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It’s the America’s Got Talent Season 15 finale, and after just two more hours of filler, we’ll have a winner and we can all forget this season ever happened. I found last night’s finale to be underwhelming, to say the least. Just like the rest of the season.

According to the NBC press release, tonight’s guest performers include Blake Shelton (synergy), Usher, Ryan Tedder, Ava Max, Bishop Briggs, JP Saxe, Julia Michaels, David Dobrik, plus AGT alumni Detroit Youth Choir, Deadly Games and V.Unbeatable. Out of those acts, I’m excited to see exactly one of them.

Will my predictions be right and will Cristina Rae walk away with a million dollars? Or will 2020 pull a 2020? Only one way to find out – join me at 9 PM ET as I cover it all live right here!

And we open the finale on the Universal Studios lot with Usher. He performs a medley of his hits, and I recognized one or two. He dances past Howie, Heidi hands him a stick. He gets in the car from Back to the Future and ends up on the AGT stage. I’ll be honest, I was hoping he’d be singing with a contestant instead of just promoting himself. Terry reads off what he’s promoting.

And now a long recap of last night. Terry introduces our judges.

Cristina Rae and Ryan Tedder perform Lose Somebody together. She sounds great on this song, and he sounds good too. Their harmony on a run of high notes was really cool. And I’m happy that she gets to shine in this duet, which isn’t a given on AGT duets. Heidi tells Ryan Tedder how lucky he is to perform with her golden buzzer – LOL.

Now, a video of the finalists performing Lean On Me by Bill Withers, who passed away in March. For some reason, it’s not just the singing acts, Alan Silva is there too. Roberta Battaglia comes the closest she has all season to nailing a song in the finale when it doesn’t count. Brandon Leake talks and…eh. The end is sort of a mess.

After that, Deadly Games perform with Alan Silva and Bello Sisters and Bishop Briggs. I hate it when AGT shoves acts together like this, but I mean, what else could they do with these kinds of acts? Bishop Briggs has a fantastic voice by the way. Lotsa fire.

Dunkin Donuts product placement! Drink.

Archie Williams is singing with a pastor in what looks like a garage. Apparently this is the song that got him through the years in prison for the crime he didn’t commit – I’m gonna plug The Innocence Project again because they really do great work. I don’t know what the song is. But it’s good, I guess. And they’re backed up by a gospel choir.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex sent him a video message.

Daneliya Tuleshova and Ava Max perform her song Kings and Queens. This is a good performance but I preferred last night from Daneliya. Tangent: I got some criticism in the predictions thread for saying Roberta is a better singer than Daneliya. Let me say now that based on last night, I was wrong. Daneliya gave her best performance of the season with Alive and outdid anything Roberta did this season.

Detroit Youth Choir are up now. We see in a video that they got a million dollars from their city, along with the key to the city, and the chance to perform at a sports game. Glad to see they’ve gotten good opportunities out of the show! They perform Believer by Imagine Dragons on a rooftop in Detroit. I don’t love the song but they’re still better than most of the acts this year.

Product placement for NBC’s new streaming service Peacock with Howie dressing up as a peacock for some reason. This is stupid. But still less stupid than the idea that NBC would launch YET ANOTHER streaming service as if we need more of them. I noticed that they did the NBC product placement in the same place they did the Dunkin product placement. I’m too tired to come up with a joke about that.

Broken Roots perform “God’s Country” with Blake Shelton. Despite me not liking Blake or this song, I’m smiling ear to ear because we called this on my podcast about an hour and a half ago.

The acts’ families and friends talk about them. As part of this, Alan Silva’s brother from Deadly Games talks about how inspiring he is. Barf. Terry says the winner and runner up will both get brand new cars from Kia motors. Wow, they totally stole that from American Idol.

BAD Salsa perform with V.Unbeatable. And V.Unbeatable are obviously the better act. But still, cool to see them together! Lots of flips and jumping off things.

More shtick with the judges, they’re playing a game. If I could fast forward through a live show, I totally would be right now.

AGT season 9 winner Mat Franco and Terry Crews do a pre-taped bit together about Terry trying to learn magic, or some such b.s. We could have totally made this results show an hour. I’m still not over the fact that immediately proceeding this bit, in the prompter, someone wrote “whoever wins tonight will be our winner” and Terry said it.

Roberta Battaglia and Kenadi Dodds are performing together now with JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. Of the four, Roberta has the best voice I think. This was a meh performance, but I don’t care because it’s the last one before we get our first results.

I stand corrected. First, we see Brandon Leake speak. We’re outside the Universal Studios gate.

And there’s an actual audience – socially distanced. Wow.

Time to find out who is in the top 5! Our acts are called up in pairs. Alan Silva and the Bello Sisters are first. The act through to the top 5 is Alan Silva. No surprise there.

Cristina Rae and Daneliya Tuleshova are up next. Wow – shocked they didn’t both make it. The act through to the top 5 is Cristina Rae.

BAD Salsa and Broken Roots are up next. BAD Salsa deserved to make it through, but the act through to the top 5 is Broken Roots.

Two spots left. Kenadi Dodds and Roberta Battaglia are up next. Roberta Battaglia deserves this spot, and she gets it!

Last up – Archie Williams and Brandon Leake. Bye Archie. Brandon Leake is in the top 5.

After the break, we find out who finished in 5th place. And after a long pause, it’s Alan Silva. Not terribly shocking. Heidi says we’ve all fallen in love with him. Time for another break before we discover the top 2.

The act in fourth place is Roberta Battaglia. Wow.

The act in third place is Cristina Rae. BOOOOO. She just got Doolittled. Welp, Brandon just won a million dollars. And I think I’m done watching this show after tonight.

And the winner of the 1 million dollars and the star of the headline show in Las Vegas is Brandon Leake. Fireworks and confetti. Brandon and Howie fist bump. I just wasted two hours. Goodnight everyone!

America’s Got Talent 2020 Top 5

5. Alan Silva – Aerialist
4. Roberta Battaglia – Singer
3. Cristina Rae – Singer
2. Broken Roots – Singing duo – Runner Up
1. Brandon Leake – Spoken word poet – WINNER

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