The Masked Singer 4 Recap: Premier Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

Tonight, season 4 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer premieres on FOX.

FIVE celebrities will perform in crazy costumes. ONE will be unmasked by audience vote before the special episode ends. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience to guess who is behind the mask.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer.

Sixteen celebrities are competing. We’ll meet the first five tonight, aka Group A, including Sun, The Snow Owls, Giraffe, Popcorn, and Dragon

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the weird fake reaction shots during the episode. Nick mentions the virtual audience voting from home. Of course there is no in-studio audience because of Covid restrictions.  All the reactions were taped in a separate shoot, $600 dollars to extras for a day of work. But also, some of those shots looked familiar and could be from prior season’s episodes. Jimmy Kimmel had a fake audience during his Emmys monologue. But in his case, the comic mocked the idea. 

Also, using animation for the clues packages is a clever way to get around Covid-issues. And it’s probably cheaper, too. 


Clues: Her outfit is very pretty! Extreme seasons in her life. She felt like the center of the universe. But eventually, she felt burned out and depressed. She was FROZEN. But then transformed into a ray of light. 

Performance: Cuz I Love You by Lizzo. Well…Sun can sing! She sounds like a pro with a big range and the ability to handle the stacotto rapping. Also, she obviously is no stranger to performing. Jenny is gushing. Nicole is impressed with opening the song a cappella. Nick announces the competition between the judges “first impression guess” which will be locked up in a vault. Sun calls the costume “A reflection of who I am.” Nicole guesses Katharine McPhee (NOPE. She doesn’t have that crazy range), Jenny guesses Demi Lovato. Actually, the clues fit, but not sure about the voice. Ken guesses Madonna because of a “ray of light” clue. Except Madonna can’t sing.

Internet speculation: The obvious guess is Demi Lovato. She battled depression and substance abuse problems only to emerge even stronger. BUT she has a distinctive voice, and this isn’t it. And to be fair–she’s to big a star for this show. But others insist Sun is LeAnn Rimes, and I agree. Listen to her sing. The tone and big rangy vocals match. Like Demi, Leann started as a child star. She did some Disney stuff, suffered from depression and a career collapse. Remember when she sang a duet on X Factor USA and fans thought she was drunk?


Clues: I’ve had a roller coaster career, full of ups and downs. He took a risk and became the butt of everyone’s joke. With hard work, he drummed up towering success.

Performance: Let’s Get it Started by the Black Eyed Peas – Hm. He’s a rapper, I think. He can’t really sing, but does the rap parts decently. He mentioned music in his clue package, so he’s involved with music industry. Nicole says he was “on it” with the rap. Giraffe likes the anonymity, plus he was glad he didn’t have to focus on his vocals. Maybe he faked being a bad singer. Ken guesses Garth Brooks because of the Chris Gaines debacle. Jenny guesses Travis Barker because of the circus clues. Also, he was in a terrible fiery plane crash. Robin guesses Vanilla Ice because he was the butt of many jokes. 

Internet speculation: Some fans are speculating that Giraffe is Lin Manuel-Miranda from Hamilton. But the clues don’t fit. And again…way too famous for this show. I’m stumped for now.


Clues: She speaks with a very very fake accent. She talks about travelling, and working hard for what she has.

Performance: What About Us by Pink – This voice sounds familiar. I’m guessing an old school soul singer. DEFINITELY a mature singer. Big big voice. Robin feels like he’s heard the voice before too. “I can be quite butter, salty and sweet.” She’s ditched the fake accent. Also, she’s flirting with Nick. Jenny guesses Tina Turner. Ken guesses Carole Baskin. Uh. She’s a little busy with another show right now (Although, her casting on DWTS hadn’t been announced yet when this ep was taped). Nicole guesses Mary J. Blige. That’s reasonable.

Internet speculation: I’ve seen the 80s pop singer Taylor Dayne suggested. And I’ve got to agree. In the clues, Popcorn mentions songs about love. Taylor’s songs either have “love” or “heart” in the titles. She also used the phrase “rush rush” which has some folks guessing Paula Abdul. But no way–Paula doesn’t have a big voice. But Taylor did release as song called “Don’t Rush Me.” Also, she is a native New Yorker. Check out Taylor’s first big hit Tell it to my Heart


Clues: Welcome to my Lair, it’s humid in here. He loves costumes. At first my fire was dangerous. Oh. Medals and stuff. He’s definitely an athlete of some type.

Performance: Dragon growls his way through a rap song. He can’t sing at all. He’s probably going home tonight. He calls wearing the outfit powerful. Jenny guesses DMX because of his growl and X in the package. Ken guesses Michael Phelps because of the gold, stopwatch and medals. Robin and Nicole think it’s Bust a Rhymes.

Dragon was unmasked tonight! Check it out below.

Snow Owls 

Clues: IT’S TWO PEOPLE! The first duo costume in Masked Singer history. “You haven’t seen us together in a while.” Hm. Sounds like people who worked together on a TV show. It’s a nostalgia reunion of some sort. Oh, and it’s a boy and a girl.

Performance: They sing “Say Something” as a duet. Both of them can sing. After such a cheeky clues package, this is very dramatic. Robin calls the performance “absolute perfection.” Robin guesses Amy Grant and Vince Gill. The clue made it sound like the Masked gig was a reunion. Jenny guesses Donny and Marie Osmond. Except Donny has been on the show already. Ken guesses Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

Internet speculation: Some folks think the Snow Owls are Derek and Julianne Hough. The clues fit. They’ve done Disney stuff, and a Christmas special for NBC. But no way. Derek is working for ABC now. Contractually it’s not possible. I’ve also seen Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman as a guess. And after listening to this duet performance from the couple, I think it’s a real possibility. I got a real best friend/sibling vibe from the clue package, but the producers could just be throwing fans a curveball. 


And the first celebrity unmasked this season is DRAGON! Exactly. Not surprised. He can’t sing. First impression guesses: Jenny: NFL star Adrian Peterson. Ken guessed Marshawn Lynch.  Robin and Nicole guess Busta Rhymes. And the Dragon is…Busta Rhymes. Nicole calls him rap royalty. Nick also knew it was Busta. So, Robin and Nicole are currently contending for the “Golden Ear” trophy.  I was convinced Busta was an athlete. Oh well!


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