares? He has found his real dream girl who doesn’t care that he’s got a thing on his head.  A set of plastic vampire teeth are a clue. Also the numbers 1 with four more numbers “on the floor.” Four gold bars are also a clue. 

Performance: Against All Odds by Phil Collins. This song is always death on singing shows. Oops. He sounds very breathy on the verses. The performance becomes VERY DRAMATIC on the chorus. Will he end the song on his knees? No, but he came close! What’s on Piglet’s mind? CLUEDLE DO shows up to deliver the clue! He’s been following Piglet’s career since he was catching touchdowns from Dan Marino. Ken guesses Taylor Lautner. Nicole guesses Brian Littrell or Nick Lachey.  Jenny also guesses Nick Lachey.

Prediction: Piglet is Nick Lachey, former 98 Degree member and the Sing-Off host. He’s invested in a bunch of sports teams, including basketball and football. Maybe that’s how he met Dan Marino.

Black Swan

Clues: An open umbrella on it’s side next to a table with two lamps and two glasses set up on a table are clues.   She busked out on the street as a little girl. A map of New Hampshire comes into view. Plus, a can of “Swan Kissed Soda.” 

Performance: Do I Do by Stevie Wonder – This is an unusual song choice. It’s an oldie but a goodie from Stevie. Swan is showing a jazzier side this week. Nice runs, but she’s saving the huge notes for another time. She should cover Teena Marie at some point. What’s on Black Swan’s mind? Mariah Carey! Heh. “That’s what’s exactly on my mind as well,” jokes Nick. Black Swan surpassed her record at one point. Robin guesses Kesha, Chrissy guesses Christina Milian (who dated Nick!). Ken guesses Mandy Moore because of the New Hampshire clue. 

Prediction: Black Swan is the R&B singer, JoJo. Who was raised in Keene New Hampshire, as well as Foxborough, Mass. 

Russian Dolls

Clues: Only two Dolls speak during the clue package. There is a dime and a nickel, a gold rimmed coffee set, and a Wok set on its side. When they first started, they never expected to be criticized and ridiculed, even for the way they looked. In the years since, they have embraced not being the coolest.  

Performance: Shallow by Lady Gaga – Fox previewed this performance back before the premiere even aired! This week, it’s a duet between two members. There are harmonies. But obviously, a third member is also singing…from somewhere. I think two can fit into the big costume? What’s on the dolls’ minds? A kangaroo! “You never know how many of us are going to pop out.” Jenny guesses Hanson. Robin agrees with Jenny. The panel’s got it DING DING DING. Ken guesses Nickelback. Uhm  OK. He thinks Avril Lavigne is singing with them. Ridiculous.

Prediction: Russian Dolls are most definitely Hanson. The brother’s were mocked relentlessly for being young and squeaky clean and pretty cheesy! But actually, many critics acknowledged their musical skill and pop chops. 


Clues: There is a plate of sliced lemons. There is a plate of brownies for sale. Chameleon explains that he was a military kid that had to adapt from city to city. He became good at making friends, but the goodbyes were hard. There is a Captain’s hat, and a black and yellow model plane.! 

Performance: Put Your Eyes… by Busta Rhymes  – More rapping from Chameleon. His flow is so sick, he may mess up my prediction. Here he is performing last. I figured he was toast this week. But maybe not. What’s on Chamie’s mind? An old school Athletic shoe. Ken guesses Young Thug. Nicole guesses Snoop Dogg. WRONG SHOW DOGG. 

Prediction: Chameleon is absolutely Wiz Khalifa. His parents both served in the military, and they moved around everywhere, including to Germany and Japan. He’s released several Mixtapes that refer to flight in their titles. He’s also collaborated with Juicy J and titled a mixtape Kush & Orange Juice, hence the juice references? Also, the plane was yellow and black, the sports colors of Pittsburgh, the city where he and his mom eventually settled. It could also reference the single “Black and Yellow.”  There also a single titled “Bake Sale,” hence the brownies!


The singer with the least amount of votes is…Robopine! Oh no. I thought he was a sure thing for the finals! Shocking. First impression guesses: Nicole, Ken and Jenny ALL said Jamie Foxx. Uh. NO. Jenny is sticking with Jamie. Nicole guesses Tyrese SHE WINS. Ken goes with Wesley Snipes. Robin’s first guess was Genuine. Now he thinks it’s Terrence Howard. Chrissy also guesses Tyrese. WINNER. And Robopine is…Tyrese Gibson! The friend he shared about in his clues package was Paul Walker from the Fast and Furious franchise. Tyrese starred in at least one of the films. There is a F&F ride at Universal studios. The lightbulb referred to his hometown, Watts, Calif. He also said he lied about some stuff, to throw off the panel. He knows all of them. 


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