The Masked Singer 3 Predictions: Who is Kitty, Banana, Frog?

The Masked Singer season 3 Group B round is done. Banana, Frog and Kitty remain out of 6 celebrities who will move on to the final 9. We won’t see them again until the Group C group round completes. But in the meantime, let’s gather ALL the clues and make predictions. Masked Singer producers have promised to offer more difficult clues this season. But that did not stop internet sleuths from quickly determining the identity of the celebrities behind the masks…AGAIN!

Who are Banana, Frog and Kitty? Read ON to find out.

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Banana is Bret Michael

The Banana is most likely Bret Michaels, who fronted the hair metal band Poison. His friendship bracelet to Jenny mentioned the 90s. He was a big star back then, and so was she on MTV. It’s definitely a thing they have in common! Bret also starred in a slew of reality shows, including Rock of Love.


  • The cowboy hat on the blanket looks exactly like Bret’s ubiquitous hat.
  • He says “I’m late for the stage” refers to his performing career.
  • “Oh, I can’t believe I overdid last night” points to the rock n roll lifestyle.
  • Banana’s two daughters spoke during his clue package. Bret has two daughters, Jorga Bleu and Raine. 
  • The kids described how he dug up their backyard for a go kart track. Apparently, Bret has mentioned to the press he has a dirt track in his backyard.
  • The tools on the table in front of his daughters could relate to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania where Bret grew up. (He was born in Butler. Maybe we’ll eventually see a dude with a tray. Heh).
  • In a video package, Bret sits around a boardroom table with corporate guys. He won Celebrity Apprentice season 3. 

Frog is Bow Wow

Bow Wow came on the scene as Lil Bow Wow when he was just a little kid. He’s been in showbusiness for almost 30 years. It’s easy to imagine the rapper as The Frog, whose performances are the most professional of all the Group B competitors. Plus, the clues totally match.


  • In his first clue package, we see $106 dollars, which relates to hosting BET’s 106 & Park. 
  • Also, there’s a reference to the movie Like Mike, where his character got struck by lightning after reaching for sneakers on a power line. 
  • There’s a mention of a tadpole becoming a frog, a reference to Bow Wow’s start as a child performer, and subsequent struggles to grow up. 
  • The “leftovers” bag with the hush puppies refer to his 2001 album, Doggy Bag.
  • In his second video clue package, the typewriter highlights “CSI.” Bow Wow appeared on the CBS cop drama CSI: Cyber.
  • The basketball refers to his starring role in the basketball movie Like Mike.
  • The price tag + Fame in the package refers to his movie Price of Fame
  • The friend featured in his third clue package is his mother who managed him.
  • She’s “known Frog since he was little and knew immediately he’d be a superstar.” 
  • She took him to his first late night talk show. “It was way past his bedtime, but I let it slide.” Definitely his mother. 
  • The late night talk show was probably his first TV appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show at the age of six in 1993.
  • A shot of a green bow tie. Bow with a long O vs bow with an ow! 

Kitty is….

Who is Kitty? There have been a ton of guesses, from Kate Bosworth, to Emma Watson to Sarah Hyland. But two competitive reality show alums keep coming up again and again. America’s Got Talent alum Jackie Evancho and American Juniors winner Lucy Hale. Both competed in their respective talent shows as kids. 


  • Jackie has found fame singing opera, but recently she’s been trying to branch out into pop.
  • Kitty talks about reinvention. Jackie is working to find her place as an adult artist.
  • Pirates fighting in the first clues clip could refer to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. Jackie is from Pittsburgh.
  • The shattering Rose may refer to Lucy Hale starring in Rosewood.
  • The red robe in the second video package may refer to A from Lucy Hale’s Pretty Little Liars.
  • The sewing machine refers to Lucy Hale’s new show Katy Keane, in which she plays a fashion designer.
  • Jackie’s fans note that she has made suspicious trips to Los Angeles (she lives in New York these days) that line up with Masked Singer tapings.
  • In the third video package, Kitty mentions gossip, which could refer to Pretty Little Liars, a show propelled by gossip
  • References to “Voice of an Angel” is how fans reacted to Jackie on AGT.
  • Kitty’s childhood friend mentions that she used to “direct” horror movies when they were kids. Apparently, Jackie loves horror movies.
  • Jackie has also mentioned being bullied as a kid. 

The Masked Singer airs on FOX Wednesday at 8 pm ET/PT with judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. Nick Cannon serves as host.

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