America’s Got Talent 2020 Finale Top 10: Contestants Ranked!

Pictured: (l-r) Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

We’re almost done with AGT 2020! On Tuesday night, 10 acts will perform and on Wednesday night, one of them will win a million dollars and a headlining show in Vegas whenever shows can happen again. Even though there isn’t anything else on TV that I’m excited to watch this fall, I’m really excited for this season of AGT to be over.

I’ve done two power lists so far this season. The first one I got the top 5 right but in the wrong order. The second one I really screwed up – the act I put in 11th (Bello Sisters) made it into the top 3, the act I put in 10th (Kenadi Dodds) got the Dunkin Save, and of the acts I put in the top 5, only two made it through. At least my favorite act and the act I ranked first (Cristina Rae) made it into the top 3.

For those new to my power lists, I rank acts in order of who I think will make it, not who I want to make it. Is there any hope for me to get this last power list right? I don’t know. Probably not. But there’s only one way to find out for sure. Keep reading!

10) Archie Williams – Until two weeks ago, I didn’t just think Archie was a lock for the top 2, but I thought he was a potential winner. He never had the greatest voice – at best, he’s a good singer. But his backstory of being locked in prison for a crime he didn’t commit is the mother of all backstories. That all changed in the semi-final round.  Archie really screwed up his last performance. It didn’t really matter in the short term – he got the judges save over Malik Dope Drummer despite Malik being the most talented contestant of the night. But the fact that he needed the judges to save him all but guarantees that he’s in the bottom 5 this time.

9) Alan Silva – Alan Silva undeniably has talent. But honestly, the act has gotten stale for me. It was cool to see his tricks the first time and even the second time. But at this point, without any storyline behind his performances, it’s not enough to win this show. He also needed the Dunkin’ save last time. I’d be shocked if he made top 5.

8) Bad Salsa – This one hurts. Based on talent, Bad Salsa should easily be in the top 2 acts of this season. Their fast fluid dancing is really impressive to me. But they needed the judges to save them last time and they’re an act that’s not from the USA. I think those two things all but guarantee that they’re in the bottom 5, unfortunately.

7) The Bello Sisters – I ranked them in 11th last week and they were in the top 3. Oops. To be fair, they are the first act in several years to make it to the finale in the top 3 after being saved by the judges the prior week. They really beat the odds. As far as the act itself goes, they are talented but not something I’d pay to see. And they’re an act from outside of the USA, which is another strike against them. They’ve proven me wrong before, but I don’t think they will again. I expect them in the bottom 5.

6) Kenedi Dodds – Last week, I wrote that “If she makes it into the final, it’s a miracle(?) delivered by inspiration p**n.” And here she is, in the final. I will say that her semifinal performance was way better than the prior one. She ran away with the Dunkin Save this week, getting over 40% of that vote. Would I be shocked if she snuck into the top 5? Not really. But I can’t see her going further than that.

5) Daneliya Tuleshova – Daneliya has fans, clearly. She got the pimp spot last week and sailed through to the final in the top 3. Her enunciation is far from great but English isn’t her first language so I give it a pass. Her problem is that she’s up against Roberta Battaglia for the first time, and Roberta has been pushed more than she has. I also think Roberta is a better singer but that’s almost secondary. I expect Daneliya to make it into the top 5, but barely. I’m much more confident in the next four acts.

4) Broken Roots – Broken Roots went from being cut at judge cuts to being reinstated to making it all the way to the finale. I can’t say I understand why. America loves it’s mediocre country music, I guess. I don’t even think it matters what the judges say about them this week, I think they will almost certainly make the top 5.

3) Roberta Battaglia – Roberta is the kid singer who got Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer. She’s got a great voice and has picked good songs for herself. But if I’m honest, I haven’t been blown away by any of her performances. I think in a few years she’ll be a force to be reckoned with, but as it stands now, I don’t think she’s done enough to win AGT. She’s almost certainly a lock for top 5, but I think the top 2 are pretty much set at this point, for better or worse.

2) Brandon Leake – Brandon is the spoken word poet who got Howie’s Golden Buzzer. I’ll be honest – I have no idea why he’s being pushed so hard, and I have no idea why people are voting. But he is, and they are. I don’t know anyone who would pay to see Brandon speak. But with the hype he’s been getting, he’s certainly in the top 2 and he very well could win this show.

1) Cristina Rae – I really hope this prediction comes true. Cristina Rae is Heidi’s golden buzzer act. She’s got an amazing voice – truly amazing. One of the best singers ever on this show. She’s picked two songs that I didn’t care for in the live shows but she has one of those voices where she can sing anything and I’ll enjoy it. The one thing that gives me pause is that Brandon has been getting more views online, but I think/hope/pray Cristina is getting more votes than her view counts let on. Cristina Rae should win this show, and I predict she will.

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